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  1. Harp

    Let’s see your Pups

    Yes mate
  2. Harp

    Let’s see your Pups

  3. Harp

    Let’s see your Pups

    10 weeks old
  4. Harp

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Nice how old r them
  5. Harp

    Falconry and lamping motor

    Dig deep draw charlie wat kind of money do them jeeps go for mate would like to get 1
  6. Harp

    Trip to Ireland

    Send me a pm
  7. Harp

    Trip to Ireland

    How long u going for
  8. Harp

    4 weeks old

    No mate no pups left
  9. Harp

    4 weeks old

    First cross wheaten grey
  10. Harp

    4 weeks old

    Bitch pup am geting in 4 weeks time
  11. Harp

    Merry Christmas lads

    He is a wheaten bull Grey mate
  12. Harp

    Some Pic

    Yes lads she loved it