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  1. hiya guys, its getting to that time of year , so i thought that id put on a fresh ad . quite a few of you will already know about these , but for those that dont. mk1 and mk3 locator pouches , theyre made from nice quality leather , and all have belt loops , that can be attached or taken off in seconds . theyre a cracking piece of kit , as im sure previous customers will agree. mk1 pouches = £14.00 mk3 pouches = £17.00 all prices include free postage. if youd like one , or would like any more info , just drop me a pm. cheers guys edited to add , we have a few in stock at the moment , but they tend to go pretty quickly.
  2. mel b

    Chainsaw Milling

    hiya ant , ive sent you a pm mate.
  3. *******price reduction ******** the bears are now £45.00 posted. bears nos 17 , 19 , 27 . are now sold guys. the cut off point for christmas delivery is fast approaching , so if you would like a bear , dont hang around. if you buy a bear , we can gift wrap it for you free of charge.
  4. weve got plenty of these made and ready to go guys , treat yourself for christmas. .
  5. mel b

    He's A Little Charmer

    good god , whats happening to the country ?????.
  6. mel b

    Ferreting With Woodga And Kids

    feck me redneck , i cant believe that colin got you anywhere near a spade , i remember the time that you waited for a week for me to come over and dig one of your collars out because you were too lazy to dig it yourself , mind you , having seen you dig , you put me in mind of a chicken scratching in the dust .
  7. hiya guys , heres a few new bears , plus the ones that we still have in stock. soft suede / leather collectors bears , theyre hand made and of extremely high quality(im sure that previous customers can vouch for this) , all bears have five way cotter pin joints , and real glass eyes , each bear is unique and will never be copied (by us) , the bears make a fantastic and unique gift , the bears are between 8.5" and 14" tall , and come boxed. we know from experience , that as we move nearer to christmas , demand will outstrip supply again , so , if you want one of these bears , youll need to buy it sooner rather than later to avoid dissapointment, we understand that this isnt always convenient , so we will happily put any of the bears on hold for a couple of weeks for a £10.00 deposit. £55.00 each , with free postage . (we sell them at up to £65.00 plus postage on the auction site and other outlets)so buying them here will give you a considerable saving. warning . these are collectors bears , and although they make a fantastic gift for a child to have and collect , they are strictly not childrens play bears.
  8. Another new batch has just been made guys.
  9. mel b

    Photon Ir ?

    i changed from a t20 to a t50 and it improved things quite dramatically .