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  1. abrasivewheel

    United you stand divided you fall

    It's a cloudy subject poaching if your on about a bloke or lady for that matter who goes about there business quietly efficiently taking what they need with no disturbance disruption damage or theft on foot either as an individual or with a trusted partner who cares or do they exist anymore as some would lead you to believe they don't . If its mob handed 6 dogs running from vehicle's using it as an excuse to eye the place up for theft etcleaving behind damaged crops fencing etc then throw the book at them justice wise .I honestly believe apart from the very few and I mean very few and I have been lucky permission wise that we kid ourselves and the so called friends in high places have pulled the wool over our eyes and in some cases we are viewed as little more than there bit of working class rough with the majority of time being viewed as a toy dog novelty act .a group that can be dumped at the drop of an hat when needed or situation arises . I need not or want to catch 50+ rabbits a session I am too old and there way to heavy to carry. foxes are not edible. and hares when legal 99% of the time blew my dogs away on any head start and were never considered quarry anyways as mine were Bush and ferret dogs . I learned them lessons early on .
  2. abrasivewheel

    United you stand divided you fall

    The attitude of a minority shouldn't have such an impact but I fear the lurcher hunting fraternity as an whole would be allowed to become the sacrificial lamb to enhance the interests of may I say more influential groups within the hunting fraternity to further there standing . A modern day version of the nazis .night of the long knives
  3. abrasivewheel

    United you stand divided you fall

    Fact is your a disposable asset there to swell the ranks fill in the forms and join the marches .but at the end of the day lurcher work is viewed as a plebian sport associated with the masses working class pursuits like course and match angling were as you can fish a match on a multitude of venues usually canals with a bag of home made bread punch casters you turned yourself the week before and be in with a chance of winning. Not fishing for salmon on the tay etc for these lads .of the course the press don't help with far fetched stories of would be gangsters betting thousands on the outcome of a course but that's the tabloids for you .to me personally I have always been a bunny man as to be honest I always kept small bushing type lurchers but I do fear for the future as of being able to go out ferreting or bushing as I believe this could be banned in response to illegal hare coursing under the guise of eliminating it.
  4. Well well who needs the antis when we can turn on each other.
  5. I believe through the middle ages keeping a lurcher sight hound other than by noblemen required the dog to be ham strung. if owned by the commoners so as not to be able to catch the kings deer..
  6. abrasivewheel

    Testicle removel

    I assume it could create similar problems as what can occur in men with a undencended testicle possible cancer twisting etc . My mate had to have his removed due to blood flow restrictions and it dying due too lack of blood supply .
  7. abrasivewheel

    Groovy Stan

    At £1200 a pop for a pup they better come with wings like pegasus catching fur and feather day and night .
  8. abrasivewheel

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    And it drives and it digs them out what more could you ask of it
  9. abrasivewheel

    Why has Hancock no pups for sale?

    You will find a few Hancock bred lurchers in rescue centres but more than that you will find 10 maybe 20 times more lurchers of unknown breeding origins in the same pounds, ,rescue homes etc .varying in ages from 16 weeks too OAP dogs and bitches Hancock has at least 2 what I would describe as dedicated sites on Facebook to his dogs with rarely a dissenting voice on them .so for all his and his dogs detractors he has in equal measure the same amount admirers. So work that one out .???
  10. Was pies owner from leigh or Wigan came across him once up my neck of the woods out with dog and his lad to me it seemed an even tempered dog with bags of patience it didn't try to have a go at my 2 fawn dogs as his young son tried to ride as a donkey and fell off and banged his head much to my amusement. I think a lad from Wigan had a brindle pup out of pie called either bully or Bob which stood about 24 inches to shoulder a lot racier than pie but with the same head . Mind you this going back 30 to 35 + years ago .
  11. I used it as an example and not too be taken to seriously. The example being that that you can not guarantee a uniform type dog as it will through DNA throw to one of the mixes in the breed sooner or later along the line . Mind you some of the claims to the breeding of some dogs made by some sellers some of these dogs lineage date back as far back as genghis Khan
  12. You will always throw back too one of the breeds you mention ie slightly more greyhound slightly more collie bull etc it's in the DNA or Gene's. Granted it would a ruthless breeding programme too achieve what you require but even over 20 generations you will get a throw back to a certain breed even skipping generations of pups but eventually a dog or bitch will throw back to any of the breeds mentioned . It follows the same rule as hereditary illnesses defects etc its contained in the DNA or Gene's.
  13. There was not that many lurchers about 40 years ago and even less just after the war the farther back you go the less numerous they are . Hence I assume the popularity of collie x greyhound or whippet collie x . Fast forward too today and lurchers of all breeds types etc proliferate. You only have to look in the local dog pounds in your area or the number of lurcher sight hound re home and rescue centres . All I will say is when I started out it was lurcher x lurcher with both dogs having the rep on doing the business and you was lucky to enter this circle and acquire a dog and you made do as you was right down the pecking order when it came too picks .they may breed there bitch maybe 3 times max in a lifetime or be only willing to line there dog to a bitch with a good rep . As for 1/3rd this with 5/8 of that and a 1/4 thrown in for good measure its warbles unless you can trace the line back decades and breed close you still even then will throw variations in size build coat intelligence etc . That's how nature works .
  14. abrasivewheel

    Nearly 40 years ago.

    Its surprising what you find after moving home mooching through some old photos found a couple of game fairs and this beaut . Whisky, blue, and the black dog sooty .
  15. abrasivewheel

    Rabbit decline

    The creators of mxy and rabbit flu virus should be exposed to a human form of it. that is family gene specific and its suffering felt by the rabbits should be inflicted on the perpetrators along with there bloodlines for infinity.