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  1. You are a gent Stav, please add my name to go in the hat . Phil
  2. I had a Rapid .22 fac and was guided Air Arms Heavy at 18gr and whilst they are made by JSB, their performance was better so if you stay with pellets, try them out. Phil
  3. I expected nothing less John, a collection to make us drool, I hear you bought the house next door to keep all your guns in ................................................ The Crossman would be my route as well SD. Phil
  4. Well I don't need to comment Mitch regarding Sportsman other than to say they are always posting guns for sale on Gun Trader which are not available and have no delivery dates. I challenged them and was told they don't put the adverts on, Gun Trader pop them on without asking .................................... utter boll0cks they should stick with Gaystate as they are both well matched.......................sh1t companies to deal with with no integrity. Phil
  5. My god Alsone you do take things too literally and to a greater extent miss the point of the comments. FX Impact has taken the hunting market by storm all over the world and become THE long range hunter in fac format, companies such as Gaystate cannot compete and so make a gun which is very much like the impact in order to try and take FX buyers and in the process copied points that make the Impact so bloody good. Gaystate in it's own usual manner have put rubbish electronics into a gun which is not needed, for example the silly chrono built into the mod FFS. If they simply manufactured a rifle that was built to perform and did so over a long period, I would say well done but they are nothing more than a joke in the air gun industry, ask the owners and see what they say. Phil
  6. I am not saying Gaystate should not make a bulpup, I said they have copied the Impact and patents are nowhere near ending. Phil
  7. I agree totally however I can see the fee if not linked to a co-terminus license with fac or agc being an attractive income but it will do nothing to control airguns and the whereabouts of the vast majority of airguns is unknown and will stay that way I am certain. There was a chap who worked for me whose 21 year old son was killed by a freak accident using an air rifle some 10 years ago which was tragic but the chap fully understood it was an accident and didn't agree that a license would have saved his son's life. Phil
  8. Thank heavens, common sense prevails Phil
  9. Well don't go into the light Phill, always look away from Gaystate or you will lose a couple of grand on worthless rubbish so DON'T LOOK INTO THE LIGHT Phil
  10. AND...................it won't either, work very well or for very long. Same old crap in a fancy package trying to pinch a potential FX buyer.
  11. After loads of critics saying how awful they are, a number of companies have done there best to copy them and now Gaystate have jumped on the bandwagen with the all new 'Delta Wolf' which will most likely be a load of crap but until everyone has sung it's praises (those who get one for free of course) until of course the market as a whole finds out that like most Gaystates it is not so good but we will see. Well it's in this months Airgun Shooter magazine https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/field-sports/airgun-shooter-magazine-subscription/ I wait with baited breath................................not Phil
  12. An airgun license for england has been talked about for a couple of years but I am not sure this will go any further as it was a huge mess in Scotland but there again look at the poison dwarf who is in charge of scotland. It is a huge task in England to impliment a license because there are thousands of guns around the country with no record of where they are. Personally, I have no issues in having a license as I have both shotgun and firearms licenses so one more is not a problem. Phil
  13. Have you fitted the power plenum Si. Phil
  14. Not sure if Ant Supplies is actually open of business. Phil
  15. Here you go Jimmy, there are several adjustable elevation / windage torch mounts which should do the job. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opticfire-Hunting-lamp-gun-scope-torch-mount-dovetail-weaver-picatinny-rail/162596985454?hash=item25db891a6e:g:TLMAAOSwlLBdAmxm On the torch I sent you, the zoom is altered buy unscrewing the lens unit to run from flood to spot beam. Phil
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