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  1. Was reading on one the Facebook lurcher sites someone has acquired some young mink kits .I am aware that you require a licence to keep them , but was just wondering if anyone had any experience in the UK of working them with dogs .i have seen the mink man videos on YouTube and seen him working them with his dogs and others . and they come across as fast hard little bstrds to be honest like a ferret polecat on roids.
  2. On a serious note he may have been possessed by the spirit of a dead lurcher and terrier man called a plummergeist they made a film years ago about something similar happening to a little girl.. Talking tellies and all that .
  3. Like a certain individual who was not only a teller of tall tales but was irresistible to the opposite sex and one stare from said individual would have the ladies swooning at his feet . God I think back and this has to be one of them most cringe worthy comments ever made . he thought himself like this geezer in the advert in the link which is a blast from the past itself. Needless to say those who know 'know who said it !!! The Erroll flynn of the lurcher world
  4. Was told to me face to face at a game fair not long after it happened and by the same person here a few years ago on this site .was common knowledge at the time .which will put the incident around 30+ years ago . Let's just say someone had something plummer wanted and threatened to report the individual if he didn't relinquish it . it really is that simple . As for Hancock he has wrapped up with the odd litter bred by his daughter. As for the OP its been an interesting thread but as far as I am concerned his original breed can not be resurrected unless he has blood going back to his original b
  5. Far from it just relating to an incident that occurred many many moons ago. Between 2 individuals and a very nasty one in my book anyways.
  6. Must have been related to plummer then
  7. in regards to plummer and Hancock the later was a breeder so logic dictates that he will have had few good dogs due to the amount that was breed . As for plummer I would have categorised his literacy works in the same category as homer's the iliad maybe a very small smattering of truth mixed in with a large percentage of fiction . Mind you i never heard that homer threatened to grass socrates into the Greek dole office so he could have his job .
  8. Got to admit your one top windup merchant its easy to spot by some of your replys and highly amusing especially as some of the replys by members are like watching a pike attack a dead bait . Funny as feck though I will give you that especially the plummer quote which is bound to trigger a feeding frenzy quicker than a chum bag in shark infested water .
  9. Coronavirus has a lot to answer for during these times of isolation. I didn't believe the thread when I first started reading it and certainly dont now . it's just a wind up in my humble opinion .
  10. They also don't like rehoming to people with kids or if they work or a plethora of other rubbish.try local dog pounds or as I know a few who point blank refuse to send lurchers to lurcher rescue centres or will have anything to do with them vets are another good source of getting hold of a stray as well .
  11. Al the best in what you do it's TRUE your a long time dead make the most of what you have and family is the most important thing especially wife and kids .follow your heart and I am sure you have made the right decision in the long run .life is full of if onlys . And to be honest Cumbria or north Yorkshire are cracking places to live .as long as the family are happy and it's a unanimous decision then go for it . Hopefully I will be in a situation similar to yourself with my long term goal being france .
  12. Lads I got my dogs from years ago used lurchers x lurcher small stamp biggest one was 23 and funnily enough a bitch . They worked all cover with a dog always waiting for a bolter working the outside of the hedge bushes brambles etc .I have too agree this is the best and my favourite type of lurcher work by a mile followed by working open ground at night no lamp and ferreting were the odds were always in favour of the rabbit. I once got lucky and got given a load of permission in skipton were I did 40+ rabbit in a few hours bolting with ferrets to the dogs and I swore never again granted there
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