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  1. Jambalaya

    Just a pup

  2. Jambalaya

    Tougher quarry

    ed you wouldn't know because you hunt from the couch you fat lazy c**t.. leave this to the guys who actually step into the woods with their dogs.. you know nothing on the subject matter.. well... maybe what you've read...lmao
  3. Jambalaya


    Perhaps people are growing tired of your broken record nonsense.. Same shite different day..
  4. Jambalaya

    Various Jack Russell's

    One of the Russell's I had about 12 years ago. Was hunting river bottoms with my daughter in this pic. Was just starting the pup in the pic but ended up a really nice terrier..
  5. Jambalaya

    Staffy Bull

    I've had a few black scrappers myself..lol
  6. Jambalaya

    just a bitch pup

    Just a young female about ready to start good..
  7. Jambalaya

    Breeding Studs/Broods

    The dog and bitch are equally important..
  8. Jambalaya

    Ace boon coon

    Hell, I will give you that much.. And so will he.. Lololololol ain't no secret..
  9. Jambalaya

    Ace boon coon

    And you can feed a shit dog the best food in the world and it won't change a thing.. It starts in the field then the brood pen without these two ingredients, it's a recipe for disaster..
  10. Jambalaya

    Ace boon coon

    Ace Boone Coon has every right to be pissed off and an arsshole about his situation. Take a minute to get to know him, he is very genuine about his dogs..
  11. Yep, the Europeans are quick to suck our money only to feed us shit and keep us in the dark.. I agree
  12. I don't know the man nor do I care but I've never seen you guys say a single nice word about anyone on this site. You guys do plenty of ego stroking and bullshite but never offer a single bit of good advice, truth, or so much as a nice word.. If some of you guys worked your dogs as much as you get on here talking shite you'd have decent workers..