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  1. Baby back spare ribs for tonight. Being on low and slow since 11 this morning.
  2. good post and very important. my kids were taken to the swimming baths from when they were babies. all are good swimmers and very confident in water. still need a bit of common sense though to go with it.
  3. looks mint dytkos. really good job.
  4. phase 2. buffalo chicken wings and marinated drum sticks
  5. just put a chicken tikka kebab on the BBQ rotisserie in preparation for a family get together this afternoon ready for the game. buffalo chicken wings and drumsticks will go on next after this has done its thing.
  6. no age at all. sad that is for his family
  7. ye very soft. same as the penalty
  8. . but how good did that young Dane strike that ball? was a good goal for sure. swings n roundabouts
  9. well done England. played well enough. not as though they havnt had some decisions go against them in the past! its football lads. thats life. enjoyed the game . good luck to them in the final
  10. couple of beer while watching the game.
  11. Having couple while watching the match
  12. R.I.P. Mr Winch. was a real Gentleman.
  13. cracking stuff Arry. i allways have a bottle in . i think its the best value rum on the market. can be bought regularly for £20
  14. single malt i made. lightly oaked on jim beam oak chips. its very nice.
  15. ya not tried plugging some ear phone into tv, KD? wife's uncle it deaf as a post but manages to pic some sound with the ear phones and tv turned up.
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