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  1. Thanks that answer's my thought's.
  2. How many dogs have you owned mate you only talk about the ones you still own which with all the old dogs the story’s of them get better and better and the none ped whippet that gets mentioned ever time a whippet post comes on.
  3. A mate of a mate from Manchester came for a run with us one morning with two bitches that had been killing numbers on the lamp, he was wanting to cash in on the pair, both looked good on their hare on the first field but both pulled up as soon as their hare hit a hedge.
  4. One of a number I used like a lurcher from the 80’s as a young un but by the 90’s when I could pay the good money they never got run on the lamp too much risk of making them pull up on the hedges in the day but what they could do with gear in the day it would of been boring to watch them on the lamp on hares and roe I did here about some that was ok for a Fox now and then but I never owned one and I didn’t ferret back then but I can’t see them being the best dog for that game
  5. I can understand that but there's a lot of rabbit dogs on here.
  6. Don’t know about you but I find it more hassle trying to take a good pic of a dog than a end of day pic
  7. That’s how the whippet forum went and now it’s gone, I can’t see the point of logging in if it’s not to see what members have been up to with their dogs, how long does it take to take a pic and it’s never been easier to post one on here but if you can’t be assed why should others I guess, atb.
  8. Were I get my chicken from thats how they do it, frozen with the skin on.
  9. It's a lion mate, I have to skin them and just chop one back leg off, it minces a full rabbit in seconds
  10. Skinning and mincing for me today then it’s back out for some more tomorrow
  11. Cheers mate that's how I like it.
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