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  1. was a good decision by his corner. he was shot. retirement now from boxing for him id say.
  2. antg

    England match

    feck me ya call a spade a spade these days and all hell brakes loose. wooosh
  3. antg

    Granddad today

    great news Arry
  4. the owld fella will be thinking "i hope it stays wet" im in lol
  5. id skip penn and teller. my son and brother in law went in to see them and they both said it was crap. waste of money
  6. ye ive being several times. its very expensive now. drinks in the casino if your gambling are free. just give the waitress a tip. one or two dollars is enough. have a look downtown to Fremont street if you get a chance., best on a night downtown as theres bands playing every night on Fremont street. you can buy beer in the shops and take them into the casino with you to drink. they dont mind that at all and it will save you a small fortune if like me you like a drink or two. take a look up the stratosphere tower. the view from the top is the best in vegas. hope you have a great time. oh and you can buy a bus ticket for $8 and its for 24 hours. get on and off as many time as you like. worth the money. theirs ticket machines next to the bus stops
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