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  1. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    Well we just have to wait and see lads. Phil
  2. I don't think they could handle the sheer volume of requests for licenses either. I printed an Individual License off today, all eleven pages and the detail is considerable then think how many perms you have then all the maps to have verified with grid references...........................no wonder I was transferred to Natural England voicemail today but as yet they have not phoned me back...........................perhaps a bit busy. Phil
  3. philpot

    Picked Up A Webley Axsor .22

    I'm with you on the S200 Rez, I love the Mk2 split stock and I will get another at some point. Phil
  4. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    Me too Matt. I would love to know how many shooting men are actually affected by this. phil
  5. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    I phoned the NE line around 8.30am today and was told via voicemail they would be back to me as soon as a member of staff is available .............................................................................. still no reply..............................I wonder why that is. Phil
  6. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    Hmm interesting Jamie. Phil
  7. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    Another shit for brains that needs a petition I believe.
  8. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    Easier said than done Jon although I live in a rural village and will be talking to the police to get their view on this. I phoned the NE office, switchboard somewhat blocked then I got through to voicemail who said all staff are tied up on calls (no surprise there then) and someone will return your call when a member of staff is available. I have a feeling this is going to be a long wait in the meantime I need to contact the farmers as this area is very busy at present drilling peas on which the pigeon will go mad.......................... Phil
  9. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    I am phoning the NE offices today to try and try to get a better picture of exactly what has to be done in the short term. Just printing out the forms that Rez linked to and make sure this is the correct one because I got somewhat lost last night going through all the NE site info. You know a thought crossed my mind that this license could be per field not even per farm and if that is the case, it will be a complete nightmare asit will if these have to be done every year for every crop field. I know after reading loads of guff last night, NE are going to produce a replacement to the GL to make it lawful but this will not be done before the end of the year reading between the lines. In my area, the peas have been drilled and will continue until the entire job is done, so this year I think is going to be a very poor yield. I would love to know how many farmers are going to stand in their fields shining a laser torch at pigeons landing in their crop or how many are going jump in and spend £10.000 on an automatic laser which will have to be moved god knows how many times a day to catch the birds feeding on different fields, oh silly me, they could buy three orr four to cover the uneven landscape. Phil
  10. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    That should be interesting. Now some of you very clever computer guys might be able to do that via google earth as I heard someone say recently. It may also be possible via the BASC Green shoots section. you must show the entire farm / estate perm as crops will change from field to field each year. Over my head to be totally honest. Phil
  11. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    Many a true word spoken in jest me thinks Matt. Phil
  12. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    Oh my lord Rez, that is beyond a joke. I think 13 pages per perm is crazy but I suppose they want to put people off and will not go down well with shooters and farmers. I think I will print a few off and slowly digest it all because i am slow.................. Phil
  13. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    Petition signed BC Phil
  14. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    We can fight but don't think BASC are out of the picture, they were only advised about the decision today so what could they have done........................I repeat, there has been no discussion outside the government office so let us give them a chance and after all they are the largest body representing the shooting man. If they can stand up to be counted and get this rescinded, every member of this forum should be a member and give them the funds to keep on fighting. Phil
  15. philpot

    Changes to the general license

    Well, I have just completed the complaints section of Natural England's actions so it will be interesting to see what happens if vast numbers of people actually get off their arses and actually try to do something. Having said all that hot air, I really do believe that there have to be some changes to this decision but be prepared to apply for a license to cover you which may well have to list all the perms and crop information so in other words another long winded paperwork trail.................................sounds a bit like the farce of air gun licenses. To be very honest, we have a license to go fishing and while I have two gun licenses, this will be another license to actually go shooting. I am glad I have my clay shooting if all goes tits up. Phil