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  1. In some ways I am pleased that I cannot afford to buy a high end NV or thermal as I really would not know what to go for BUT as the pension pot ensures I cannot, I am very happy to stick with my two Nitesite units and despite how crap some people think they are, I still shoot plenty of rabbits and rats with them so they work for me. I do confess that if money allowed, a thermal spotter would be in my bag for certain. Also a huge help to find the bloody rabbits when they have been shot ................................... I lose quite a lot. Phil
  2. philpot

    Mtc viper 8-32x56

    The original Viper is a superb scope, I am after one myself to swap out for my Hawke Airmax on the Impact but even on fac, that one is way to much mag. A 4-16 size is more than enough. Most of the time I am at 6-8x mag and min mag while finding the quarry then zoom in. Phil
  3. philpot

    Decent bag of bunnies

    Impressive chaps, very impressive. That is one hell of a night you guys had, well done to you both. I do like the looks of the Vulcan although I have never seen one in the flesh, so to speak, but certainly appeals. Is it sub 12 or fac Alan. Phil
  4. philpot

    Trip to Anglesey

    Ah......... got it, only just twigged the message. Thank you. Phil
  5. philpot

    FX wildcat

    One thing is for certain Jimmy, the Wildcats are lovely to use, it is only the mag that lets them down. I had both a .177 and .22 but 8 shot mag is rubbish when on the rats and I had them jump out of the gun a couple of times. If FX had upgraded the mags I would be wanting another. Phil
  6. philpot

    FX wildcat

    It sounds like a plan Jimmy. The niggle in the back of your head has nothing to do with a fcuking Compatto matey so take a paracetamol and the niggle will go away. Phil
  7. philpot

    Nv monocular

    Here is a UK seller although they are out of stock at the minute, these guys have a good name. All details are given here. http://www.customriflescopes.com/shop.html#!/Night-Vision-Laser-Rangefinder-with-500m-range-and-much-more/p/63402304/category=13698432 It can also be used in daylight as well. Hope that helps. Phil
  8. Nice one John. I added a Wolf to my Viper for longer range and well pleased with both. I was going to sell the Viper but in all honesty it performs better at close range so has become the ratting nv and the Wolf for the rabbits over stubble etc. As my right eye is not so good these days, the Nitesite allows me to shoot with both eyes open which may in long term be the only way I can shoot if things get worse. Good job it doesn't seem to have any effect on my clay shooting. Phil
  9. philpot

    Nv monocular

    I suppose as a Pulsar unit it is not expensive but to be totally honest, if you really want a monocular, buy a Tecknova or Laserworks as they are sometimes known, half the price and a NV range finder built in. You will need a small IR torch fitted to get the best results but from a number of guys that have them, they seem to do a good job. Phil
  10. philpot

    FX wildcat

    I have to say that my Impact fac .25 is my 'go to' rifle and rarely even bother taking the rimfire out as the Imp does it all. I really couldn't think of not owning it. Phil
  11. philpot


    Never mind Si, you won't catch up to me so no issues matey. Appy berfday me OLD pal. Phil
  12. philpot

    Trip to Anglesey

    So Pepper are you the man to give me some good marks for fishing on Anglesey then. I know the bass are all to be returned but that is not an issue if I have the sport. Phil
  13. philpot

    Trip to Anglesey

    Yes please, that could be very useful for next time. Phil
  14. philpot


    I'm not sure what to say Jimmy.......................................................................................very nice mate Phil