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  1. It's was abit sicking really as she was a good bitch but just when down hill rapidly when she got to about 6
  2. I had a collie whippet greyhound got her at just over a year ran the lamp spot on good a ferreting as the years when on she seemed to try using her head more than her heart she wouldn't run stuff if to close to a hedge would stalk up the beam and just stand staring at a squatter until it ran and sometimes she missed them wear she could of picked them straight up from the seat in the end I had a hard job of getting her to run anything at all so I Rehomed her
  3. Looking for a good trouser and jacket combo that's tough hard wearing and water proof but not a mile of money I've been looking at this combo £70 the jacket £40 for the trousers or is their better out their for the money many thanks
  4. 16 months old sire deer grey bull grey x bull grey dam bedlington whippet collie grey ( fox shot and retrieved )
  5. You want the light force 170 with a lithium battery stay away from LED for lamping with dogs the lights not the same and it's hard to see the rabbit in after a certain distance the yellow halogen lights are better that's my opinion anyway
  6. Same as the previous question wear are you based
  7. I can imagine that's why the robbing b@st@rds charge for closer when they already have £34 to get in the Midlands is only £20 and that's best one I belive
  8. Was thinking of going to the game fair this year £34 to get in that's disgusting and it said £40 in show parking or £20 premium parking is that what you need to park or is their a standard car park
  9. Yer his coming on well true test will be the winter and hows your bred mate
  10. My pup be 12 months old end of the month his about 26 inches his sire: bull grey deer grey x bull grey Dam: bedlington whippet x collie grey
  11. Cheers mate and I dont really do that much shooting mainly ferreting and lamping but if I shoot something and he sees it drop hell go pick it up but I haven't got him trained like a gun dog atall if I'm honest I wouldn't no wear to start
  12. I get the email but only sometimes or it comes through late and I just think a well designed app would make for a better site
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