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  1. I do use them the odd times through the summer if I have to but they don't work right when in season. I did have a couple of pole cat hobs with the nuts off and they were spot on anytime of the year but they died of old age and yes I've seen plenty of hobs and jills jack mate.
  2. A couple of stop nets helped the lurcher out this morning
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pU7j4LPMTjQ
  4. Some of the catches by the dogs and ferrets over four days on a estate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTGhGJATbDQ
  5. I don’t know how many pups that first cross bitch had over the years but I put a deerhound x greyhound over her, saluki x greyhound, a deerhound x bull greyhound, a ridge back x bull greyhound and a first cross bull greyhound and all the pups made handy dogs
  6. 20” tts mate , I don’t do much lamping these days but yes she’s not bad on the lamp
  7. I know mate , It's a problem I have, I soon forget the good things but I'm all ways looking for bad things, what ever kind of job I'm doing with the dogs.
  8. same there mate but got away with it in the trees. The fawn bitch did run one across a field and I didn’t like what I saw but I’ll keep a eye on her and put that one down to the hard ground and a nail I had to cut back at the start of the week
  9. I said the same today mate , the temperature in the car said two degrees when we was there but that wind hit my head and went down my spine and I fecked my back up at the start of the week so couldn’t warm up when we had a dig
  10. I’m lucky if my dogs retrieve anything mate . Even the ones that start off being good retrievers after they keep catching numbers it all goes out of the every week it all goes out of the window
  11. Cheers mate, out of some old bails , the farmer lifted them for the dogs with his grabber machine mate
  12. Cheers mate , the fawn bitch is collie whippet x beddy whippet greyhound and the blue and white is my old ten year old ped whippet
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