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  1. the lamping ferreter

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    yerh I'll give him a fair trial 1st
  2. the lamping ferreter

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Cheers mate and I dont really do that much shooting mainly ferreting and lamping but if I shoot something and he sees it drop hell go pick it up but I haven't got him trained like a gun dog atall if I'm honest I wouldn't no wear to start
  3. the lamping ferreter

    Nicest Lurcher On Thl?

    Theirs my pup about 10 1/2 11 months
  4. the lamping ferreter

    Mobile app

    I get the email but only sometimes or it comes through late and I just think a well designed app would make for a better site
  5. the lamping ferreter

    Mobile app

    I am chilled out but I was asking a genuine question and making a suggestion and get silly replys back
  6. the lamping ferreter

    Mobile app

    Why the sarcy comments I use this site on my phone so surly it be better with a mobile app than going on the browser keep having to refresh for notifications when people comment and it would just be better all round that my opinion anyway
  7. the lamping ferreter

    Mobile app

    Is their a mobile app for this site I no their is a mobile version that can be used on your browser that's what I'm using now but would be so much better with a app similar to the Facebook one Ect if their isn't one admin or site owners have you considered it ?
  8. the lamping ferreter

    Lot of cheap dogs about

    Rubbish shouldn't be sold it should be rehomed to a pet home I've done it my self stuff that hasn't made the grade re homed to people who just want a pet but a good dog will have a space in my kennel from start to finish my old dogs 11 now he just runs round the yard and that's where he will stay until he dies and I've got a young pup now his 9 and half months his looking promising out walking plenty of prey drive hunts cover and kills rabbits but only time will tell once I start him on the lamp in the winter if he turns out good he will be kept I'm not saying world beater but to a sensible sporting grade if not then pet home it's the best way because someone else will only end up dumping it and it get passed about so take it out of circulation to someone who will keep it and as for selling in the summer what's the point if the dogs any good surly his worth keeping other wise just going to end up going through dog after dog in the seasion as no one sells a good dog mid seasion unless it's done something wrong
  9. the lamping ferreter

    9 weeks to 9 months

    Looks nice shown her anything yet
  10. the lamping ferreter

    9 weeks to 9 months

    Nice pup what cross is that
  11. the lamping ferreter

    9 weeks to 9 months

    Thanks and dad is deer hound grey x bull grey and mum is bedlington whippet collie grey so his got abit of a mix in him
  12. the lamping ferreter

    9 weeks to 9 months

    My pup 9 weeks to 9 months how he changed and his coming on well killing a couple out walking hunting and finding stuff
  13. the lamping ferreter

    G.O.T finale only 3 sleeps to go

    Ohh right I see I always thought it was sundays as I had never seen it until seasion 7 come out I watched all 7 and half seasons in 2 weeks was very addictive then I caught up and watched the rest on my phone at work on Monday mornings
  14. the lamping ferreter

    G.O.T finale only 3 sleeps to go

    It's the best show to come on tv I was up and watched it 1st thing before work this morning isit going to be the same time every Sunday 2am or isit going to go back to 9pm other wise mondays are going to be late starts lol
  15. the lamping ferreter

    Dog kennels

    Seen these used for animal houses sheep calves ect be good enough for a dog I'd say