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  1. Couldn’t get out this mid week with the ferrets so had a few hours on the lamp , all most a full moon but got a few.
  2. Collie whippet x beddy whippet greyhound mate
  3. 20’’ doing well, smashing through hedges and doing well on the steep hill sides , the kind of bitch the just see’s what she’s running at the min , my kind of running dog
  4. Trev70

    No nets

    Here you go mate more fun if their good local wheat rabbits not like them easy dales rabbits you see all over facebook and youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ebHRoplz3ag
  5. Can't see us ever getting every rabbit in this warren fred but we can't of missed many what the dogs didn't catch we dug and it was all so holding a few rat so some extra fun and sport for the dogs and ferrets , cheers.
  6. On a 250 yard hedge today all one warren, a few stop nets to break it up and the rest was down to the dogs and round mouth
  7. Just under 17’’ tts ped whippet little lump of muscle, too slow for me for the bolting but a bite like a bull terrier.
  8. A morning on a steep hill side with Tilly today
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