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    Right, as there have been a few threads where the problems in dear old Blighty have been the subject of conversation it has obviously been on my mind....... And I have come to a conclusion....... SALAD !! i was in a little Italian coffee shop in darkest Clerkenwell in dear old London Town today waiting for my sausage sandwich and cup of tea..........and as I waited a constant stream of bearded skinny metro sexual types, sporting beards that had more work put into them than the Sistine chapel and talking in that f***ing annoying voice that always sounds happy and enthusiastic about everything we’re going in and out and they all ordered salad of some sort....... So, with my very un trendy lunch order I was sat outside enjoying my tea and John Player Special and it occured to me....... As men have eaten more salad over the years, so the country has gone down the bog!! We have gone from a nation of beef chomping warrior gentlemen to a nation of lettuce eating skinny c**ts who wouldn’t say boo to a goose and worry about “feelings” and go to “the gym” f***ing salad........you have destroyed this once great country !
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    Here’s an old pic of Sal 3/4 dh grey out of BDs stuff ....I knocked some amount of gear over with that bitch ....she was a decent honest bitch that loved her graft ....PTB s TRigger was put over her that produced Tigger he will be about 8-9 months in that pic ...This is the dog I strive to replicate what an animal and produced some very good stuff and everything we run now a days goes back to him with some tight breeding ....Razor was put over his daughter that produced some special animals and we are waiting for another bitch out of him out of a brother and sister mating Tigger x Rosie to be covered by a very decent bull cross hopefully this mix turns out well . I liked my deerhounds but adding that saluki type to the mix just gave you that little bit more and the lads that had the saluki stuff said adding the dh blood gave that little bit more ....the drive in these dogs is a bit special and you can give them some stick . its a pity there’s not a lot of pure deerhounds really being tested
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    Your not to far from me mate. The only thing about here is if any young lad went out like that he would get a severe kicking. And that would be from the parents lol Atb j
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    they do my head in these lads today,,,there like clones...beard ,,short back and sides..side parting...jeans that should be on a 10 year old girl...and no socks to finish the look
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    I have those moments Viz. I'm still having one to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I love the r10. I've never had a pcp that fits so well but it's lifeless. I had the same feelings about the 100 and the s410. If I was a pest controller and it was my living then it would be a tool but it's a hobby and you can't beat the feeling of clicking with a Springer.
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    After looking at that pic I would give anything to have that dog again he certainly doesn’t look like that anymore ....he’s a broken old warrior lying in front of the fire enjoying a well deserved retirement.....it’s not easy watching dogs getting old
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    I mean think about it, back in the days of Richard the lion heart or Henry the Eighth they would sit down to gargantuan feasts of everybtype of Roast meat and then f**k every tart in sight and cut a bloody swathe wherever they went...... Later on the lords would hold giant shooting days, sit down and eat a whole Red stag then trot off to give Jonny foreigner a good kicking...... Lad full to the brim of bully beef stormed up the beaches of Normandy to deliver death and destruction to the hun..... Grim faced men who ate nothing but steak and chips on a Tuesday swam 8000 miles to the Falklands and destroyed greasy spicks to work off some steam...... Now!......f***ing now........creatures with the dietary requirements of a rabbit go on bonding retreats and use face cream ! pricks !
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    Go and stand in the f***ing corner until you have come to your senses !
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    Not even that windy here but the what there is is bitterly cold, thoughts genuinely go to homeless an folk with no heating an that
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    Hence the term wet lettuce the nations men seem to be losing their edge I go to a motorcycle show every year at tobacco dock run by Bike Shed and it's full of those types you have just described tossers of the highest order.
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    Went to see a mates litter of pups again today at about 6 weeks old they are bouncing around full of beans. I know one or two are going to people off here in the next few weeks and I have no doubts when they see the pups now they will be happy folks. Be great to hopefully see how the pups grow over the summer months and work in the future, got a few staying locally including with the dam and sires owners and the rest going further afield to working homes. Unfortunately not in a good position for a pup myself at the moment despite losing my old bouvier bitch recently ,otherwise this last little bitch would have been coming with me. Be good to see her head to a working home as both parents are crackers and the sire is very well breed and my dad rates him highly, I have seen the bitch work and she is very impressive if anyone can offer her a good working home get in touch, otherwise she may well be heading for a pet home, which given her parents would be a shame in my eyes atb
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    To go out in this bitter weather? I wanted a rabbit but when I got one I was soon off for home ! U.
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    I know mac it was heavy enough as it was but now iv got this on il have to start at the gym so i can cope with it.
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    That rifle is like mine is to me if i had to sell all my rifles i would but the hw100 would stay where it is id even let the raider go and i love them old girls Them vipers are heavy Nap had one years ago and it add some wait to the rifle But feck do they look goooooood atvbjimmy
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    Just thought id share a pic of one of my ole Russells since I came across it in the album..
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    We’re almost in March the Hares are getting frisky that’s why your more likely to see groups of them.
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    Where I live mate, they could look like Boy George........they would still smell of cattle and silage ! Lol
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    they do a 16shot mag for the .177 now Phil and you'll still get about 200 shots with the streamline.... after swapping to .177 for ease of mag filling from the wc im not sure ill go back to .22 for the rats! them express pellets are propper forgiving compared to .22 atb si
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    No confusion here mate, life is about layers...... it seems to go like this Proper chaps Melts Shitcunt Dogs “Ah wells” To me it’s a fairly simple equation...... Copper Nicks peado= proper chap copper nicks bank robber= “Ah well” Copper hands out ticket dressed like John Mcalise= Melt Traffic Copper screeches up at a 100mph and pulls you over like a swat team for no seatbelt while someones house is getting burgled = shitcunt dog ! I think that covers it !
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    I always use a 1pc mount on my HW100, I like the way it clamps to both sections of the action. I've got a 30mm Sports match mount here that I'm not using - that measurement on it is 17mm - if that'll give your objective lense enough clearance, you can have it mate. ........ It'll work well with your set up
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    If anybody wants chicken carcass's in the south somerset area.give me a month and i will have about 40kg.they come to me just freshly boned but i will freeze them.
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    Russians must be pissing themselves at us right now. They wouldn’t need their superior fire power to take us out.., a couple of f****n snow machines would bring us to our knees. Brings a whole new meaning to the ‘cold war’.
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    Maybe the salad is secretly impregnated with oestrogens ?
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    OK, here's my take on this....... The younger generations of men are definitely being feminised, and I think the reason behind it is blindingly obvious - a lack of suitable suitable male role models ! During their formative years, boys are now influenced predominantly by women......... The rise in the numbers of both single mothers and absent fathers means that the amount of time boys spend with a positive male figure is decreasing. There is no male role model to teach boys how to change a plug or use a hammer, for instance. Preschool boys are at home with mum, who he sees performing housework, doing her make up and hair etc. He doesn't see men doing what was once seen as "men's jobs". And it's no better when he reaches school age. Early educational years are still spent almost exclusively with women - female nursery and primary school teachers - few men teach at this level, as they've become seen as somehow 'odd' or a paedo risk. OnTV, anyone you might think of as a 'mans man' is tucked away into the late night schedules, well out of harm's way. Fill the screens with muscle-bound, preening narcissists, instead. Women's disposal income, generally, is increasing and this means more advertising aimed at them, subliminally seeping into a boy's subconsciousness. There are some men now appearing in make-up ads - horrifying to my generation - but a logical conclusion, when you think about it ! The number of feminised men on TV increases, and.........surprise, surprise.........so does the number we see ! I'm not saying that female influence is a bad thing - far from it - but a balance has been lost - the line between male and female is becoming blurred.......in every way !!
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    Sound les i will, Itl be on thursday when i go pal
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    I would go to the big tree first till about 9 then go to alans and ask tom to help you shut the doors fast so take your torch with you napper
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    Roses tattooed on their hands and swallows on their necks but not a single tattoo anywhere else on them.
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    Marks and Spencer is the place to go for normal jeans None of this skinny, hanging round your arse crap.
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    Was pics of a bus coming through camp centre sideways earlier on on fb I wiped out a few times before I even got to the moors( tank roads) wouldn’t have liked to got much further haha an on way back only a few miles I drove past 3 cars abandoned an a disco stuck whilst trying to pull a van off pavement major melt down for a feet a snow
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    It's not just London wilf. Its over here too. Their more like women than men with all the time it takes them to get ready and keeping up to date with the latest fashion. Not to say anything of them watching their weight like little teenage girls. Sickening to see them Atb j
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    Gritters stuck in sunderland
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    It was a very odd experience today, now I have been managing to do a fairly good impression of a normal nice bloke for over 20 years now but I had this real urge to do violence to a couple of these wankers today.........in my minds eye I saw their heads smashing through the plate glass window and felt a real glow of satisfaction !! Very strange !!........London isn’t good for me, must be the air !
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    Ive thought for a bit hill walkers ect should have to take out insurance , one slip etc the cost of recovering them is astronomical it would stop the ill prepared ones going out with no protective clothes and trainers
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    And the clothes they wear is ridiculous. Skinny jeans and tight tee shirts. Was shopping for some clothes last week and bearly found a proper pair of jeans. Atb j
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    No snow here yet but this afternoon they did bring a dead body down from glencoe. Been missing for 2 weeks and at tea time heard some other guy is lost on the ben. Its f***ing baltic out there. Poor b*****d.
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    Since late afternoon its been snowing heavy must be 6-8 inches now and its still going
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    I nearly hit one in car last night was sat in road eating a dead rabbit at one o’clock this morning during a serious snow shower, must be hungry a reckon???
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    Think yourself lucky, the crime rate in my village has gone through the roof, for three years it was 0 offences, last December it rose sharply to 1 a minor public order offence, god knows what this country is coming to ffs
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    all mine have got Hawke scopes on them viz but the only one iv got with an amx is the airmax 4-16x50 looks ok on a pcp! best scope ive got is an endurance 5-15x50 its not a bad weight its clear and a fair bit shorter.. half mil though
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    Had the big digger out with the ice bucket today clearing roads up and around where I live . Looking good now, I love the snow, makes my garden look like everyone else’s !
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    I had a 3-9x50 non so hawke vantage but it had normal Mil-Dot ret !
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    The mount does look sound on yours jon
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    Thats realy good of you jon, il see how i go on with this scope for a few outings then il let you know if im keeping it, thanks again pal, great offer that.
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    Pao have bad reviews Phil, can’t get away with the eye relief on the connect mate,
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