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  1. spot on max. i think theres a trial scheme going on in middlesbrough at moment were their giving some heroin addicts free medical grade heroin and its stopping some of them commiting crime to pay for their habit. it was first done in Canada some years back and was then trield here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tees-49988727
  2. were self isolating in our house. this is the forth time. my daughter had corvid in april last year and was pretty poorly. in bed for a fortnight but recoverd well. i was really worried about catching it as i have a suppressed immune system due to medication i take and a few other health conditions. i contracted corvid in october and had bad guts, headache loss of taste/smell and coughing.took me 5 weeks to get over it. honestly i felt like id dodged a bullet! got a text of nhs 4 weeks later telling me i had to isolate as id tested posative when i had not being tested again! my wife tested pos
  3. theres a common name brought up in the previous posts......Mcdonalds! too many of them popping up all over the place selling their shit.
  4. its a nice beer that.
  5. ya left a pube in the top right on ya plate?
  6. antg


    mirtazapine? work a treat.
  7. antg

    Bad backs

    @Blackmag. sounds muscular. as has being said a chiropracter should help you. ive had back trouble for over 20 years now. take morpine twise a day for it and when im really bad im on crutches to get about. i find swimming helps but thats a no go at moment with pools shut.
  8. Class. Happy new year music friends.
  9. ey theres a bit up here near pontop pike. not bad though.
  10. enjoyed todays offering as much as yesterdays christmas dinner
  11. whisky tonight. just a couple
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