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  1. philpot

    Spare mag prices

    Yes I know what you mean, I am keeping my fingers crossed. Are the ones you had Mitch the same guy as in the link I posted. Phil
  2. philpot

    Spare mag prices

    I have paid out for both Rapid and FX Impact spare mags which are quite a price and thought at the time why Weihrauch have managed to keep their mag prices at a sensible level, well it is quite a time since I bought any mags for HW rifles and got a bit of a surprise when I asked for prices for my HW110k spare mags......................nearly £40 each. Well I may live in Lincolnshire, but the Yorkshire blood in me started to froth up, £40 for an HW mag, no bloody way so started looking on flea bay to see what came up. After a while of looking for some s/h mags to no avail, I did wonder about these ballistic nylon mags for sale and at a few pence under £13 each. Sod it, I decided to try them as there were good comments being said about them so for £23.95 for two, I placed my order. Now at this price I thought it was worth a gamble and as there were no moving parts to the mag it seemed to be a safe bet providing the pellets fitted in and the fit into the gun was okay. I have been using them for the last few weeks with no issue at all so if you need either HW100 or 110/44 pistol mags, you could do worse than these. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/dale_ch/m.html?item=302935206594&var=601858983330&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Phil
  3. philpot

    12ft lb law?

    Most clearly not the information I was given by my the firearms office locally so we will agree to disagree on this one but as a thought, why would the police firearms dept have a trained and qualified tester along with the equipment to do the job. Perhaps a different policy in our two areas, I simply repeat what the department advised and which I am inclined to believe. It's all a bit out of the window as far as I am concerned as 95% of my air rifle shooting is done with a 47fpe .25 fac Impact anyway. Phil
  4. philpot

    12ft lb law?

    This was also something I discussed with my firearms dept and they said that it is very very rare to send out to an independent tester who charges £380 per test with proof of test and that was about two years ago so it is highly unlikely to bother with an air rifle query at that cost to the police force. Phil
  5. philpot

    Some advice lads

    Not in a springer but in a couple of .22 PCP rifles I have had really good results with JSB exact Jumbo RS. Falcon Accuracy Plus have been tricky to get hold of locally but the JSB's are easier to get. I think I am right in saying these are basically AA Field Express pellets but cheaper as Express in my area are bloody pricey. https://voymir.com/jsb-22/191-jsb-exact-jumbo-rs-airgun-pellets-cal-22-552mm-500-pcs-5906554324010.html Phil
  6. philpot

    A New Scope Discovery!

    Push / pull turrets according to the info on that scope I posted the link. Phil
  7. philpot

    12ft lb law?

    This is a question I put to my firearms dept a couple of years ago. In this area the normal method to test an air rifle / pistol is to take a sample of the pellets used but if no pellets are available, the police will use their own stock which in many cases will take the gun over the limit. Of course this is the method used when the police take a gun from a user who has been reported to the police and the gun taken away from the user. The police will carry out chrono tests using a Skan chrono which I am told is the standard issue for police firearms departments to use. My local RFD uses the same chrono so that he knows if his tests show a gun to be within the law, so will the police should a check be made. Phil
  8. philpot

    One piece mount

    Just get the Sportsmatch with an arrester pin for recoiling rifles. https://www.sportsmatch-uk.com/air-rifle-rimfire-rifle-1inch-medium-range Phil
  9. philpot

    Hawkes are for the birds....

    It's outside his mate's pigeon loft Phil
  10. philpot


    We tend to find the rats and rabbits are fewer on the ground when there is a full moon to the point where we rarely bother. Phil
  11. philpot

    A New Scope Discovery!

    I really like this one but I doubt that I could get the Nitesite unit on as well as the scope mount unless I can find a single strap picatinny mount. Just looking through the range and annoyingly I was down in Suffolk yesterday picking up a couple of shotguns, only 40mins from Bury St Edmunds, bugger, I could have taken the longer route home and called in to look first hand at these scopes. https://discoveryoptics.co.uk/vt-3-compact/ Phil
  12. philpot

    A New Scope Discovery!

    A side focus Airmax is as near as possible twice the price of your scope matey so value for money looks perfect if the image quality is there. Phil
  13. philpot

    Air arms galhad

    Hope you can get a refund or swap to another gun. Good luck whatever you do. Phil
  14. philpot

    Air arms galhad

    1000% agree, Wildcat is a different league.
  15. philpot

    I am getting old....

    Hey up Stranger, you are still a bit of a kid in my eyes as chase my 7th decade. However I still feel 30 in my head but 90 when I get out of bed. Still we only live once so make the most of it and don't be tight, get a decent rangefinder bought. Phil