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  1. Mooching Celt

    Terrier clubs

    I'm not a member of any club and don't know of any round me but would happily pay money towards NWTF if I could without being a member of an affiliated club
  2. Everyone has different standards, one man's average digging dog is another man's litter wastage
  3. Mooching Celt


    By keeping with tradition maybe you should be asking for names of ancestors to help with making up peds
  4. Mooching Celt

    terrier box size

    Had to scratch my head and convert your metric into imperial and yup, that's the size of my boxes individually
  5. Mooching Celt


    Nice stamp of dog you keep there
  6. Mooching Celt

    Show Us Your White Dog's

    I had better get off the naughty step as there are others more deserving of the place
  7. Mooching Celt

    Dog micro chips

    Bad craic that
  8. Mooching Celt

    packham ,,good morning briton

    Ok hands up.....who shit in a box and sent him it?
  9. Mooching Celt

    Dog enjoying sun

    Is the lurcher section full up so you migrated over to the darkside?
  10. Mooching Celt


    I do love a happy ending
  11. Mooching Celt


    Cracking job on yours Joe, I picked up cut offs from the workshop floor and a couple of washers out the box and permanently welded the ring of the lead between the 2. Handy when on your own just have it pegged in ready to collar up the dog when you lift it so you have hands free to deal with the quarry
  12. Mooching Celt


  13. 2 lots of days 1 lot of nights, yeah a fair bit of weekend work that's the idea of the shift pattern, it rolls round 1 day at a time
  14. 4 on 4 off shifts, effectively only work 6 months a year less if you allow for holidays. Best advantage is the ability to get out more midweek when all the window lickers are at work