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  1. Trev70

    Out last night

    The rain wasn’t forecast till two so a good but late one
  2. Trev70

    Out last night

    The young dog was picking them up nice mate.
  3. Trev70

    Out last night

    No rabbits left in the dales with Facebook
  4. Trev70

    Out last night

    On a invite last night helping a mate out
  5. Trev70

    Out last night

    Was out last night with a very nice black and white 12 month old beddy x whippet pup
  6. Good to here mate she looks a lot better, sounds good to me
  7. As you know mate its the best way to get them fit and I met up with Paul sorted him out with a new battery I had too many lol, had a good chat then showed him Betty run on the lamp, it was a good night mate I enjoyed it
  8. Out last night time to get the young un fit
  9. She as mate pups are all strong and healthy, on the tit ever time I look at them cheers
  10. 8 pups bill but I'll sex the tomorrow like you said I've seen one bitch and mum is ok so I'm happy, this is her second and last litter, atb.
  11. Cheers bill all are doing good to say I've not long got them out of the vets after a C section.