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    All paid up. Cheers again to everyone for another amazing year! Congratulations for organising another stunning comp Kev Could you thank the owners from me please, I was a bit hung over when I left and forgot to say thank you for having us. That photo of me must of been fairly early in the match, I've still got most of a bottle of Cider left! I'll still drinking the bloody stuff now... bit sharper than previous years I think....
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    Seeing as this is a fitness thread I thought I’d put this here . My little girl is 7 , she’s struggled with one thing and another academically she’s bright but not a genius , she’s sharp streetwise funny and can be a moody little thing . She doesn’t have many pals as she’s quite outspoken and has no social filter at all. Shes tried most things that are age appropriate, football was beyond her , ballet wasn’t for her , she wouldn’t tolerate riding a bike until last month but she goes to a modern dance academy that she seems settled on. She registered on the autism spectrum as a little un but We thought she’d be mis diagnosed and it’s been rescinded to adhd she doesn’t go to bed , as in you physically have to take her to bed and make her sleep. Shes fast and a bundle of energy but she’s directed in the wrong way , she’ll dance for hours to songs , she’ll tear the world apart at a soft play and she has no fear at outdoor park climbing frames etc, never has. But she’s easily distracted , no focus , she was in the front part her sports day race when she stopped and waited on her mate to catch up. Things like that are adorable but I want more for her. Selfish and possibly not great parenting but I don’t want an indoor child , I want her and her little brother to be able to enjoy physical things , sports and the countryside . This last fortnight I’ve been off work so I’ve been with her most of the day . Every day we’ve done something physical. I’ve been taking her to the gym with me either in the afternoon or after tea. We do a circuit , she does what I do in a fashion, nice and steady , usually an exercise followed by a suicide. Today she did 3 unassisted pull ups and 10 one armed press ups. Her focus is now incredible , she sits reading by herself , she’s well behaved , she’s proficient on her bike and learned to ride it properly in a day so much so that grandma has bought her a new 24” bike that she never off now. she’s more determined to succeed . We've made a little mantra that I’ve written in her school book for her “I can do anything I want to , there’s nothing I can’t do , I am a winner” I don’t know if it’s the exercising or the fact that I’ve got a prolonged period of time to spend with her distractions free but there has definitely been an upturn in her behaviour . Just shows what a little exercise can do and hopefully we can continue doing our little regime as her enthusiasm continues...
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    Only kidding lol, was the busiest week of my year and I had no relief do couldn't make the first one. Thankfully recently the best anglers are from the SW so easy travelling for me. Cheers, D.
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    I've had nightmares about that swim
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    Bald and bankrupt, the best travel guide for Chernobyl you'll get.
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    I haven’t read all that mate , just skimmed it It’s always an amazing thing when you read things about how lads got into the game as nO matter where your from , it’s always similar as for the end , I often question why you should need to breed greyhound into any type of lurcher these days when you could argue that other than blistering pace , a well bred fat coursing type will bring more to the party
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    you could gift a pup to someone you trust and still have your pants pulled down....... poxon would you pts soon as they born or 3 months down the line?takes a certain person to cull straight out the bitch imo,only ever met 1 man that did....bit of a ruthless f****r lol. Always best in my experience to run them on and see what makes what .....then find good homesor cull the surplus if I didn't know the person then I would make them pay for a pup.....they do right by it and prove themselves then I would reimburse them 18 months down the road...can't be fairer than that
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    Looks like your making loads of excuses to me? Cheers, D.
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    I don’t know about anyone else, but I always find discussion like this can easily move into the realms of “cringeworthy” The world is awash with hard men (and women) for one reason or another.....not one thing defines them. If we are talking just about street fighting, then if a bloke is twice your size and mean as a scrapyard dog, take a lump of wood to the c**t until he will never be the same man again........no hardness required, just the mindset to do it. Dont expect a pat on the back or a medal or the adoration of your peers because you probably won’t be regarded as “hard” but you will be regarded as a dangerous horrible b*****d.....and in many cases that’s enough.........that’s if you care about that stuff.
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    sod hills me and my dog like this. a lincs fen, my avatar pic was once on that fen its now in my shed.
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    If your settled not hard to set them up on the bank either, my daughter had a purpose built one on her boat and it was like being in a tumble drier when the wind was howling , my current set up is a small panel, found in a skip with the regulator, attached to 2 110 amp leisure battery’s it runs 6 led lights two water pumps for a shower and a cigarette lighter socket for charging phone or iPad if I double up on the battery’s and use bigger panels I will run through a 3000kw inverter to take it back up to 240 and that should run most household appliances like I said worth learning about as it could save you a fortune
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    I have seen crystal clear footage mate just no one who’s willing to share it, I also no of several hunts that do flush them one more often than others but they just want things left alone as they are, without the nutters that come with telling people what’s on your land, but I can assure you they are here and it’s only a matter of time before the full truth comes out I hope I,m the one who gets the footage but even if I do it will probably be called an escapee or someone’s pet or something else, not being believed is just par for the course but it don’t bother me as I just like being outdoors and it gives me a good reason to be out there, I watched a load of baby stonechats fledging a nest this morning a green woodpecker at close quarters that f****d off just as I got the camera up and shot a squirrel out a tree with my catty, I walk out 2/3 times a week between 3/10 miles and find a small clue like a footprint or kill site once or twice a year max so unless you just love nature it would be quite hard to do, look at Paul weller in the video you put up doubt he covers much ground and if you looked him up today he’s probably moved onto stamp collecting or something,
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    If I ever bred a litter , I’d give them away to my mates if required however I’ve never understood this mentality of a total stranger walking away from yours with something you have raised and possibly had for generations for f**k all many years ago when I had coursing dogs , I walked away from my pals house with a pup that became easily my best all round killer , he’d paid some serious money for the stud so I felt obliged as his mate to pay my way in the deal unless your sharing bloodlines imho you shouldn’t be gifted on agreements I want a dog to be my dog and not feel obligated to hand out pups in gratis in return the peace is what you pay , but value is what you get
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    I think fear is a big deal with stuff like this . The ability to contain or overcome your fears ... not sporting or hardness related but has anyone seen that documentary on the lad who free climbed El Capitan ? Imagine his mental toughness , his sheer belief , one sweaty palm, one crAmped finger , one slipped toe hold = death fuvking nails
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    Tomato plants are five feet and no fruits really but the other tomato plants are bud heavy
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    Greyhound or whippet the speedy building blocks in lurcher breeding, not forgetting the saluki, But for me what the hell is this percentages crap about genetics is not that simple it does not follow the rules that some people try to breed to. Working lurcher to working lurcher breeding usually produces the goods. The point i am making is its not all about physical attributes to a dogs breeding, but more about its mental attitude that you should be trying to breed into them. YIS KIC
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    Totally agree. That blippi Cnut needs his balls Cnut off and feeding to him.
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    Out of likes mate. makes sense to me. Buy the way very nice to have met you at the comp Socks. That knife and drinking horn was really something and fetch a huge sum. Big respect. Cheers Arry
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    Found it lol........donated and link bump https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=KEVINMcGuinness6&faId=1118635&isTeam=false&stop_mobi=no
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    That’s a great afternoon shooting and a few blacks as a bonus atb
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    I get payed tommorrow kev,will get the Mrs to sort it out.....clicked on the link but don't have a clue what im doing
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    It should be a good fight tbf and you have to give him credit for going to Russia......I can’t really say I know enough about either fighter to form a valid opinion tho but it’s an interesting one for sure
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    Lol fair play you actually got me there.....I thought ffs said something I shouldn’t of yet again
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    The only way you can protect an animal is to have it recognised as a legitimate species, so proving its excistance is the first step to doing that, the last clear footage I saw was shown to us by a couple of very well healed gentlemen who had a large estate in Hereford, they were invited to attend a meeting at the uni that we have, they sat through and watched asked a few questions about the risks to themselves and stock etc then just before they left pulled out a mobile phone and showed a Chrystal clear film of a puma that they and there staff had all seen on there estate saying as long as it causes no problems it’s welcome to stay there, in truth they are very very nomadic in this country and seem to move around in a huge area that seems to take about a year to complete a cycle , one area I set cameras throws up a kill or two and a few footprints for about 3/4 weeks at the end of november start December every year for the last 3years so I will set my cameras out at the end of October and if I miss it again I have another year to wait for it’s return though I do have another area that I have been walking that seems to throw up clues in spring so I will move there, it’s about getting there before them as most people set cameras out when they here of a sighting which is usually to late as they are gone by the time news comes through the areas are found and cameras set, I take note of any regular sightings and make a note of the dates then try to get there before them at the same time next year when most people have forgotten
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    or in this case tethering steaks
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    Once again a massive well done to her. Nice looking ferret
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    I watched an interview where yarde says his local youth clubs will be scarier than going to Russia......either east London has some scary youth clubs or he has massively underestimated Russia lol
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    Excuse me for being a tad thick here, but what exactly are you saying?
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    As been said a good working home is more important than cash
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    Lol well I can assure you I’m not.....why would i And i think as the organiser and host for the very first comp and weekend gathering of the general talk section to get it all up and running my place is undoubtedly forever etched into the THL annual charity fishing competition folklore regardless of wether I make a regular appearance or not thank you very much Where were you 6 years ago
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    As an aside, I only recently found out the Lenny McClean was Frank Warren's uncle. Cheers, D.
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    Another that’s worth a look is this, I can’t speak highly enough of them, they weigh nothing, won’t bankrupt you and come with a lifetime guarantee
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    That’s because they need to split to be used and they split in the frost
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    If I was buying a bullpup then it would be wildcat or kozak or even p15 imo these types of guns are ugly anyhow
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    I know what you mean......but he is just typical of what most peoples perception are of a steroid user are......but to a steroid user he won’t be that as they use them to so there first impression would obviously be something else. Same as if you said “look at that weed smoker” I would probably say why did you have to state that above anything else......it’s just generalisation
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    Yea I know mate just joshing. I've put up before as well. You ran me out likes Lol. It was nice to meet you at the comp mate. Cheers Arry
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    Looking good c j nice healthy looking pups .
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    ah yeah I forgot you don't drink anymore , the only drinking we did around the lake was tea ... .
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    First night back lamping tonight.one spin on a fox and the dog missed it.i new heading back to the jeep he wasn't right.put him up in the jeep and before we were home he was dead.some shit luck.rip steve
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