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  1. My wife's gun came with a mod already fitted and can be changed to whichever barrel is being used. Phil
  2. I watch with great interest. Phil
  3. Those eyes are saying........................OH yes so you think you can take it off me....................grrrr, just try it. Phil
  4. Yes but Mark thinks springers are good when really there are crap.....................................................................................................well I haven't had a slapping for a while
  5. One thing that struck me was the adjustable stock is a bit wobbly which does mean getting your face firmly set on the stock in the same position is not so easy. I think the NP02 is a better gun IMHO Phil
  6. I must confess my wife likes to shoot DTL and its good fun but I do get a bit grumpy if I completely miss a bird however it's a good warm up before I go on the Olympic Trap layouts, now those buggers are fast. I still shoot a bit of sporting especially at John Bidwell's shooting ground, High Lodge in Suffolk when we stay there. We are booked in for a week in October and I am rally looking forward to it. Try to use 1/2 choke for your first shot and no more than 3/4 for the second, if needed, thats all I use for all my trap shooting as does my wife and she is only using 21gr cartridges, jus
  7. Perhaps some clever lad on electronics may be able to do it but why would you when the NiteSite does it anyway. I used to shoot around 1000 rats per year at our dairy farm and both my buddy and myself used NiteSite as we are always scanning those dark corners and whilst my pal has 008 and 007 units and loves them, even he would not part with his NiteSite for ratting, far far easier to have a quick sweep of the rifle at waist height than near eye system. Phil
  8. True although I believe they have reformed the company with a slightly different name with a new range of near eye nv units, they are proberbly importing from China some 007 copy. Phil
  9. Don't feel stupid fella, I have used NiteSite Viper and Wolf for years and whilst I have not had your issue, these things can catch you out. Not so popular nowadays with all the Pard units out there and the company closed down a couple of years ago, there is someone on facebook who carrys a large stock of spares. I also use a Pard 007 but nothing beats the nitesite for ratting and scanning an area, I would not get rid of both my units, far too useful. Phil
  10. No idea, I don't know much about these guns. Phil
  11. Interesting development with this gun, I picked up another mod to help my buddy out but it was still spreading the group like a shotty. In fact we tested two hw mods which were no better although with no mod, it is pellet on pellet. I can only assume the thread of the barrel is sloppy which it feels like it all the way until it meets the rebate in the barrel where it goes solid BUT I am guessing the thread is badly cut. Needless to say the rifle is boxed up ready to go back next week. Phil
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