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  1. Bald and bankrupt, the best travel guide for Chernobyl you'll get.
  2. Cracking pics Arry fair play.
  3. Nothing really to add after the great write up by Kev and others. Dave, Narinna(spelling), Graham and Mary are great hosts who go above and beyond for us all especially the kids. It's always a great weekend that I thoroughly enjoy, great company, great food and drink and the craic is always top notch. Well done to Kev on getting a hat trick of comp wins, top angling as always. Decent bags by Sean C and Bry kept him honest all day. Big thanks to Dan for cooking a feast as always this time with his apprentice Finn. Shout out to my auction butty Oliver, grooming him to take over the hammer in a few years. Biggest thanks goes to everybody who attended and made it the cracking weekend that it was. Kane and Lexie said that it was there favourite comp so far and I'd like to thank you all for treating them great as always. All the kids were great all weekend, I think they look forward to it as much as us now. Great effort everybody fair play.
  4. Cars packed and ready and we be leaving now in a minute. Looking forward to seeing the usual faces and hopefully a few new ones too. Here's to a good un.
  5. Me, Lex and Kane will be down Thursday afternoon/evening. Arya is off away with the missus so she's not coming. We're all buzzing for it as usual, cant wait tbh.
  6. Cheers Kev. Definitely next season. Typical Liverpool fan
  7. It's nice to have the kids there Kev, maybe something that they'll carry on in the future. He love that Kev he will, he tag along with you whatever you're doing.
  8. It is mad butty. Like others have said we make plans around the comp. Lex and Kane looking forward to it they are too.
  9. Looking forward to it I am, always good craic it is fair play. Never thought it would still be going 7 years later tbh. Met some great lads at the comp and the kids love going too.
  10. Jose......she threw to the whippet compared to some.
  11. I'll be coming down I will, looking forward to it.
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