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  1. id like to ask out of the people on here who has being jabbed, how has things being going? no third ears yet? all ls well?
  2. Enjoying a wild turkey in the sun with a few tunes on the radio.
  3. not a bad drop this.
  4. bangers n mash for tea today.
  5. 12.5 hours on them . had to try a bit for quality control. its a let it cool overnight and shred it up in the morning ready for the family to enjoy.
  6. Just put these on the BBQ. Low and slow cook for 10 hours or so. Some nice pulled pork for a family gathering.
  7. just got out of hospital this morning and this for tea. haggis n bits n bobs. better than the shit served up in there
  8. nice weather so done chicken tikka on the BBQ with some corn on the cob. it was delicious.
  9. as has being said, terrible. no age that at all.
  10. they look grand Kanny
  11. today im cooking some malted barley with some nice hops. hopefully the end result will be some nice beer to consume over the next month or two
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