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  1. gunter


    Il get some sent through of parents and pups i dont really like them there quite small was going to try one but my hounds are quite a bit bigger
  2. gunter


    My friend bred his beagle she had 8 pups hes 2 or 3 spare if any body is intrested little foot beagles the sire and dam are used for foxes and hunting out cover
  3. If a full welsh bitch never breed away from hounds but was thinking of putting a gwp over her was just wondering what there like at hunting beating cover etc would they bring anything to the table a good hound wont ... if youve a good hound you wont need pointer in it either
  4. Good place to ask whats a pure gwp like at hunting cover and stuff would they be a good cross to put into a hound for hunting foxes
  5. Thats the set up there.... get away on bangers
  6. O yes ive used them just not forty mile worth in a night you should get a wee cart and do taxi runs youll be making a fortune doing the airport runs lol youll have enough to have an electric car then..road runner meep meep
  7. Lol we used to walk about 10 miles id say to near the back of a town and head back the other side prob left at about 8 come back at half 4 5 in morning thank feck for cars lol
  8. Ya wouldnt have a sole on your boots
  9. Can feed a good un as well as you can feed a bad un
  10. I was stoned and slightly confused myself haha
  11. Nice type of lurcher them very nice
  12. Will it kill 10 rabbits one after the other and kill dead things

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    Springer bitch 2 year old nothing done with her needs some work done with


  14. Springer bitch View Advert Springer bitch 2 year old nothing done with her needs some work done with Advertiser gunter Date 14/04/22 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  
  15. Ive a dog on atm out of a roberts bitch to a powell dog hes had about 13 14 digs he was easy started but was a slow little dog but every dig hes been going forward and on his animal hes a rough dog
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