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  1. A good place to start is 'Clay and Game' https://www.claygame.co.uk/mec-600-jr-mark-5-pd150 Phil
  2. Welcome aboard Danny. When you say, help you, in what way. Are you wanting someone to zero the gun for you or advise on here. Phil
  3. You have a way with words meece, love it. Phil
  4. I know boys, such a shame but it will all come back to normal at some stage and with any luck, we will still be here to enjoy it. I just wish I had bought the HW57 when I had the chance then I would be laughing. Phil
  5. Just been having a few shots in the garden and I don't know if I am just feeling weak this morning but the trigger seemed heavier than it did the other day. With this in mind, I got out a set of fishing scales, not ideal I know but they are all I have available for now and the results were a bit of a surprise to say the least, 15 - 17lbs. Even if we make a small allowance for any inaccuracy in the scales, it is still bloody heavy. Definitely in need of a Si Brown touch of TLC. Phil
  6. This may help, look at your region and see the police statements on the subject. https://basc.org.uk/coronavirus/firearms/
  7. I totally agree with that. I have over the years bought a number of semi auto guns including old Brownings, Remington, Breda, Beretta, Hatsan and recently a Pietta and not one of them has ever been a problem and in most cases because they are 'run in' so to speak, they have been able to shoot and cycle light loads, ie 21gr shells such as Hull Comp-X which my daughter used some years ago. One s/a I tried and was a Benelli Raffielo (or something like that) which was really nice and the Beretta Multisport high rib which I used on Olymic Trap and that was amazing. Phil
  8. A friend of mine has one and likes it but it must be said that he also has a Beretta s/a (can't remember which model but only about a year old) and he says he prefers, just, the balance of the Beretta. Two rfd's I use both have said to me in the past when I was looking at Brownings that for reliability, there was nothing to touch the Beretta along with superb back up from GMK making the Beretta their favoured semi. Not my thoughts but these two rfd's made me stop the thought of buying a Browning s/a, in fact I didn't buy any as my wife was after a new gun so I thought I would wait a while Winchester have gained a better name with the latest model but to be totally honest, it would be Beretta for me but we are all different, I am just a Beretta lover. Good luck with your choice Ben. Phil
  9. To be honest meece, I have never tried them but would like to, any rcommendations. What range are we talking about with the shorts as a matter of interest. Phil
  10. RATTING the sport of kings, love it, nice one. Phil
  11. I don't think you would gain anything Meece as what you have does what you want and for you the only time a sub 12 air rifle would be better suited than your rifles is in very restricted areas such as inside buildings, large gardens etc. There is no doubt that a great deal of pleasure is gained by using an air rifle on quarry such as clearing rats from around pig / cattle pens or getting rid of ferals in buildings, don't forget that a modern pcp with a quality mod IS quieter than a 22lr even on subs. well I could go on but won't. Phil
  12. The screw behind the trigger moves the trigger back and forwards not trigger weight Mark, I tried it yesterday. I will have a look at bbs thanks. I am not happy with that power level for live quarry Shark to be honest but whilst it is not used for hunting, I would like it to be as good as possible. Phil
  13. Got an email from BASC this morning which really says very little and dances around the subject somewhat. Phil Coronavirus and shooting – an update After consulting the government, BASC has updated its advice for conducting essential pest control in the UK while the current Coronavirus restrictions remain in place. In line with the Prime Minister’s statement, when making a decision on whether or not to conduct essential wildlife management, you should consider: • Is the landowner, or person responsible for giving permission, happy for you to be on the land in the current crisis? • Can you maintain effective social distancing? • Is the management involved absolutely essential? • Is there a risk that your activities could result in the emergency services being called out? For example, someone reporting shots being fired. • Should you inform the local police in advance that you are going out? If you do, secure the reference number for the call. Everyone’s circumstances are different, so individual decisions will have to be made, although the onus will be on remaining off the land. So-called ‘recreational shooting’ or taking clients shooting are ruled out at present. Be aware that you should be able to justify your decision if you are challenged by the enforcement authorities, or you may risk a fine and may put your certificate at risk. BASC has published a number of FAQs around Coronavirus and shooting. These are on the dedicated Coronavirus page on our website.
  14. I have been playing with my son in laws BSF rifle that was given to him last year. It is in need of some tweeking with our Si hopefully able to make it sing sweetley again BUT whilst it is down on power and only in my cottage garden offering only 15mts, this rifle certainly performs well. I popped on a dovetail to weaver rail as the only scope I could use was my Mamba Lite which has weaver mounts and I couldn't be bothered changing them, not ideal but nevertheless good enough to pass some time in the garden as we can't go on any of our perms at this moment in time. If our Jimmy got his hands on this rifle, it would come back gleaming, I KNOW, and if I can buy it from my son in law, I will be asking me ole mate to work his magic when the weather turns crap next winter but in the meantime, it is putting a smile on my face. I spoke to Si yesterday regarding trigger weight as this is something that needs looking at but between us in the conversation we had, I am not sure where the hell the adjuster is, so that is something to think about. I ran a 10 shot string through the combro today using .22 JSB Exact RS pellets and the results are as follows:= 1. 9.46 fpe 564 fps 2. 9.40 562 3. 9.32 559 4. 9.26 558 5. 9.25 557 6. 9.25 557 7. 9.46 564 8. 9.42 562 9. 9.34 560 10. 9.46 564 Average 9.36 fpe 560 fps Here are a few photos of the old girl, no not my wife, the gun......................... The stock has some grain which having seen some of Jimmy's other work, I think it could come up rather nice. Far better than the varnish that is on although the wood is in far far better condition than the metalwork. Sorry last photo is crap, shakey hands. Phil
  15. Sorry to say but these guns can be prone to issues with the reg. Some people have no problems whilst other certainly do. I agree with Si, take it back, good luck and hope you get it sorted. Phil
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