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  1. I love icecream , but it's one of those things I rarely eat. I think I need to pop to the icecream factory in tywyn.
  2. Top marks for perfect plate to food ratio. It looks delicious .
  3. Feck me that icecream looks good .
  4. Funny enough , I upset my mrs on Saturday, and she cooked me fairkal for tea
  5. Cheers mate. I'll have a look . Do you find it a decent lamp?.
  6. I see that up at my woodland in Wales. When the pheasant poults are taken to the release pens , it's not unusual to see 20 to 30 , red kites, buzzards , and ravens , all circling together. Its quite an impressive thing to see. Took these pics yesterday at my woodland. 3 great tit chicks, and 7 pied flycatcher chicks. I've got about a dozen nest boxes, all with chicks in . I intend putting more up for next year.
  7. Cheers Greg . I'd looked at those ones when I was having a mooch around the net . They look great , but some of the reviews( especially the leaking) had me a bit worried mate. The sad thing , is that I've come across loads of them over the years , but threw them away, as I never thought I'd need one .
  8. Morning lpd. Will that lamp of yours burn citronella oil ?. I'm looking for a storm lamp that'll burn citronella oil , to help keep the midges away , when I'm sitting outside at night in my woodland. They aren't too bad so far this year, but some years they're a nightmare.
  9. mel b


    I've often said that being a bummer would make life much simpler mack. You could have sex whenever you want to , because no bloke ever said no to sex. You could have the football on whenever you wanted to , because no bloke ever wanted to watch the sewing bee instead . You could have a beer whenever you wanted to , because no bloke ever said no to a beer. Yep , as long as you don't mind taking it up the chuffer from time to time , life would be much easier . I always wore a watch( i never had a very expensive one though), I lived my life by it . But the day that m
  10. mel b


    Latent homosexuality . It's all that fruit you eat for breakfast .
  11. A politician speaking the truth . It'll never catch on y'know. Nigel farage is saying what every , right minded , and decent , person is thinking .
  12. A very similar thing happened to my mate on a holiday in Spain with the lads. He just completely vanished without a trace. They found him three days later in a brothel , coke coming out of his ears , and 9k lighter .
  13. Naked ?, or , fully clothed ? . Just asking for a mate .
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