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  1. Sadly lads I posted a topic on here looking for information on the Bedlington terrier x greyhound,i got great feedback till today ,so far I have got idiots and muppets replying saying I am a peddler for a money making scheme.these idiots or armchair warriors should really read the topic before they jump in head first,no matter what site you join there is always idiots like these try their best to ruin a breeding program,if truth be known these muppets probably don't even own a pair of wellies,si I think its best I don't share any more information about my breeding program on this web site ,i am going to delete my profile and sadly move on away from idiots which most site carry like a thorn in your butt. for those members that emailed me i will keep in touch on my breeding program and will keep you updated, take care lads it was nice knowing you.
  2. yes I agree,if you leave it alone for a year the amount of bunnies could treble on that land
  3. Yeah sure sharrrky what ever floats your boat
  4. well poxon,2 to 5 years a lurcher is at its best,waiting for a bitch for her sixth birthday is a bit far away for my breeding program,in a few years if I am still alive and kicking I will prove you wrong,the starting point is all about breeding your own,not using a 1st cross to a greyhound but breeding from what you know,and my starting point will be the Bedlington to a track or field greyhound,if I was to wait 6 years to breed my lurchers it would be nearly 20 years and I would be 80,a little late to be trying to test a lurcher to its full intent,we are all entitled to our own opinion as I say its everyone to their own,, as for the small Russell bitch that I am looking for a small gamey patt to cover her,i have had a few offers from lads on here and my own country,but if I decide they are not the type I want then she wont be bred,short and sweet.
  5. Poxon,what would I have to gain on a few pups,a 100 euro a pup,say 4 pups 400 euro,think or rearing them till 8 to 9 weeks old,working them every two week,first injections,including parvo,and you think I am in it for profit,when is the last time you bought a injection for a young pup,when was the last time you brought a dog to a vet,...at between 2 to 3 years old a lurcher should be in its prime,and at that time one should be able to decide if that dog in questing should be bred or not,..i was told when I started this topic,that a lot on here will try and ruin or run down my breeding program,but I am not that really bothered with the computer warriors,this plan is in place and we are determined to make it work to breed a decent working lurcher not for profit as some might think.
  6. I also have seen greyhound take on fox first time out as well,i also seen greyhound turn tail and run from the action,i think the speed is was comes from the greyhound, the rest to make the lurcher you want lies on what you cross it with .
  7. Sure,as soon as I have what I want and the animals I am going to use I will post a few pictures.
  8. Thanks Marvel,yes I am on a mission to breed this type of lurcher,as for surplus pups,i am sure when word gets out I have this greyhound in pup to this Bedlington I will have no shortage of buyers..but that's all for next year and I have to concentrate on the greyhound and this working Bedlington and make sure everything goes to plan
  9. I agree,the pit I think should be only used over the greyhound as I have heard very good stories of that cross and they excel in the work that they are used for.
  10. I think from 23 to 26 inches is my ideal height for this breed,the bigger you go then I think you run into problems,i have seen greyhounds that were in the 30s and they needed plenty of land to turn,
  11. I think it might be a phase they are going through in their life,the chap that brought me to his kennels told me that the wheaton was very good at the job it does.
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