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  1. He was advised that the police don't make the court hearing and so one delay after another, all adding to the costs, I am repeating what his solicitor told him, well you can only afford so much and so he was advised not to proceed. I think it is a great shame, not just for my friend but for anyone in this position, in fact the rfd told my friend yesterday that they had ( I think ) 7 guys bringing their gear in to sell on as they just see the thin end of the wedge and big concerns about their medical situation, whatever that may be, deciding to call it quits and hand in their tickets and get o
  2. It will be a minimum of £5 - 6k even with his daughter handling the case, too much for him.
  3. I know what you are saying an yes he may be holding something back but we have talked in some depth an the two things the police said when they came to pick up all his stuff was that he lied on the application, I checked it and he didn't lie at all, also a medical reason but he has no bloody idea what the hell that is unless they regard angina as a reason nowadays. He is totally at a loss as to the reason given because it is not a qualified reason.
  4. Well we would like to think so Mitch and it may well be the case that all will be made clear, I know the solicitor has sent a letter and email stating the police have 7 days to respond so we will see. My friend accepts the decision as he feels despite the upset he feels an the stress it has caused him, it is simply not worth trying to fight them hence buying two sub 12 rifles yesterday. We have been out this morning to set up a new hide for him on one of our perms ready for a rabbit session and we will work our way round all the perms to evaluate what the best approach is with only the sub 12
  5. A bit early for the gin Deker.............. Phil
  6. I suspect you are right Mitch. I have been at the rfd today with my pal while he bought a sub 12 Crown .22 and a green stock HW100 .177. Now Mitch I know you like the lighter pellets in .22, Express / RS but what about .177 as my pal is thinking of light pellets again but I have not used them in the past in my .177 in fact my hw100 prefered bis mags to anything else. What do you think.
  7. It was stated on the radio the other day that the whole situation of gun licenses are being reviewed so goodness where that will go BUT we will no doubt find out sooner or later.
  8. Never heard of the 'Home office approved club' before, is that a national thing with many clubs or something different.
  9. NRA is not a bad idea Mitch, might have a look at that.
  10. One thing has struck me, my pal has had so many cock-ups with his fac in terms of getting things wrong, in fact I believe it was wrong on 4 occassions so the red mist I know has landed on him and his attitude has not always been friendly mainly due to frustration of the Firearms licensing dept getting things wrong, such as listing all someone else's guns on his ticket, missing guns altogether etc etc. On reflection and taking up what Stav said, I do wonder if his attitude to them has created enough of an issue they simply have said, screw you mate. It does make me wonder. Phil
  11. He HAS £20k legal cover and they said they cannot help, accept it and apply again in a few years.............. 'Same position' being license revoked all over the country.
  12. He has £20k legal cover but the company concerned, made one phone call then said there are loads of people on their books in the same situation, they cannot help. Not exactly what you expect from your provider. My friend has asked for further clarity but nobody seems able to advise what the issue was hence it is in the hands of the solicitor to establish the reasons and if he has f****d up, so be it but all I can tell you is seriously shocked by this and totally bewildered as to the cause for revoking his tickets. Phil
  13. I agree Stav and as no ban has been put in place, he can continue to shoot but not own guns. He has now accepted the decision as he has been quoted approx £5 - 6k if he took it to court and cannot afford that but at some time in the future he may want to apply again so it is important to establish the reasons and if they have any grounding. His shooting insurance company have said there are many hundreds of people going through the same thing, it is just a pity that he was not with C3 insurance as he would have had £100k of legal cover but even then would they have really fought for him,
  14. He has not been given the 'actual' reasons and has been in touch with the firearms dept who do not know so it is now with his solicitor to try to establish what the reason was. I have known him for many years and doubt he is not telling me certain information as he is so careful about anything to do with shooting and his conduct. Phil
  15. My close shooting buddy has had his shotgun and firearms licenses revoked and after a number of calls is not fully aware of the reason, with this in mind, his guns including his pride and joy, FX Crown .22 fac have all been trandferred to our local rfd to be sold. It is really sad as has been shooting from the age of 9 using a .410 shotgun on the farm where he was born. Moving on........ It is time to sort out his gear which we will do on Wednesday at the rfd, one of his Pard 008 units is going on my hmr rifle but more to the point he will be getting a new sub 12 which I think is going t
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