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  1. I'll contact him and get some photos
  2. IA friend of mine makes them. Wiltshire ram's horn crooks etc. He's carved some fish from burr wood. All the scales are carved in by hand. There pretty expensive from 150-300 depending on how long it took to make but top notch sticks. I can get you some photos/prices if your interested?
  3. Great photos sean . It was another cracking weekend! Great to see some familiar faces back again and nice to meet some new ones. Thanks again to everyone involved, we had a blast
  4. Me fishing (If they come) Emily to take over my peg when I hit the cider early again! Lisa and James not fishing.
  5. Put me down for a spot. Don't know if the families coming or not yet, Lisa's trying to swap weekends at work..
  6. As you know from the last trip, it was a great experience and bloody good fun but none of our dogs knew what they were hunting for!! Lol I think J's dog hit 1.8km on the garmin at one point then we realised it was tracking a fox! One of the bullcrosses had a run on an Ibex (which would of cost a fortune if it had got caught!) and when a Roe broke cover all hell let loose!! The lads with dogs doing it already that might lead the others don't need to go all the way to spain to get another! Saying That, if i had the dog to do it with still, I'd probably have another crack!
  7. I believe so. I doubt their cheap though! She did a school building cake for a retiring head master once. Apparently it was amazing. She's done a salmon too for another fisherman.
  8. To be fair to some, the photos of the cut don't really show the depth of it so it's hard to make a 'diagnoses' from a couple of pics. I saw the cut not long after it was done and the whole stopper was separating from the leg. Much worse than the photos imply. I dont think glue would of held properly and most staples you'd use wouldn't of got in under the stopper properly. So there was only two real options, leave it or stitch it. If you left it then you'd of been looking at at least 8 weeks if not longer before you could trust it not to split again whilst the dogs running and puts it
  9. An acquaintance of my wife is an artist and also makes cakes so we thought we'd get her to make one for the father in laws 60th birthday cake. He's an avid carp fisherman so what better to do than a carp! Can't believe how well she did, It looked bloody amazing so I thought I'd share it on here!!
  10. All paid up. Cheers again to everyone for another amazing year! Congratulations for organising another stunning comp Kev Could you thank the owners from me please, I was a bit hung over when I left and forgot to say thank you for having us. That photo of me must of been fairly early in the match, I've still got most of a bottle of Cider left! I'll still drinking the bloody stuff now... bit sharper than previous years I think....
  11. Slight change of plan for me . Lisa has to work Saturday now, so I'll be spending Friday with the missus then heading down Saturday. As you lot will be off fishing, I'll probably find a pub to watch the Rugby then meet up in the afternoon.
  12. F*ck all use me bringing prepared food, I'm a shit cook and the wife's even worse so I'll bring the usual 20 litre box of cider with me. Pretty sure everyone enjoyed it last time.
  13. Put me name down, I've managed to convince the missus that spending our anniversary with you drunken lot in the heart of Devon is better than a meal out with just me for company!
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