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  1. Clue light pl500 £50 plenty good enough for small fields but it's a led light so anything after a sensible distance is hard to see but for quick lamping small fields you can't beat it
  2. the lamping ferreter

    Lithium Battrey

    I believe it was called wild hunter their about 2/3rds of the price of the deben ones but didn't no if they was anygood
  3. the lamping ferreter

    Lithium Battrey

    Cheer people I have just looked at the link by the time you buy the charger to that battery you might as well buy the deben one witch is a full kit and I'm in no rush mate just looking about at the moment but want one for when winter comes
  4. the lamping ferreter

    Lithium Battrey

    What make is that mate ive seen the deben ones and I have found another one witch was cheaper their orange can't rember the name of it thoe
  5. the lamping ferreter

    Lithium Battrey

    I'm after a lithium battery just wondering if anyone could recommend the best place to buy one as their expensive and the best one to go for make and size at the minute I have 22ah golf cart battery lasts for a good few days so relie I wouldn't need anything of that amp just enough to last a sensible nights lamping any help much apreciated
  6. Yer Jess asoon as theirs enough cut I will be getting out having a few runs theirs a few hay fields cut hear and their i see to day but want enough to be cut to make it worth going so another month or so start going out once or twice a week get her ready for the main season
  7. Same once the last of the low quality food has gone i will get the proper red mills greyhound mix again
  8. We have a about 6-8 weeks untill the corn is getting cut so I have started today on a steady jog round the lanes behind the van for 2 miles slowly going to build her up to 5 miles day to get her fit for the season when are you all starting and what methods do you use a couple of picture of my bitch this morning all fat an unfit from having a we'll deserved rest and the other of her last session fit
  9. I don't no exactly but I no she has had nothing but bother with it it's a 13 plate hardly done any miles and she don't do many in it her self only to go up the village and back or go to town for food shopping once a week it dose no work but just for ever going wrong
  10. Dacia, Renault engineMy mum's got one of them worse thing she ever brought bad car and their not 4wd the only a 2x4
  11. Yer I find the same with the landrover but I think that all like a drop of juice
  12. What 4wd are you using for hunting or just off roading and what upgrade have you done or have you kept it standard? That's my discovery their it's got 70 mm extended arches winch bumper and winch in running all terrains now it's summer but winter I have insterturbo special track mud terrain noblies never ever got stuck other than when I have ground out let see some pics of yours
  13. the lamping ferreter

    Best Calibre To Go For As All Round Rifle For Rabbit And Fox

    Yes I just want a cheap enough rifle that I can shoot both with
  14. the lamping ferreter

    Best Calibre To Go For As All Round Rifle For Rabbit And Fox

    At the moment I proberly go through a tin or 2 of pellets a year with my air gun as I do alot of ferreting and dog work but I'll be replacing the air gun with the live round