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  1. mr powers

    PURE !!!

    Donald trump
  2. mr powers

    Dog transport

    Would any have a number for a dog transportation service covering the Dorset area coming as far as lincs cheers
  3. mr powers

    Show us your Bull x

    Lovely looking dog [BANNED TEXT] x is he this time of year I let them be fat and lazy like me soon get blind shape start of August
  4. mr powers

    Stud wanted

    Cheers lads sorted thanks for the comments and messages
  5. mr powers

    Show us your Bull x

    U boys wana be carefull with pics like that
  6. mr powers

    Stud wanted

    She's recently had a litter to a dog 11 years old he was Samson x Starr
  7. mr powers

    Stud wanted

    Any pics of bitch can be sent via messenger or watts app
  8. mr powers

    Stud wanted

    Got a old bitch here easily In to treble figures wanted a decent pat dog stud to put on her she goes bk to Todd and nacy breeding x old Gould lines she's 8
  9. mr powers


    I would. Say a bed/whippet for rabbits
  10. mr powers

    Jerry dog bull x

    Going of shore mate it's only 4 months
  11. mr powers

    Jerry dog bull x

    A lad I no has a bitch pup out of him for sale just wanted the thumbs up cheers lads
  12. mr powers

    Jerry dog bull x

    How old would he be now lads herd. He a top class dog
  13. mr powers

    Wanted bull x pup

    Alright mate looking for something bred right for f and d mainly
  14. mr powers

    Wanted bull x pup

    Any litters planned lads cheers
  15. mr powers

    Wanted bull x pup


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    Must be out of working parents pm me cheers