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  1. Good job I have three units then, keep me going for a while. Bad news when any shooting related company closes down as with york guns but in the case of Nitesite, they produced a thermal but at a hefty price which was never going to take off. As said, Pard took the market and even the mighty Pulsar were left in their wake. Phil
  2. I totally agree Ben, Duck like geese have a thick down that can take some getting through even using a shotgun or perhaps I am just a bad shot . duck are one of the fastest flying birds and as Ben said deserve more respect and should be treated as the great sporting bird they are. Phil
  3. If you have not had any shots through, perhaps worth firing 30 - 50 shots but to be honest I fired about a dozen shots with my 99 before setting zero and it stayed there so your call really. Phil
  4. Not needed unless you are changing pellets or the gun is new then a clean would be worthwhile followed but some pellets through to help lead it up, other than that, I would just go ahead and zero the gun. Phil
  5. Never come across them to be honest. Phil
  6. Change the mounts as they are either right or wrong and a new set of mounts is not crazy money or at least doesn't have to be and totally worth the effort. Phil
  7. Nice shaped stock with a superb full pistol grip, a pity more manufacturers do not buid in a decent pistol grip. Phil
  8. Nice one Bernard, love that gun. Phil
  9. What new Impact Si, you been keeping a secret. Phil
  10. My name is Phil and I have just phoned the firearms licensing dept to take a .223 off my variation form ....................................................... I cannot cope with the pressure Phil
  11. Sean, do you have shares in Pard........................ Phil
  12. I think you might be right Mark but FAP are not in any of my rfd's locally so went for JSB, just easier for me but it is on the agenda to try both RS and Express in the 110k in the near future. In .22, I am already a convert to JSB RS pellets but at the moment, I don't have one however a stock of pellets is here ready for as and when I get another. Phil
  13. It's funny Mark how you and Mitch find the lighter pellet works so well for you both. I really tried to switch to light pellets following you guys in .177 for my HW100 but had no joy at all however the AA express .177 were fantastic in my TX200 and pretty good in my HW99. In all the .22 guns, JSB RS gave perfect results and far better than standard or heavy pellets. I bought a fair few JSB Heavy and Exacts which I am working my way through but then try some AA Express or Exact Express in the HW110. It is really interesting subject and quite subjective. Phil
  14. It may be worth fitting a rubber extension eye cup to remove extraneous light causing the reflection. I did have one but just looked in the odds n sods drawer but it is not there otherwise you could have it. If the scope is good for you, it must be her relative position so the cup may be ideal and a lot cheaper than another scope. https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2505460.m570.l2632&_nkw=rubber+scope+eye+piece&_sacat=7301 Phil
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