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  1. She’s broke to chickens but got a thing for the pigeons
  2. No mate thank f”ck she’s only four and a half month, it was a young pigeon her third one in the past few weeks.
  3. I'm out all day ferreting on Friday but send me his number and I'll keep him happy for you until your ready to start in Oct mate
  4. Out and about with me every day and will be all season, making her first catch at the weekend while on a early morning mooch it’s a start and all just games to her at the min but will pay off in the future. I can’t do with learning a pup and breaking to stock at at about ten months or older the teenage age, it’s too hard work when their at that head strong age.
  5. From want I've seen on your vids that's a very good little bitch
  6. The older bitch is collie whippet x beddy whippet greyhound and the pup is Acd x whippet greyhound cross collie whippet greyhound mate. The morning was more about the pup meeting the sheep and seeing the ferret around the holes but no harm done letting her get her mouth around a few rabbits too.
  7. They have to start some time , by the end of the morning she'd had her mouth around a good few but it showed too much back ground , looking forward to the next cool morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htgu5mFzTFU
  8. End of a good line then mate by the sound of it. There was some bitches doing very well in the Lakes out of a later litter that I bred out of the old bitch to a bull cross but I lost contact with them when times changed for me and their just not my kind of dog these days now I'm a old ferreting man , atb .
  9. The sire to his bitch that I bred was out of a first cross bull greyhound bitch which I got off a traveler when she was ten months old, worked her for ten years and I don’t have 1 pick of her , I just didn’t take them much back then with having to go to the chemist to get them developed, she was very well known around here for her work with terriers bushing and around the holes. She also was a good lamping bitch on the rabbits but no good around ferrets. The dog I put over her was a match dog called Paddy, he was a mix of saluki greyhound with some whippet in the mix . The fella that owned him
  10. I have to wait for lads half my age to catch me up on the hills I just don't enjoy it like I once did mate it can be too easy for the dogs and just be about the numbers . Point slip, point slip and point and slip. I just like to watch the dogs work in the day on a mix of terrain these days but it does take me 2 days to recover from a good nights lamping now
  11. Done all kinds of lamping with lurchers from the 70’s but for the past few years I’ve found it boring , I think I went 3 times last season even tho I’ve got a lot land I can lamp all over Yorkshire. I don’t Know if it’s a age think but it’s watching the dogs work in the day for me
  12. I remember seeing a pic of the bitch your talking about a few years back mate, it looked a handy bitch.
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