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  1. bullmastiff


    Glad Trish is Ok buddy, Pass on our best from Lisa and I. Modern cars are pretty clever about what they can do in an accident. It might not of needed to fire the air bags in that situation. As has already been said, quite often breaks the drivers nose when they fire off (better that, than brain damage I guess) I remember seeing a Fifth Gear episode where Tiff was explaining how far car safety had come. They crashed a Volvo 440 into a little Citroen with NCAP 5* rating at about 20mph each (so 40mph combined speed). head on, driver to driver. Everyone thought the Tank of a car will plow through the little car. After the accident the Volvo didn't look too bad at all but you couldn't open the drivers door and the pedals had been shoved up into the driver. The little Citroen looked a wreck with every panel bent/broken where it had sent the force of the impact around the outside of the super structure. When they analysed the results the Citroens computer hadn't thought the crash significant enough to fire the Airbags but had moved the drivers seat back and into the centre console and also tightened the seat belt tensioner. The crash test dummies showed the Volvo driver with multiple broken bones and hemorrhaging and the Citroen driver would of had slight bruising.
  2. bullmastiff

    Cost Nothing But A Few Screws

    seen on facebook a few times. There's groups that take ex layers from battery pens and hand them out to the public. There always looking for people to take hens. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find some for free.
  3. bullmastiff

    Fishing Comp 2017

    Think youve all summed it up perfectly. Massive thanks to kev for organising a great weekend. Big thank you to all the guys and gals that make it an amazing weekend. Banter was brilliant as always (think almost 60 litres of cider, a keg of ale and cans beyond count probably helped towards that too!!) Good luck to whoever organises next year!!! Paid the 45 owed to the just giving page
  4. bullmastiff

    Multi Purpose Dogs?

    I use Tess when beating/picking up. She's got a cracking retrieve and not to shabby on finding pricked birds (if a little hard mouthed on feather). Almost won a local field trial with her once! and she'll work a hedge as good as most Labs. She still goes Ferreting all through the season but due to past injuries and age isn't fast enough in the open anymore and limps for two days after. She still has it in her if needed to help clear farms of certain pest species as you don't really need speed for that. Took her Boar hunting but didn't get the chance to test her out unfortunately but I'm sure she would of coped with it ok. She's ponced around a show ring with my young daughter several times helping her win 'Best Child Handler' Lately she's just been a 'stand aid' for our 16month old boy, a draught excluder and seems to turn food into shit with ever more increasing enthusiasm!
  5. bullmastiff

    Fishing Comp 2017

    I guarantee if they start cooking when you phone ahead, Ozzie will of finished the lot by the time you pull up!
  6. bullmastiff

    Fishing Comp 2017

    I think usually you draw pegs at 9.00-9.30 then start fishing at 10.00?
  7. bullmastiff

    Fishing Comp 2017

    That would be me and Joe..... Same stuff as previous years as I know it was liked. Bringing 40 litres this time as there's a fair few of us.
  8. bullmastiff

    Fishing Comp 2017

    I might be turning up Friday if you need an extra pair of hands. If so I'd like to try the kayaking. I won't be able to fish the river sat afternoon as Lisa will be turning up with the kids. Im definitely fishing the comp.
  9. bullmastiff

    Lithium Battrey

    Have a look around and find the right size/price for you, something like this. https://www.ev-power.eu/LiFeYPO4-batteries-12V-1-1/Lithium-Battery-LiFePO4-12V-20Ah.html#tab1
  10. bullmastiff

    Lithium Battrey

    Have a look for LiFePo4 batteries. It's the new type of Lithium battery. Much more stable battery and because they aren't so hazardous their cheaper to manufacture so cheaper to buy.
  11. bullmastiff

    Shepherd's Crook - Hazel

    He's got show/walking sticks like the one's in the link above but no crooks made for working. He said he could cut and bend a green one now but it would take two years to season. If you don't mind a long wait he'd be happy to start it. He also suggested the alu ones are probably the best working crooks...
  12. bullmastiff


    Apparently the max distance a 50 cal will theoretically travel is 8800 metres....
  13. bullmastiff


    Can't find anyone whose shot .50bmg over 2500 metres, that's 75 metres hold over. 50 cal definitely wins in the distance stakes! Basically it's pure luck and a good spotter calling you on target
  14. bullmastiff


    Hold over for a .338 lapua not too far off 120 metres.... Basically dropping it in like a morter round!