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  1. Thanks but I've found one now anyway picking it up the end of the month
  2. My dog had plenty of teeth it's what I mainly do his had a few nasty bites and healed over like his never been on one
  3. Did think that but a spaniel is diffent money to a old terrier cross but I think I got it sorted now
  4. No very true it is lack of training and manners but he can do the job and that's what matters to me but his recall ect is good but if its moving his onit
  5. No you can't work a full pack of lurchers you could terriers bushing and a couple lurcher day time if that's your game but not lamping
  6. My dogs tried chewing the glass on a moter window to try and get out when it's slightly down hate to no what he would do off lead no chance
  7. I feel like I had more time when I was a teenager I still find the tome for the 1 dog but how people juggle work home life ect and 3-6/7 dogs is beyond me
  8. After a puppy for my boy his apsalutly dog mad a I'm into my lurcher work but one would be to big for him yet I'm after a terrier or x or anything small really for him to play about the yard with and for me to take bushing and walking with my bigger dog ( also sensible money ) location Kent but will travel a sensible distance
  9. Yer I understand that got a spare but you still gota keep that spare fit and find the work for it I no diffent parts of the country but last year where i am it was very hard to find your runs back end of the year I think this season should be better seen a little more about
  10. Seen alot of people with 4/5/6 dogs how do you ever get the time to run and work them all I've got 1 and that's good enough for me to keep fit and lamp 3 4 times a week in the winter I've had 2 before but just couldn't find the runs or the time for both so once they got older and I got fresh stock I just stuck with keeping 1 dog now
  11. Always shot tubes as a kid tried flat band couldnt get on with it and tubed so much better for heavier ammo and like said in a previous comment last longer alot lot longer I've had the same elastic sometimes for a year 6 months when I used to shoot more regularly
  12. Personally light force striker I've got a lithium battery but if your only doing a few hours here and their a sit on mower battery or something will be good enough and cheaper like said previously a led lamp is ok but the white light is poor for spotting over a distance definitely the yellow light is best
  13. When's everyone getting back out I'm going to start getting some fitness in over the next 6 weeks then back out on the lamp mid August / September
  14. Thinking of asking the wife to get me this for Xmas as she keeps asking what I want isit any good and hard wearing I no it's for fishing I'm not a fisherman but I thought it be good for ferreting general mooching with the dog lamping shooting ect anyone had or has one what's your view
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