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  1. Very handy SD. I have on a number of times nearly bought a 3 bore garden gun for close up vermin but just never got round to buying one but this combination seems to work well for you, not so good for the tree rats. Phil
  2. I bought a semi auto shotgun a couple of weeks ago and having a need for lubrication on the bolt system, I started a search. Shotgun cartridges can leave residue which would stick to any oil, grease, silicone spray coating causing in effect a grinding paste so the need to find a dry lube has had me researching products available. Okay this is not the powder burner section but nevertheless there are applications for air rifles as well, in fact anywhere you think dry lube will benefit your equipment. The product I eventually bought is the one in the photo and I can tell you, I am impressed, it is totally dry almost immediately leaving a smooth surface, perhaps it could be very useful to spray in/on mags or loads of things. Anyway, here is the information and if it is of use to you, great. ebay details https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/K2-PTFE-Dry-Lubricant-Clear-Teflon-Grease-Spray-NO-SILICONE-Long-Protection/332555554828?epid=1650062920&hash=item4d6ddb100c:g:Q58AAOSwzb5drtjm Phil
  3. The maize is free from a friend and the peanuts are those sacks from B&M mixed with some very cheap bird seed and a little bit of wheat, again free so all in all not so expensive and only have to fill it once a week. Only draw back is the need for a ladder to reach the bloody top to fill it Phil
  4. The only company that I know of to sell such small bottles are Best Fittings who do a 1.1lt cylinder but at a hell of a price, it would be much cheaper to buy a Stumpy Jack 3lt which are ideal for carrying in the car. https://www.bestfittings.co.uk/product-category/airgun-charging-equipment/cylinder-accessories/airgun-charging-cylinders/ Hope that helps Phil
  5. Fantastic guys another good night. Phil
  6. That is impressive Mitch. Phil
  7. As far as I can tell, they are not coming out in .177, I think mainly because there are very very few fac .177 rifles out there and whilst I have a sample of .22 Hades to try in sub 12, I don't really think they will be any good with that power level. Phil
  8. What is your zero distance Mitch. Phil
  9. Today my pal and I went to alter the position of one of the feeders so that our little resident muntjac cannot reach. this one is a little longer and will hold about 7ltrs of feed. After we had finished with the chores, we scaled the very steep and muddy banking that seperates the two quarry areas by using a rope to pull ourselves up. Now those of you who know me, are aware that I am built for comfort whereas my shooting partner is like a bloody mountain goat so I sent him up to scale the bank and I used to rope, but I did it in style Now with the rope we were able to gain easy access into the other area which is stuffed with rabbit warrens and another area which had about 200 pigeon in the trees, resting between feeding on the rape fields next door. We will cut steps into the bank in the next week or two to make life a bit easier when carrying feed for the pheasant feeder we placed in there today and of course when carrying the guns and gear over the bank. I did say in my earlier post that we will be making some serious cutting through the brambles and bushes to allow this area to be shot with ease and judging by what we have seen today, it will be well worth it although the task is not a small one. The sun was not making it easy to take the photos but here are a few to try and show some of the area we discovered today and this is only a small section so a lot to be gained and learned. This place is the smallest perm we have by a long way but there is just something that I love about this place. Phil
  10. Oh yes........ They over print text on a four colour base which makes it very tricky to read and as some magazines do this a lot, I simply don't buy those mags anymore. I think it is known as old mans syndrome Phil
  11. philpot

    Wtf ??

    Glad it was not just me then.
  12. Kept that bugger quiet Si................. Phil
  13. Just watched 'Ted's Holdover' on Airgun101 as he was using the FX Hybrid slugs and he stated he will be testing them in all the FX barrel combinations including the standard Smooth Twist like mine so that is worth looking out for. I rate Ted's approach to his testing as I do Matt Dubber and despite some who say they only favour FX, well that may be true but they show what is possible and I do not believe they fudge the results, that is just bullsh1te. https://airgun101.com/index.php/component/allvideoshare/video/my-turn-fx-hybrid-slugs-field-test-revolutionary-air-rifle-ammuntion?Itemid=362 If anyone sees this before me. please put it up on here as I really want to see the results. Phil
  14. Well we will wait and see but I am not farting around ordering from abroad so when they and FX slugs are available here, I will buy some to test. Phil
  15. Yes you can but as SD says, a long queue to the ammo manufacturer.
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