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  1. It different for other i was out to went 3 different spot for two rabbit but fair play trev keep the dog working all the the best
  2. Nice going that fair play been out today 3 different spot for two rabbit soo one been on the land before us not good
  3. Y carry a bag when it easy with the harness it with you all the time
  4. I got my of rabbit fever make it easy as not walking back to bag
  5. Well if hare r vermin so r deer let shoot them like rat and we will have no sport
  6. I Never said that it illegal but there not vermin
  7. Last time i checked hare aren't vermin
  8. Nice shooting lad just don't let the coursing lad notice the hare at the front
  9. Well was looking the other days dogs and the the prices r ridiculous so thought I may aswell breed my bitch so I know what I am getting
  10. Not in season till next summer but the bitch done me proud she 6 now so looking now before I miss it did this last birth i had not doing again that y looking now
  11. I looking for a stud for my batch she coming on abit in age so don't want miss the opportunity she bred saluki bull grey back to Bedlington whippet greyhound looking for a saluki bull greyhound here a picture
  12. I see the odd rat around the garden but not worrying about it nice easy shooting out the window the women down road said seen a rat in her garden but it hardly surprising when she feed the bird on ground lol
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