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  1. didnt expect owt else from who was involved in making it. the reviews on amazon are stella
  2. antg

    Poor ole nora

    she died in april according to Nora Forster - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  3. smith never recovered from that knockdown early on. he was not right the whole fight after that. fair play to eubank. boxed well.
  4. good he here your the right side of the sod Keith.
  5. you will be right Ken. good luck for tomorrow. ?
  6. gawd they look good Kanny
  7. salad weather, too hot to cook.
  8. enjoying this lately. its a step up in quality to the standard JD no7
  9. then onto this. dont ever be put of by English whisky. this is a lovely easy drinker. very nice.
  10. had this in the fridge for ages. nice day so why not
  11. good luck Kieth. hope all goes well.
  12. sad to see this. Top Lady for sure. R.I.P.
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