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  1. philpot


    I must confess a good wood is one thing we don't have on any of our perms, we do have wooded areas each being no more than a few acres so the squirrel population is not so prolific and the days can be good with squirrel activity and other times, simply nothing but we have pheasant feeders out and large wood pigeon populations so there are always other quarry from the same hides. Phil
  2. philpot


    I went last week, no squirrels, just didn't show BUT I managed a pheasant and 4 woodies. Nice shooting Mitch. Phil
  3. Welcome aboard Rob, the second new member to find threads from 2010/2011, interesting looking back at some of the posts and the people. Phil
  4. Ah sorry DB, I wasn't thinking abour springers as I have never used them in a springer, I was talking about the the performance in my pcp rifles so I am possibly talking shite AGAIN Phil
  5. Well thats a good reason not to fart around with them as I have never found a gun they are any good in, strange that RWS make superb .22 rimfire ammo and rubbish pellets. Phil
  6. It's about time you stopped farting around Rez and get back on here.
  7. Welcome aboard Brian, interesting that you have picked up on a thread from 2011 but nevertheless it is always good to hear good things about a dealer. I have never dealt with them nor would I because if we do not support our local rfd, they may not be there when we do need them. I have witnessed people bringing rifles into my rfd with a fault and because it was new and my rfd is an agent for the rifle, they expect them to sort out the issue as it is under warrenty, normally they are referred back to where they got it from and quite rightly. I have borrowed dozens of guns to test, scopes
  8. Just ordered two from this guy for the p35. Phil
  9. The truth can be so hurtful Mitch
  10. I think from what I have both read and been told that I am lucky it seems as we still have plenty on our perms ....................................................................... so far. Phil
  11. I was talking to an rfd I know in Suffolk who told me they are not stocking .22lr rifles as there are so few rabbits to be had in the region. For years there have always been huge numbers in the area I know so well. Phil
  12. Well BSA has finally seen the light a brought out a side lever Ultra, CLX 160th Anniversary model which comes with a lovely grey laminate stock and a shite bsa scope all fitted in a nice hard case at a very cheap price of a grand all but a penny. My rfd has 4 in stock and they are really nice but not at a price that floats my boat although my shooting pal fell in love and ordered a .22 which he will pick up when he is back from holiday. I confess the side lever is far far better than the bloody awful fear bolt (hate rear bolts) and feels good in the shoulder. It is a pity this new gun d
  13. As some of you know, you now need to make up a minimum order value of £135 to buy direct from Carm but there is another way however admin I have to be a bit naughty here because there is a chap on another site who collects orders for people until the value reaches the amount required then places the collective order with Carm. So as to not break forum rules, pm me if you want the details. I will be getting a few for my P35 in the next few weeks. Phil
  14. The gun looks good Jason but you deffo need to wait for some decent weather, pity to spoil it now. Phil
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