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  1. Hi lads border ratters out again tonight up puds farm at Scotland the team was me Pud and al we took Lola rogue Alf Ted and spud all terriers grafted hard making some spectacular marking and kills making a total of 81 longtails at the end of the night the youngest of the pack is spud my Plummer pup he is 11month coming up to nearly a year he’s one of Lola’s pups puds Plummer and he’s had 400+ longtails upto now he’s way ahead of his elf and these present pens we done has brought him right on anyway I had my camera with me again here’s a few pics
  2. Hi mate I’m using a Nikon d700 full frame dlsr with a 50mm prime lense
  3. Hi lads had a good day 112 not bad didn’t get started till after ten then finished up just after 2 so not bad had the camera with me but not many there had the terriers to look after and yes Pud believe it or not I dug a few out lol didn’t get chance to do pics just a selfie at the end and a couple of the lads standing around
  4. Not very good ones need more practice different ball game photographing the dogs coursing rats on the lamp so here’s the few pics I took app oligopolies for the poor quality
  5. Them pics were from Sunday past on the pens me and Pud 200 caught and another white one
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