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  1. philpot

    British shooting show

    I think we were talking of Saturday Jimmy when you, Si and myself were talking a few weeks ago. It will be good to see you and Jess again Jamie. Phil
  2. philpot

    British shooting show

    Good man Jamie. Phil
  3. philpot

    British shooting show

    Not going to bother, some of us are going to the Northern Shooting Show in Harrogate, May. Very good show Phil
  4. philpot

    Out on the bunnies

    Last night we met up with the land owner of this new little perm and took him out with us. My buddy took one field and myself and the land owner, the other. Very little about and all at distance, the first dropped at 82mt, the second at 41mt and the third at 69mt. Long shadows from street lights really make stalking tricky to say the least and perhaps because of age, I am not sitting on cold ground although I just bought a shooting cushion, the type you fill with polystyrene balls so maybe I will sit it out in future. The wind got up after half an hour making the shots harder but my pal also picked up three rabbits as well so the land owner went home with five rabbits as I lost one but picked out a pigeon just as we got to the site so he went home a happy chappie. I must confess neither of us really wanted to take the owner out but reading between the lines, as well as taking home some rabbits, I think he also wanted to see how we conduct ourselves to which I think we did ok. This place is going to be superb as the nights get lighter during late spring and summer, pity neither of us eat rabbit. Phil
  5. I can't help you with the fault you have but I have heard of this before. Welcome to another Lincolnshire lad, there aren't too many of us on here. Where abouts are you based Pete. Phil
  6. philpot

    Super 10 or s200

    Thanks Smithie but only recently bought my HW110k so it will have to wait a while. Phil
  7. philpot

    Super 10 or s200

    I am more toward the the s200 as I had a T200 target rifle which was only 6fpe but stunning to shoot. One day I will get another 200 mk1 or 2 with the split stock and fit a multi shot mag. Ratworks do a lovely upgrade which I would indulge my gun with. Phil
  8. philpot

    the nw hw100 bullpup

    Just been through that article and hats off to the man for the work done, it is so far away from anything I could do and only wish I was actually capable of doing that sort of engineering and woodwork. Phil
  9. philpot

    the nw hw100 bullpup

    I have to say Rez, I do like those, never thought of a side lever. Phil
  10. philpot

    the nw hw100 bullpup

    It will take a big fella to cock a bullpup springer.You will be fine though Jimmy but me.........well I suppose I could get a pal to help. Phil
  11. philpot

    bsa super 10 mk1

    That's the man Sean, cheers mate.
  12. philpot

    bsa super 10 mk1

    They are no lightweight first of all. My RFD has taken two in and had the Blueprinted by the designer of BSA super10 and R10 but my memory has gone and cannot remember his name. The rifles are quite something now I am told. Come on boys, what is his name. Anyway at £150 I would buy it and either have it Blueprinted or tuned by Ratworks. Phil
  13. philpot

    the nw hw100 bullpup

    First Matt, to meet your request..........you are a boring old fashioned twat. Ok so that's done. I sort of agree Si, we have Impacts so can't say too much BUT it is like the Germans saying something like, zo zat BSA filth have made ze crap Defiant bullything zo Achtung ve vill make an ugly bully and ve vill charge more vich because eet iz from da motherland, zoze foolish brexittt peeps vill pay and pay and pay, vee vill show zem da price for leefing uz vid za frenchies. Phil
  14. philpot

    The Walther Lgv Master Pro.

    On well if it works well for you, that is all that matters. Phil
  15. philpot

    The Walther Lgv Master Pro.

    I think a tin works well with an Air Arms neoprene wrapper to be very honest. Phil