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  1. You can only breed like that so long before they start coming defective from lack of new blood.. or if I'm reading what you posted correctly..
  2. So she is half sister to your main stud? I do breedings like that with success.. but, I prefer them having the same sire and different dams if I'm doing half brother half sister breedings.
  3. She has no booth blood in her nor did Robert breed her you are correct
  4. Their range is quite big though anywhere from 2 -40 miles.. but they indeed stay true to their range..
  5. Why wouldi keep groundhog dogs when my state has no groundhogs?
  6. I dont worry about all the size etc of some because I can actually use a larger dog here and it does not hinder my hunting in the slightest
  7. I run the blood because it seems to find really well.. and for the most part they are harder types which makes hunting log jams etc alot easier..
  8. It's only the lads from the north chasing tiny terriers to dig groundhog with.. we do not have groundhog in any kind of numbers in the south. I actually use a bigger dog right now. We work alot of drifts for coon.
  9. Indeed I'm serious, I've already got the dog picked out just waiting on my bitch to cycle. He is 25 # his mom is 28# and dad is 30#, the terriers I back cross to the bullx will continue to drop the size.. I'm in no hurry, nor am I doing it to sale so i really dont bother with time, I've nothing but time. But your advice is appreciated.. thanks
  10. And, J.B. (R.I.P) right here in Oklahoma had one that came 19 fully grown.. you are not as versed as you claim ABC or youd know that..
  11. If you think that then you even dumber than I thought. Better do your homework Eddie boy.. those Martinez Carver dogs are tiny and they keep coming smaller the more they are linebred.. but here's a bit of our convo so you know the dog is 25#.. and yes.. 100% Old Carver stuff.. now you may suck my nuts!
  12. Yes there is..illget you a pic of him soon when I go up there..A.W. McCool has bred several under 20 pounds .you should really get out a bit more because you sure dont know shit..
  13. I fully intend on going my own way.. imnot breeding mine to suit the masses, they will be bred to suit me and do a job.. thesecunts like ABC can continue to breed to suit others.. not me
  14. Learn to read a bit c**t.. I said the dog in the pic was maverick bred.. I'll be using a Martinez bred Carver dog that's 25 pounds since you think you gotta be in my bidness.
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