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  1. stoggy


  2. stoggy

    out again nice day

    It was a good day out and thought we might have got a bit more snow than we did but it seemed to mostly miss us.Better company this ferreting season as well and when bolting rabbits to the guns felt a lot safer this year than previous years.
  3. stoggy

    Finishing off for farmer

    Yes a shame young rabbits about as we will be finishing ferreting soon.
  4. stoggy

    New permission and a question

    Should be ok as long as no hob ferrets about.
  5. stoggy

    A brace of black ones

    Makes a change to catch the odd coloured rabbit.
  6. Out yesterday to finish off a place we were at a couple of week ago.We netted along and under the hedge and first rabbit to bolt ran along the hedge and down the only hole we did not net.After that it was 7 digs for the rabbits and two nests of young rabbits found.Last 2 rabbits were caught in the purse nets.So total for the day 9 rabbits and another good day out.
  7. stoggy

    Where can I buy plastic ferret box from

  8. stoggy

    out again

    Looks like it was a nice day there yesterday with no ice about.
  9. stoggy

    out again

    Nice shooting plenty more to come.Can`t say your an amateur.
  10. stoggy

    just call me archie ?

    Archie Waist Coates.
  11. stoggy

    just call me archie ?

    Archie Camo Coates.
  12. stoggy

    i will be keeping a eye out

    got the spys on here now not bad to say not interested in my post cant leave me alone lol
  13. Another great day out and once the rain stopped and the fog lifted it was quiet warm.Will have to give van a wash tomorrow as a bit muddy from driving the field.Will get the rabbits in freezer tomorrow.
  14. stoggy

    Couple hours out this morning

    A good morning out.