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  1. that's a honest post stoggy cant shoot big numbers all the time but pest control is pest control keep at them
  2. well i decided to go look at some new permission 13/08/2019 the rape field was cut 3 days prior to me going so any pigeons should have found it the field was covered in birds so i decided to have a go although it was late 3pm the birds soon disappeared but the ones what returned decoyed well and i ended up picking 39 and a few lost over the back. i went this morning expecting plenty to be there but nothing on the field or any flying about so i watched for a hour nothing they must have found a better crop to feed on.
  3. been shooting a few local farms a while know and had some decent bags 20 /30/ 40/ 50/60/ 70/80/ 90/ 100 + so today i took the grandson out again he is keen just loves been outside we got set up for 10.15 and had a steady flow decoying well up to 3.45 finished with 107 picked missed some easy shots but a great days shooting and a honest bag with not a drop of frost in sight?
  4. good result ian nice to see them laid out not just thrown in a heap??
  5. thats a nice lump of permission ian bit of everything there keep us going for a while a few mixed bags coming ????
  6. just been looking at all the recent posts so nobody must be getting out on the woodies (must be too cold for summer shooters) all old pics from a while back even frozen ferrals small bags or large on rape take some getting but showing willing more important to farmers
  7. Three of us went ferreting today as we are still trying to get plenty done while we still can.The first hedge we ferreted was hard to net as it was on a bank side and had not been done by us before.We got that done by 1300 and had 5 rabbits peter and ian spooked a fox from up a tree covered in ivy which just walked off ..We then had a dinner break and went a few miles away to finish a hedgerow we never got finished last week.On entering the field we saw where the farmer said some poachers had been stuck in a 4x4 while riding round.They were probably after the deer and hares thats why he w
  8. shes about 11 years of age had her since a pup no spring chicken but been a very good rabbiting bitch over the years just likes to be out now
  9. nice day to be out again ian another land owner and farmer well happy the quad comes in handy
  10. the highlite of the day was watching peter and ian haveing a dig only 1 foot deep but they took it in turns with the shovel well done lads
  11. it was a cold afternoon but nothing froze even the birds kept fresh not a drop of ice on them
  12. nice video mate looks a good place if its sandy ground
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