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  1. Several tuning houses seem to have closed down and Phil Crampton's Ratworks in Leicester has a good name so it's a case of pays yer dosh and get the service. There is of course Blackpool Airguns who I believe have a service dept or perhaps worth phoning a few rfd's to see if they can do it for you. Is there a fault with the gun or are you thinking perhaps it's time to have a service. Phil
  2. These look seriously impressive Mitch.
  3. If this belonged to Bucket Boy Jeff, I would think it will be spot on. Phil
  4. Just seen an article on Pro Hunter Premium slugs for the sub 12 air guns which gives food for thought weighing in at just under 18gr but not sure if they are any good in the real world although may well suit my Wildcat fac at 30fpe, see what you think. Pro Hunter Premium High Impact .22 review WWW.AIRGUNMAGAZINE.CO.UK Hunters with sub-12 foot pound rifles no longer need to feel left out when it comes to slugs thanks to Pro Hunter’s new .22, as Mike Morton finds out. The last 18... Phil
  5. I have to say Ben that I am a huge fan of fac air, starting off with a Rapid mk2 .22 at 28fpe, a sound bit of kit, dislikes, weight and no air gauge meaning counting the number of mags to know what is left in the tank but a cracking hunter. Then moved to FX fac about 4 years ago with an Impact .25 dislikes......... I will let you know when I find one, feckin awsome gun I had two sub 12 Wildcats and loved them apart from the mags but then came the Mk3 with Superior barrel liner and the 18 shot (.22) sideshot magazine soooooo after selling some fishing gear, I bought a .22 fac 12f
  6. Cheers Mitch, I am of the same mind mate, HW it is. Phil
  7. Don't want another 3D printed mod as I have had to repair one very recently. A&M mods have a good name in sub 12 but no idea which would be needed for fac.
  8. A 2'' mod on the Wildcat is going to be overlapping the gauge I think although 110mm long sounds good ( the XL is 200mm long ) but does he have a website so I can see what is available as it could be a better bet for the Impact because there is room for improvement there although in open ground it makes little difference but the Wildcat is going to be used in other areas so getting the best result I can is high on my agenda. I have found only one reference to Paul Finch and that was someone selling one of his mods which was a 3D printed job, are all his made this way Mitch. Phil
  9. Just been to the dairy farm to try the mods inbetween the big sheds to see if there is much difference and to be honest the Weihrauch has the edge with better dampening. Do I think it is worth a ton extra to get that bit quieter ............................................................ hmmm, not sure that it is but I confess I do like this mod however now awaiting to hear more from Mitch regarding a mod made by Paul Finch. Interesting test and I popped off two ferals in the test so even better. Phil
  10. Where is he Mitch. You said the Weihrauch was the route to go so what is the score on this one.
  11. Moving on from my earlier thread regarding mod selection for the FX Verminator I was going to buy, well as most of you know that didn't happen and my order was switched to an FX Wildcat Mk3 in .22 fac. The gun arrived to my complete delight although typical Sportsman company, three weeks late and still awaiting delivery of the spare magazine , the gun is cracking although I have not had too much time to spend in the field with it so far but one thing I had hoped for was to run two pellet types, AA Field Heavy for normal hunting and JSB RS for closer ratting and to that end, the AA pellets at
  12. They do look lovely but what a pity they don't have a textured or chequered pistol grip, mine was a bag of shite and went back Hull Cartridge never to return or at least not to me but I found a destinct lack of grip, just me I'm sure but I would have the black soft touch any day of the week for the grip it gave. Phil
  13. I think when it comes to tuning and the investment made, if it brings greater pleasure to the owner, then that is what it is all about. A friend of mine and used to be on here used to tweek his hw100 rifles which gave him pleasure and as Mitch said they don't need much doing if at all, you have what you want C3PO. A very nice stock by the way. I wanted to have an Ultra to have a full tune some years ago and just as I was about to sort the date with Airtech, I was made redundant so it never got the treatment which was the same as Mitch had done to his................................. I
  14. Must have been using Daystate guns Phil
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