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  1. Translated into English - shut up mate
  2. Guest on French TV Show Said That Celine Dion and Other Celebs Take Adrenochrome ... and Mass Media Lost It | The Vigilant Citizen VIGILANTCITIZEN.COM The French TV show "Touche Pas à Mon Poste" invited Gérard Fauré aka "the ex-dealer of Paris" to... Suuuuuuuuuuure……….
  3. f**k you fanny baws any more of it and you’ll get slapped aboot wae a bit of square sausage like the wee lassy that you are ya f***ing diddy ride
  4. Reality is there hardly experts are they amateur enthusiasts at Best, Seen one commenting on a badger eating a badger and saying it was a fox they were seeing …. But on the other hand you have reputable outdoor people having sworn they’ve seen them game keepers farmers and the likes so not all whackos that can’t tell the difference from a fox and a house cat mate
  5. Can’t all be wrong in what there seeing …. But there does need to be some photo or video evidence too seal the deal so too speak
  6. Probably using up the last of the covid vaccines so they don’t go to waste …. Wouldn’t trust them as far as you could throw them mate
  7. There’s only one solution left ….. UNITE THE CLANS
  8. In 2009, the paedophile, Jimmy Savile was interviewed under caution by police in Surrey and Sussex. Subsequently, the police referred 4 cases to the CPS alleging that Savile had raped at least three learning disabled girls under the age of 16. The CPS, after receiving the files from the police, refused to prosecute Savile, and dropped the claim, citing 'insufficient evidence'.. After Savile's death, and despite multiple attempts at high level cover ups, we now know he abused at least 500 known victims over a four decade period. Why am I sharing this with you? Why sho
  9. that just smells of…… “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Lesser of evils ffs how can you just keep voting on a system that’s already broken and un fixable just keep doing the same old same old and you’ll keep getting the same old results
  10. Just contradictive as usual francie …. That’s why we are in this mess people thinking one party are better than the other or vote for tories because there bad but not as bad as labour f**k the lot of the politicians there all corrupt scum playing us like fools …. People stand together as one and demand change instead of point scoring like wee school girls in the play ground
  11. Come on Fd only one person around here running scared and hiding in a bunker …… greymans gonna get ya greymans gonna get ya
  12. more people are awake than you realise most or dumb founded …. This is all just a show for sheep to wake up and see the corruption first hand …. The new financial system is already up and running now along side the old fiat central bank scam system we are entering a new era shortly mate bare with it first more bad things must play out for these walking sleeping tablets to wake up and smell the coffee all will end well mate ….. we are entering a 1000 years of peace god wins francie
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