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  1. matt the lamper

    On holiday

    You be lucky see them like that around by me
  2. matt the lamper

    On holiday

  3. matt the lamper

    On holiday

    I am on butlins there a few about once the cover die down would have afew good bag off here
  4. matt the lamper

    On holiday

    Well there is plenty of rabbit on this camp site been counting afew out side the caravan seeing 7 or 8 most morning and other around would not mine them like that around my way
  5. matt the lamper

    they come out of the wood work

    I remember a bloke say to me they will sort it out he had rotty and I my lurchers I said to him well I not paying the vet bill he soon got is rotty on
  6. matt the lamper

    First cross wheaten greyhound

    Would like try this cross
  7. matt the lamper

    They don’t half change

    Dog better off on settee then the misses dog will always love you the misses wont
  8. matt the lamper

    A good morning out

    Nice one to you bud you had a day out today only 3 rabbit and miss 2
  9. matt the lamper

    2019 Kits and a few I've kept

    Nice ferrets and a good set up to
  10. matt the lamper

    1st of the year

    Nice easy catch for the pup then and a couple for the pot
  11. matt the lamper

    Xmas outing for the apprentice

    It nice to young lad enjoying it good number to that
  12. matt the lamper

    Hard day ferreting

    It on a estate but the farmer caught them they we're poaching but not a load a dog on there so had move off to some more hedge closes to the farm but had waste time on the Warren they had done need take the long net do the big Warren next time and out Saturday and Sunday so with a bit of luck will have a few more
  13. matt the lamper

    Hard day ferreting

    That the mine thing but been hard work
  14. matt the lamper

    Hard day ferreting

    NtBeen out since first light took all day to have 6 and miss 2 some one had already done some of the warren rabbit did not want to bolt and under Blackthorn hedge really hard day all in all but when a went and saw game keeper got some pheasants off him so not a bad day
  15. matt the lamper


    Faire play it nice to see a young lad having a good time