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  1. Yer he was fine I've got videos of him amongst sheep with lambs then a few months later he all sudden just went for them but most of the land round me are sheep so I need to sort it same with the recall was perfect then he started getting more and more ignorant I've done nothing diffent than any other dog with him and they've all been fine for recall and stock but this one his just coming on for 2 real good dog game as anything just so head strong
  2. Yes mine was good as gold with sheep up untill 12 month ISH then one day switched on them and I haven't trusted him since so I got it for that mainly but also for recall as he dose like to hunt up and wander off and then ignore when called also he can be a f*cker if he misses on the lamp I've never had a dog like it so head strong
  3. To the people inboxing me about what one it is and wear from its eBay and is this one
  4. Yep done that don't work only thing that dose is getting in the car and driving down the lane then he panicks and comes straight back he was pretty good up untill a few months then his all asudden gone throught a f*ck you stage but this collor works
  5. His 2 in a few months I did try all that but it's just got worse
  6. I've only used the shock twice rest of the time just the vibrate is good enought to correct him only used it 1st time today and he was fine on recall up untill about 3 months ago his started becoming ignorant when called not all the time but sometimes so I thought id give one of these ago seems to be doing the job so far
  7. No more pulling a Def ear on me one press and back to my feet anyone else use or used a shock collor
  8. I no theirs already a corona virus topic but what’s people’s view on this latest move and what will people do
  9. Discription in picture or will sell out right make me a offer
  10. It's was abit sicking really as she was a good bitch but just when down hill rapidly when she got to about 6
  11. I had a collie whippet greyhound got her at just over a year ran the lamp spot on good a ferreting as the years when on she seemed to try using her head more than her heart she wouldn't run stuff if to close to a hedge would stalk up the beam and just stand staring at a squatter until it ran and sometimes she missed them wear she could of picked them straight up from the seat in the end I had a hard job of getting her to run anything at all so I Rehomed her
  12. Looking for a good trouser and jacket combo that's tough hard wearing and water proof but not a mile of money I've been looking at this combo £70 the jacket £40 for the trousers or is their better out their for the money many thanks
  13. 16 months old sire deer grey bull grey x bull grey dam bedlington whippet collie grey ( fox shot and retrieved )
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