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  1. No DB, it was some bloke on facebook that said it was but he was talking about fitting it with every possible extra in the book. I thought it was £4k as stated but not the case, as Mitch said £1843 or finance at £23.14 per month (figures stated by Sportsman shop). Phil
  2. I wouldn't say anything about cleaning the barrel with a rod in fact take that out of the equasion as it is wise not to use it and stick with a pull through. I saw an S200 yesterday in my rfd for £325 but he is putting a profit for the company and the last one I had sold for £300 in cracking condition with a better scope, the bottle, depending on expiry date about £80 is what I bought one for a pal with 4 years left on it so for me I would be looking to sell all in at around £400 (if you have plenty of life in the air cylinder) as the lamp is somewhat outdated now and worth next to nothing.
  3. On facebook a couple of guys were quoting they had checked the price at £3999 not £1800, if it is as you say, then a lot of gun although not cheap but nothing good is. Phil
  4. It may make Daystate look sensibly prices but the logic then goes out of the window, there we are talking of a name that represents utter crap....... Pleased that your Priests are not in the faulty group of guns, not seen a new one as my rfd will not sell them because of the issues but its good to hear they have sorted them out. Phil
  5. He may be a childish pratt but he is the one who created 'Airgun101' so not a fool at all. Anyway, no doubt Matt Dubber will be doing an in depth review later along with Ted Bear so quality reviews to follow not that it makes any difference to me as I will never have the cash to buy one unless the numbers all come up. The M3 certainly is taking technical issues to the next level. I didn't see this thread Mitch otherwise I would not have posted my thread 'HOW MUCH' Phil
  6. Who is selling at that price Mitch, is Ian / Blackwoods I had one for a very short time (1 week) but found even with shims, not perfectly tight however I saw a short vid of someone using an Eagle Vision mount which was described as a game changer. I really like the idea of them it is just your head position that feels way out from normal shooting position. Pard NV007 Scope Holder Tube Replacement Night Vision Kit | Eaglevisioncam EAGLEVISIONCAM.COM This unit is designed to replace the pard NV007 tube. The USH-46 go over the scope eye relief
  7. Airgun 101 - REVIEW FX Impact M3 - USA + UK PCP Airgun WWW.AIRGUN101.COM REVIEW FX Impact M3 - USA + UK PCP Airgun This is my video of the FX Impact M3. All thoughts and words are my own. Index00:00 - Intro-...
  8. I only know of 4 people who have Priests, all of which have been returned to the importer at some stage with faults and now only one guy still has the Priest but not for long as he is going back to an Impact. It just goes to show that we have a belief that one product is perfect whilst another is just not as good then things can change. I hope you don't have the issues that these guys had. Phil
  9. The new Impact M3 but at £4000......................................................................................................feck off, as much as I love my FX guns......................feck off.
  10. Is that the Superior liner. I was looking at the new Maverick today, only a rwo minute scan but I don't know what the difference is between that and the Impact, very similar.
  11. Sadly not Mitch as the one in mine is a screw in job and only held in place by the screw thread, the main optics front moves in and out for beam focus so the pill would float around but thank you for looking Mitch.
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