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  1. Bloody hell mucka long time no see how you doing ??

  2. My butty is coming Alyn(fishing) +3, they camping.
  3. She a cracker fair play makes me laugh constantly she do. Cant wait for a catch up D I can't butt, love the comp we do.?
  4. ?? She also did the red hot chilli peppers and Bob Marley too D, she got a guitar now she has so she be doing acoustic versions this year.????
  5. Well Arya is still staying with Uncle Kevin she said lol. Cant wait for a catch up butty.
  6. 9th comp hey who'd have thunk it !! Me and my tribe be there we will, got a caravan this year we have. We usually camp but after Kev upgraded to an RV last year for all my kids to take over I had to. LOL Any new lads/lasses thinking of coming i promise its worth the effort, bring the family. Kids will love it if you bring them. Tomo brought his family last year and my daughter cant wait to see Cas and Lenny again. Its a great weekend for all and something I always look forward too. Dave and family are top hosts and will do anything for us lot fair play.
  7. Me fishing Kane fishing Lexie and Arya not fishing
  8. Some proper belly laughs this weekend fair play.
  9. Top pic is courtesy of seanc. ?
  10. Big thanks to Jamie spending an hour with Arya catching a few fish, she loved it.?
  11. Wear it like a boss Paul, wear it like a boss. ?
  12. Was a cracking weekend as always fair play. Kev you was top man as always, sorted everything brilliantly again butt. Arya as a new hero for the cockle hunt around Devon amongst other things. Thanks to everyone for coming and making it the weekend it is,a cracking time with great company. My kids have had the greatest time again so big thanks guys for making the kids feel as welcome as you do. It was great to meet some new people this weekend too, hope all the new ones enjoyed it as much as me and my lot did. Well done robbo and Joe on winning, great stuff. Thanks to everyone who brou
  13. Bald and bankrupt, the best travel guide for Chernobyl you'll get.
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