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  1. got plenty of arable to go at now too for the new young un to have some fun on and it's easier on our old legs
  2. Your well come to come up and walk these hills again any time mate
  3. Cheers mate , will do but I can’t see it lasting long
  4. had about 50 black and some blues but never had a ginger as well as a white.
  5. Cheers, I hope it lives through the summer but with 2 teams of shooters on the land it will be lucky the crops can't grow soon enough now
  6. A last couple of trips until next season. Gave the dogs a work out before putting them away for the summer and then lamped for a mate and his gun for the first and last time , it’s just not my thing . Saw my first pure white rabbit last night, only half grown so I’ll be after that next season , atb
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48F1GfI0ARo&t=153s The blue and white whippet in her prime six and a half years back, she took all 27 rabbits out of the hedges around these 2 small cattle fields, the black and white whippet was just a pup having a look and the my mate's lurcher was having a bad day as you can see on his face when the whippet makes the last catch .
  8. Shit luck that mate, we're both in the same boat then I hope all goes to plan and well
  9. Just found my old jill dead in the cage a few days before she was dew so can’t see me having any spare out of one jill mate , gutted .
  10. Took a gamble like I have done many times Fred, some times it pays off but a lot of times not but it's fun finding out . She's show bred with 25 champs in her five gen ped, I got her off a lass with young kids in Leeds when she was 10 month old for £150, she was a pet in a flat but she was living on the balcony.
  11. Out of all the dogs if I could have one from the start again it would be Poppy for the rabbit job mate
  12. But did the dog make it look soft . off to bed I'm out in the morning, Atb .
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