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  1. Thanks Daniel but I have got my rods and whilst I have a couple of Wychwood rods, they are not on my hit list as I am not impressed in fact I have given several away. You think the Sonik Extractor are of a poor quality and that was my thoughts as well but there are quite a number of guys in my syndicate who bought them as 'spare rods' but now use them as their main rods and there are no carp under 20lb in our lake now so these rods have done the job they were bought for including a cat at almost 40lb. As said, these will ease me back into carping and then it will be a case of buy two Free Spi
  2. Thanks Lee, I saw this video and the 12' tests the lads did and without doubt the Insurgent was at the top of my list however the 12' is available but thr retractable 10' is out of stock everywhere within an hours drive from me and for me, I wanted to get hold and actually get a feel for the rods but even then very few and far between because they have discontinued them along with the Extractor range. The new Extractor Pro is taking over from the standard rod which is why there are some cheap prices out there. As I am getting back into carp fishing and the fact that I cannot afford my al
  3. I agree to a point Jimmy but found the very heavy knurled eye piece focus ring caused some issues when using NiteSite units to the point that it was possible to cause damage to the eye section of the scope, not too common but it happened. Not much of a problem nowadays with NiteSite out of business.
  4. Thanks Tom. The NGT look to be decent rods having spoken to someone else who has a pair and I do like the rod sleeves, better price than Sonik.
  5. Sorry..........................having a 'dose' of covid not 'does', silly old bugger.
  6. Now let me say from the start that I am not an out and out carp man putting 5kg of bait in my swim and staying for days on end after one fish however I have enjoyed the odd overnighter in the summer with a bbq burger in one hand and a gin in the other so you can tell I am not a 'CARP angler' but someone who enjoys various aspects of fishing so onto the subject of the title. Some years ago I sold my Free Spirit XS rods as I had packed up carping and as per usual the pension will now not run to these expensive rods so earlier this year I bought a pair of cheap Daiwa Black Widow 10' rods, what a
  7. We have a pond about 20mt in from the sea wall wher over the years kids have chucked flounder into this pure freshwater pond and now there are quite a few which have lost some of their colour and I have heard it said that some are almost white but I cannot confirm that is the case. Phil
  8. Its a pity I sold the simmons WTC with the P35 as I would have given him that one Jimmy, nice and light but there again a bit more flexibility with a more modern scope I guess. You need to keep an eye open for a Mamba Lite as they are only 450grm and not bad glass for general shooting. Phil
  9. 8'' barrel................. the one in the photo is way more than 8'' and the one in my rfd is around 450mm - 500mm (18'' - 20'') or have you got some special. Phil
  10. My grandson loves to shoot cat milk plastic bottles which are only 5'' tall and so light that they take off when the pellet hits them, keeps him happy for hours and no mess. I have quite a few empty ones as we fire them off on a webley dog taining thrower/gun thingy but if you Struggle to get any (if you want) I can always send some up Jimmy, light as a feather. Phil
  11. I can tell you that I had both the standard length 110 and several of the compact version and for me without doubt the compact 110 with an Airmax 30 compact scope is a lovely combination and both the .22 and .177 were not pellet fussy at all but JSB RS in .22 and Exact in .177 were nothing short of superb in my opinion. I wish I had not sold mine but you know what its like, the grass is always greener on the other side but it is NOT and now as a retired old fart, I don't have the dosh to replace them. Phil
  12. I don't think anyone can or will knock the HW100, possibly the most reliable pcp on the market. I have had a couple of 100 versions but prefer the 110 for lightness, never found any difference in accuracy between the models, it is just that the 100 was heavy to be walking around the perms with compared to the 110 but it is really a matter of personal taste. Phil
  13. If only Tim, I would love that just not much cash around at this time of the year. Good luck with sale. Phil
  14. I think we just have to sit on our hands and wait until the plan is CONFIRMED by the HSE. Don't expect BASC to do much for us as they have not so far. My local rfd has shipped out a shed load of rimfire rifles, .22lr, .17 hmr and a few .22 mag. These have gone to a certain importer of shotguns, rifles and expensive air rifles for them to ship out to a third world country and the price was tiny per gun, if the HSE DO allow rimfire to remain on lead (as there is NO substitute to lead for rimfire or airgun), the second hand value will start to climb again. I had been toying with selling my Tikka
  15. Didn't know you were into fowling, inland or foreshore.
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