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  1. Need to let your body breath, 4-5 meals a day is clogging it up but hey that’s what the health experts tell you to do ….. ain’t a wonder diseases are through the roof
  2. Tbf to katch he’s got a point your probably the most contradictive wet welly on this forum
  3. 4:15 and still daylight aswell normally pitch black at this time of the year from 3 clock onwards
  4. Was a non conspiracy theorist posting on fb near me as it’s not normally a flight path nearest airports 40 mile either direction
  5. Was thick fog for most of the day not long lifted blue clear skys but n the morning as you can see
  6. Some amount of planes flying at the one time
  7. Wild fires = emergency money from the government - where does the does the money end up think Ukraine same example
  8. Proofs in the pudding as they say
  9. Head first in You went son come on now we’ve all seen your comments on Fitbaw on the other thread …. You could write what you know about Fitbaw on the back of a postage stamp with a permanent marker ffs
  10. The team to beat I’m sure France Spain Brazil and Italy would have something to say about that ??
  11. All governments in the western world are c**ts !! And for. you ……. Well
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