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  1. Just take the knee....he'll soon recognise your submission
  2. I've seen horses dropped with a .38 that I wouldn't have wanted to be near.....as unpredictable in death as the bloody things are in life
  3. Always good to get a bit of sun on their backs
  4. You just don't get it do ya......and I didn't post to get any likes, couldn't give a f**k what others think tbh mind you, all you posts on this thread haven't had any either except the first post
  5. Yet you put someone's name up as a tag to your thread........
  6. I can think of one line that, going by the coats on them, that has beddie blood in it and it works very well from what I've seen
  7. I thought it was a bit cheeky to dive in and claim when another has gone to the effort to post
  8. Everyone in fantastic condition, a credit to you
  9. Better pic when he stands still long enough
  10. I bought in a dog that's a similar stamp to stuff he has posted pics of, that's why I asked
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