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  1. fecking hell you've had more hits than the beatles.
  2. ive done my own for over 20 years. not much left anyway lol. my uncle is in his 60s and has the Freddie Boswell look at the moment. sheep shears would do him the world of good.
  3. nice thought but You do know R.K has being dead since 2006
  4. 3 month off the drink ive had my first few tonight. jim beam double oak. damn tasty it is too. have a good weekend everyone.
  5. yes i can remember a few. little jimmy thackeray liked the chickens.
  6. remember the bangla charts. some right characters in there for sure. Tommy Finley was the last to have it that i remember. good friend had the Newburn hotel but he is sadly passed now.
  7. was that a plane that went into the Pentagon or a hologram too?
  8. tortilla press should be just the ticket for chipaties
  9. kit beer has come on a long way from the days of the "boots" kits. ive done some lovely stout kits in the past. Coopers, Simply stout kits turn out good beer imo. i brew all grain but still do the odd Coopers stout now and then because.... well.... its damn good.
  10. my old man had one of them c90s. he did night shift so i used to play the nick from school and take his scooter up the heaps when he was in bed. they were tough things. couldn't knack it lol.
  11. anything from 3.5 to 11 or so. good beer is good beer regardless of strength.
  12. parish boundaries have it outside. Seems durham County Council dont look after Hartlepool. its a strange one? MAPS.DURHAM.GOV.UK DCC Mapping application
  13. no idea chart. for some reason i always thought it was not County Durham
  14. have to agree with max on this. had Hartlepool as not in County Durham.
  15. Chick pea n sweet patato curry. Nice it was too.
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