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  1. The Plug Seedbank Baklava | Attitude Seedbank WWW.CANNABIS-SEEDS-BANK.CO.UK Sale of Baklava Cannabis Seeds by The Plug Seedbank. Make sure to check out our website for the best deals...
  2. My Eldest daughter gifted me this bottle as a thank you for her wedding day past friday. its really nice bourbon for sure.
  3. peasant food but lovely
  4. big sentences getting handed out up this way for it. i know of one last year got caught with a kg transporting and he got a 14 stretch. first timer too. that fella 2nd offence must be a right Alfie
  5. Sam Brown is fantastic in this. one a my favorites too.
  6. same age as me when i was having trouble. only advice i can give is keep ya chin up bud and try not to read too much into it. w.w.w. is a great thing but can fuxk up ya head reading this and that.
  7. antg

    Weed ;)

    im not so bad [BANNED TEXT]. thanks for asking. hope alls well with you too. grand daddy purple ... note taken.
  8. antg

    Weed ;)

    what would you lads say is a good indica to grow? im after one to help me sleep. i cannot seem to get much at moment
  9. just spat my tea when i clicked on the linq and scrolled down. hahaha ffs
  10. antg

    Weed ;)

    i was just reading Germany had just passed a bill to legalise cannabis. starts on april 1st. only a matter of time for the rest to follow. imo
  11. antg

    Weed ;)

    send it here @mackem ill test it for ya. could do with a proper nights kip
  12. thanks. ye not the end of the world. i ended up having a bit of a breakdown a few month after being told. me old man, my brother in law also terminal and me. it just all got on top of me. the minds a cruel thing at times
  13. my old man and i were both diagnosed last year with PC. wouldn't wish it on anyone. last year was the worst of my life and ive had one or two of those believe me.
  14. costa blanca view this morning.
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