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  1. Been out today try one spot only had one from there but warren look good not allow a dogs so just got look at warren see if it look good so on two next spot farmer as told us two go was afew more about saw afew running around well had a good bag end the day on 14 with no digs so happy days
  2. I am only 30 but f**k the mark 3 still use the old grey box it easy i npw on top of the ferret so win win for me
  3. That bollock just keep taking the money of the working men and women
  4. Ive work in some bad ground if it 16ft foot down you need to over dig it or shoring like micky said it take second for ground to come i leave her till she move or set trap atb hope you get her back
  5. Been today got some ferreting stuff good day out
  6. Nice day hunting all the best mate
  7. Where about r you in country got some kit
  8. It took about a day a day half had me little man helping so time took a little longer do thing at time
  9. It cost 15 quid that only for the bolt to door everthing else free from site
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