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  1. I have one 20 minutes away.
  2. Good day out.Did you have to dig any.
  3. Nice one napper.Get some slotted before it all gets grown up again.
  4. I am sure it cost me £78 for my ferret.
  5. Bridge Street vets in Driffield but might be a bit too far for you.
  6. I wonder which one will be wanting to go out with you again.
  7. Cheers napper i don`t put post on every time we go out.We like to keep some folks guessing and wondering know what I mean.
  8. Had a day on a freshly cut bean field today with Stuart.Lots of feral pigeons flying about but we never bothered with them if we had we could have probably doubled our bag.So we picked our shots and ended the session with 105 woodpigeon picked up.
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