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  1. Look some handy dog would have one in my yard
  2. New build r shit anyway just keep walking it for now
  3. Well just had a walk across the field and alot of the horse r off the field already so will see what happens look like they r going try build on it so more countryside gone
  4. That the thing now but can't shoot the dogs for running game can for livestock the don't know what they on about
  5. Been walking the dog over those field for year don't really want the dogs running there but the odd stuff does get up now and again
  6. They look cracking pup should do you proud
  7. Hey up mate if you still got bitch my sister might have it but would be pet and have good home just a idea if you don't want the bitch pasting around
  8. Just look on Google 11.99 on there for adaxio save money if you know what it is I remember a good few ago vet were charging me 30 quid a bottle of some stuff look on Internet could buy two for what they where charging robing bxxterd
  9. Had a walk today with dogs and managed this squirrel
  10. It different for other i was out to went 3 different spot for two rabbit but fair play trev keep the dog working all the the best
  11. Nice going that fair play been out today 3 different spot for two rabbit soo one been on the land before us not good
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