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  1. No of course I don't mean mine........................... My shooting buddy and I went up to the range yesterday to set his new Impact up with the scope and get it zeroed. This was done at 25mt, which for an FAC .25, is very short but we were going out on the rats and roosting ferals to get used to the gun so this zero is fine and to be honest it is only half a mildot holdover for 65mt so okay for him to get used to the gun. We popped down to my rat perm, a dairy farm only five minutes from me and although I had my Impact with me, it is more about Chris finding his feet with his new pride and joy. The ground was really messy with the recent rain which didn't go down well with me as I had forgotten to put my welly boots in the car and really couldn't be arsed to go home and get them. I stayed near the gate where it was quite dry and let Chris have a full run around the farm buildings/pens and I have to say, it was amazing just how much of a sound the pellet makes when it hits the rat. I guess I am so used to making that sound myself and only hearing a faint tap from Chris's HW110 sub 12, now I am hearing the heavy thwack to tell me he is getting some action at the other side of the barns. After a while Chris returned with a major smile across his face.................'WHAT A FCUKING TOOL'..........................'FANTASTIC BIT OF KIT'......................so I am to take it he is pretty pleased with his first outing with the Impact. The tally was very poor as the rats are not showing in any numbers yet but he got 17 rats and 11 ferals and now is wanting to make his mark on the bunnies. We are clay shooting this afternoon so my wife, Trish and myself will no doubt be hearing in great detail a shot by shot account of the first outing and I am expecting him to ask if we are out on one of the other perms after the rabbits tonight. My shooting pal is a very happy chappie. Phil
  2. philpot

    F.A.O. Big Napper

    Great stuff, glad it arrived in one piece. Hope it does what you need matey, should be fine although I have not used it for a while. Phil
  3. philpot

    FX Impact .177 barrel set

    Yes, as you do with any FAC rifle. I have sent mine back to have a variation and now have slots for 17HMR and .22WMR although it is unlikely I will bother. A variation is only £20 and takes a week or two. No issue really Mitch Phil
  4. philpot

    If any one

    I am seriously pleased you have changed your mind my friend, it would have been a sad place without you Jimmy but with Sean and Si there to give you a clout round the ear to keep you in line mate, all will be well with the world. Best regards Phil
  5. philpot

    Text book

    I have only tried the AA Field Heavy 18gr in three fac rifles and they were spot on in each case. So that is the black beauty, very nice mitch and so was the shot. Phil
  6. philpot

    FX Impact .177 barrel set

    You can have more than one fac air rifle in a particular cal so there is no issue. As for a spare barrel it may well be similar to most mods as few have maker's names let alone serial numbers and are listed as unknown.
  7. philpot

    FX Impact .177 barrel set

    I have a slot for a .22 barrel on my ticket Mitch as it was my plan to have both cals but in truth I have not needed to go that route. At half the price of a new barrel / mag, I would have had this had it been in .22 and totally legal. Phil
  8. philpot

    FX Impact .177 barrel set

    That is a shame Jimmy because I was thinking it would be perfect for you mate, you never know how long it will be in the RFD after all it is not that many shooters have Impacts so could be a slow mover. Had it been a .22, I would have had it myself. Phil
  9. My pal has just bought a s/h Impact .25 which came with a spare .177 barrel and two mags. My pal didn't want the spare barrel so the RFD has it for sale, they cost new £350 approx plus £50 for the extra mag and is up for sale at £200 with both mags including postage direct to you. I have no interest in this sale, just thought if anyone has a .22 or .25 Impact might want a .177 spare barrel set at a good price. I think you could get it a bit cheaper if you push it but that is down to you. The RFD is Crawfords Shooting Supplies in Scunthorpe, tel 01724 846 000 and by all means say that Phil Roberts put you on to the sale. Phil
  10. philpot

    MTC Genesis ultra- lite scope.

    I don't use it Mark so I will have a think about that mate. Just not sure if I am going to buy the new HW110K in which case I need a scope although I might try one of these new Discovery scopes .......................................... who knows yet. The problem with the Genesis lite was no AO adjustment, couldn't see a bloody thing most of the time and far too much hassle changing focal distance. I suppose the fact that it didn't have a side focus which I am so used to pissed me off no end. The Mamba Lite, in my mind was a much better bet for me. Phil
  11. philpot

    MTC Genesis ultra- lite scope.

    I had the Genesis 5-20 x 55 scope, fantastic and wish I still had it but a bit heavy and looked at one of these Lite models but could not come to terms with it at all. Hope it is okay for you Mark, I settled on a few Mamba Lite scopes which seemed to work for me, think I still have one kicking around. Phil
  12. philpot

    F.A.O. Big Napper

    Posted today so should be with you in a couple of days, normally I send first class but for some reason I didn't ask to send it first class, senior moment, sorry about that. Phil
  13. philpot

    Nitesite rangefinder

    Weaver or picatiny rail, same thing Phil and you can buy a Nitesite clamp on it's own, in fact there was one in the sales section. Phil
  14. philpot


    It will be interesting Mitch to see how well the Crown does in comparison with the Impact at max range for these guns, I don't go beyond 120mt and rarely but the comparison would be interesting shooting through a Chtony at that distance to see what the output is. Funnily enough I never used the Rapid .22 fac at any distance so no idea what it would have been like. Phil
  15. philpot

    Nitesite rangefinder

    Here we go Phill, mission accomplished. Remove the Nitesite bracket , now with a touch of filing the top edge of the normal scope clamp, the rangefinder will fit on the scope clamp. As you can see I have fitted the clamp to a piece of 1" tube, in this case, a section of a very old sea fishing rod but a piece of polypipe or copper pipe will do perfectly well. I have then fitted on the tube, one of the fully adjustable torch clamps that can be bought on ebay or other sites. Now the complete unit can be fitted to the gun via a picatiny rail which in my case is already part of the Impact. The great thing with this is that I can set precisely the laser to the Nitesite and it will not need farting around with each time I use it. Overall, I am quite pleased with the outcome. I hope that might help Phill. Phil