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  1. mr powers


    Shame pal
  2. Lovely dog mate how tall and hoows he bred
  3. mr powers


    I had a lab x grey bout 10 years ago as good a lamper on rabbits and hares as ive had
  4. mr powers


    There were a couple out of bulldozer first litter but apart from that no mate
  5. mr powers

    Various Jack Russell's

    Dogs a cracker pal
  6. mr powers


    She was put to bulldozer twice once to milo and to rover this is her 5th litter just bred to fill gready pokets again 1000 a pup bitch deserves a setee imo
  7. mr powers


    Top class bitch just had a litter of 12 to jamie
  8. mr powers

    Pups and pricing

    Thats a cracking stoey pal fairplay
  9. mr powers

    Bull cross pups

    How did the last litter do mate anygood
  10. mr powers

    Bull cross pups

    Should be a good litter any pics of pups
  11. mr powers

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Some nice dogs at kelmarsh yesterday
  12. mr powers


    Doylems sort them out as pups unreal
  13. mr powers

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    Thats a fooking cracker