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  1. mr powers

    Dog trackers

    Yes mate got her bk head to toe coverd about 30 mins later but couldnt find the roe
  2. mr powers

    Dog trackers

    Not my lurcher pal its a mate of mine
  3. mr powers

    Dog trackers

    f***ing deer though lmfao
  4. mr powers

    Dog trackers

    Is there any kind of decent trackers out there were u can put it on dogs collar bitch f****d of today after a rb could i f**k find it
  5. mr powers

    Working terriers in france film good watch

    Thats not terrierwork
  6. mr powers

    The Places Ye Get To See

    Which council estate that on
  7. mr powers

    Sad day

    Bad crack mate
  8. mr powers

    Pure Saluki ?

    Nero imo best producing saluki theres ever been
  9. Was toying with idea early on in season but just dont no the benifits to say a good 5/8/3/8
  10. mr powers

    Lurcher for a chicken anyone?

    Bought some good asils of dave platts few year ago 4 stags all made decent birds
  11. mr powers

    Lurcher for a chicken anyone?

    Sorry left ones a cock
  12. mr powers

    Lurcher for a chicken anyone?

    That birds a hen
  13. mr powers

    Started well

    Class thread pal
  14. mr powers

    Bull whippet (Powell's pocket rocket)

    How do they fair singal handed on fox numbers