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  1. I have a terrier real bad hair skin round the same place goes bald and I tried ivomec and that stinky stuff and steroid creams nothing worked but what worked for me was salmon oil added to food wee dogs coats shining b and m 2 bottles for 10 or 15 quid have all the dogs on it now and notice a better coat on all of them
  2. I've No legs lost them I'm an armchair hunter...still wouldn't buy the stick tho
  3. 400 quid a stick that's ridiculous for a stick with a head glued to it daylight robbery ...i'd of let him keep them once I come out of shock
  4. 3 to 8 year old and are good workers that's when you get the best out of them they know there job most lurchers will get knocked up through there life and there injuries will start showing older they get they'll slow down but what they lack in speed theyll make up for it In fieldcraft
  5. What a complete waste of time some man getting convicted over running a rabbit which back in the day would of fed many a family half the ones says it's cruel there granny grandas older folk reared on game reared on rabbits people keep saying this country's fked it's completely fked there's people with f**k all using food banks to live living off handouts from the government but for talks sake some man knocking his bollocks in grafting might not have a penny tried to fed his family to get by gets a conviction ..young kids now getting a lurcher a terrier walking fields day and night with the
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