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  1. BSA produce a lovely little rifle in the shape of the ultra which is available with a junior stock which can be replaced when he is older. Phil
  2. Hmmm good luck with that, it looks more of a garden plinker than anything else.
  3. The Wildcat is a superb rifle, I have had both .177 and .22 in sub 12, totally accurate, reliable, great to use. I now have a Mk3 fac .22 and again superb so why bugger about with it, they do not need you to tinker, just enjoy it. Phil
  4. Only heard good things about this guy, good luck with it and post up what you findings are when you get it back. Phil
  5. I had an Annie 1416 but really didn't get on with it so bought a Tikka which for me is spot on. Phil
  6. Interesting Ben as my P35 is listed as 180 shots per fill, I can't say I have done that many but certainly managed more than 125 on target shots. I did a mag count one day at the range then got bored and came home. Phil
  7. Very pleased to hear your son is in a better state Mark, it is difficult to see our children having issues no matter how old they are. All the best to you both mate. Phil
  8. Just remember to let out the air before sending.
  9. A trip up the A1 in that case or get a gun dealer to send it for you, I was going to get my rfd to send mine if I decided to go that route. Phil
  10. Look at your other post as I just responded to it. Phil
  11. Track down Mark Dempsey on facebook or someone may have a number but he is a bit of a specialist with P35, I may have mine done but in fairness I only use mine in the garden and not for vermin control, fac for that. Phil
  12. Yes it was a s/s given to me so I was giving it to another friend so that Jimmy could use it when he visited but having never fired it, I had no idea there was an issue, it really was bloody funny to see Jimmy taking the full force of both barrels going off together, I thought he did well to stay upright. Phil
  13. Well I can tell you Jimmy, Si has just popped round and we placed the recoil pad in position and he LOVES it so I dare say we will be taking one of the clay traps out this weekend to put both the gun and Si through their paces.
  14. Well you have all seen Jimmy's hard work taking this bloody awful painted stock and turning it into a really nice stock. The stock is from a Winchester o/u shotgun that I got for my son in law to shoot clays and the odd woodie and now the stock has arrived about an hour ago so I just wanted you all to see it back on the gun. The recoil pad is not fitted as yet but simply placed so you can see roughly what it will look like. A huge thanks to Jimmy from both Simon (my son in law) and myself for all the hard work that has gone into this. It must be said that at first I asked Jimmy if he wan
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