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  1. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2019 numbers

    I'll be coming down I will, looking forward to it.
  2. johnny boy68

    Typical of the Welsh.....

    Who’s jacket is this coat.
  3. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Just got in after spending all day down Dawlish. Cracking weekend as always, all I can do is echo everybody’s comments. So thanks all concerned. Top job by Kev, Dave and Emma, Keith and Mary and Dan for the top notch grub and anybody else who contributed. It was great to meet the new attendees, cracking couple of lads fair play. My kids have had a cracking time and really enjoyed meeting everybody, thanks to all you lads for treating them like you all did. Got a few pics here that I’ll get up tomorrow.
  4. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2018

    I’m here!!
  5. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2018

    I’m away see you all later.
  6. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Haha I do don’t I D for Dave lol Tried Arch on the number I had it just made a funny tone.
  7. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Cars packed up it is, just need to wake the ant hill mob up in the morning and throw them in and I’ll be away. Hoping to be there by 9 at latest, really looking forward to this fair play.
  8. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Not long now boys, finish work at 2 Thursday I do and I’ll be packing the car and be away by 6 Friday morning. I can’t wait now fair play, truth be told I’m getting a bit excited. I got a few things for the raffle to bring along. Everybody have a safe journey and I’ll see you all when you get there.
  9. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2018

    Apnin boys!! Kev been trying to send you a message but you can’t receive them. Drop me a message with your number please butty I’ll be down to the comp early on the Friday, looking forward to it as always. Be nice to get away and have a relax, it’s needed this year fair play.
  10. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2018

    I’ll be there I will, might try and get away without the kids this year, can’t see it though truth be told as they keep asking when it is.
  11. johnny boy68

    Fishing Comp 2018 Numbers

    I’ll be there I will and I’ll have a dangle.
  12. johnny boy68

    Turkey Hunting.

    I see a few sausage dogs around these days, funny little things they are.
  13. johnny boy68

    Funny Joke Thread

    "I invited a friend for supper" he said to his wife. "Are you crazy? The house is a mess and I don't feel like cooking a fancy meal" The husband said "I know all that." The wife replied "Then why did you invite him?" He said "Cause the poor fool's thinking about getting married."
  14. johnny boy68

    Turkey Hunting.

    That dachshund as earned over $100,000 just in YouTube earnings. He put plenty of food on your table lol.
  15. johnny boy68

    Turkey Hunting.

    Haha I find dachshunds funny, they’re like the midgets of the fog world.