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  1. You'd be correct,,I think I'd a brother to that dog here last year
  2. Sound lad thanks, he's shaping up nicely now
  3. Fingers crossed all I can is rare them to the best of my abilities and the rest is up to them
  4. Sound man shaneg ,fingers crossed they do me a job
  5. Nothing compares to the original (bellman) pieps box for me ,as for the red box I've had 4 of them which were pure dirt always some problem with them, Nothing wrong barryvox either another great box
  6. She will get her fair go same as the rest,,if looks could dig I'd be on the pigs back thanks
  7. Zero b.mc stuff in her lad just a throw back to the general and dogs off that time that were also tri colour,,she's very tightly bred on all angles
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