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  1. My wife has been shooting clays for many years but over the last twelve months she is feeling the recoil so much more so I have switched her from 28gr to 21gr which has made a huge difference to her pleasure of shooting. I took a few of her 21gr cartridges to try on the pigeon and have to say, they bring them down just as well as my normal 29gr but so sweet to use. I will also say that I have used these on Olympic Trap clays which are both very fast and going away from the shooter and these little cartridges smash the clay very well indeed. A good friend of mine who is a keen game shooter switched to 21gr for all his shooting because of a shoulder injury which caused quite a bit of pain during shooting but the switch allowed him to enjoy his shooting without a drop in bag size. The 21gr are well worth a try. My regular shooting partner decided to buy a 20 gauge o/u just because he fancied one. His budget was not so high so he bought a Kofs 28'' o/u multichoke and loves it. I must say that I have not tried it yet but he has used it for decoying and walked up and expressed how light and comfortable it was to shoot. If my memory serves me correctly, I think the gun was less than £450. He also advised me that there was no excessive recoil either but not sure what cartridges he was using but I do know that he had an operation on the shoulder so is sensitive to recoil. It is a pity you are so far away as I am sure my wife would let you try her gun / cartridge combination and I know my pal would also let you try the 20 gauge, oh well. https://www.kofs.com.tr/en/product-group/4 I wish you well in your search Phil
  2. My uncle had a fruit and veg business so any spuds looking a touch ropey were my ammo along with the allotment my grandfather had. Loads of ammo and boy did we use it. About 1960-63.................... what a time we had. Then the Gat being the start of air guns for me, a bloody long time ago when I think about it. First shotgun at the age of 14, oh my...... thats 54 years ago, you would think I could hit something by now Phil
  3. Oh we are opening the old memory box here boys, some good memories as well. Do you remember spud guns...................oh my lord they were fun shooting my kid sister in the rear as I hid behind a bush in the garden. Phil
  4. Looking forward to picking my Gat up Si now that you have tweeked the trigger mate, thank you. Phil
  5. You need to talk to Si Brown Dave Phil
  6. Every day is a school day..................again but bit by bit it is starting to sink in. Phil
  7. Forgive my ignorance on the subject but as I am reading up on such matters and learning here, I got the impression that .22-250 had more recoil than others in this group or is it me that has got that wrong. Phil
  8. Your sample pellets should be with you tomorrow Daniel. Phil
  9. We mixed the peanuts with a little wheat to enhance 'slide' and maize but our squirrels have turned their nose up at the maize to the point that the feed tray was full of unwanted maize. Our feeders due to their size only need filling every 5 or 6 days but for the time being we have to keep popping in the wood to clear the maize. I have just mixed a new dustbin of feed but this time drastically reduced the maize. When all the nuts have gone, we are going to just run maize / wheat for a while to see if over time they will take the maize mix. Off up there this morning before the rain comes and there in excess of 1500 pigeon resting and roosting in the trees as they lift off the rape in the next field. Phil
  10. Some interesting facts about the .204 which I will be totally honest and say I knew nothing about or any centre fire for that matter so every day is a school day. About 4.5mins into the video show the performance figures compared to .204, .223 and .22-250. Phil
  11. Not that long ago................................... Phil
  12. Budget Dave......... I looked at the Tikka Tx3 variations yesterday but they are almost twice the price of the Howa plus then a decent mod / scope which just blows it out of the water for me Dave. I can get a new Howa plus a Wildcat mod for £800 which may not be a Tikka but as I have said before, the pension only goes so far. If funds allowed, I would have a Tikka in a GRS stock and for that matter a GRS on my T1x as well. I have to put in for a slot on my ticket so a .223 and a .22lr semi while I am at it and may well buy s/h when one comes available at a price that suits me. Sorry Ben, I am hijacking your thread............................must stop doing that. Phil
  13. I am going up to see Si Brown and Jimmy as I am wanting to try Si's .223. I was looking at the Howa .223 yesterday in Forest Lodge Guns, Market Rasen, good value and sounds like a popular rifle but we will see. Phil
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