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  1. vizlauk

    Thanks for invite pav

    You did well, that place certainly takes it out of you, it's pure hell, hills above hills, it's hard work even driving it, then the midges , good sport !
  2. vizlauk

    Impact bi-pod

    Exercise lol ! Pm sent !
  3. vizlauk

    Impact bi-pod

    Shooting sticks or quad sticks dump the bipod
  4. vizlauk

    ME ..ETHAN,,,Chris ,,Sean

    Brilliant !
  5. vizlauk

    Me troy and rapid

    A good result Billy, a good session on the pigeons!
  6. vizlauk

    ME ..ETHAN,,,Chris ,,Sean

    Tikka t1x 22lr with pard 008 on it !
  7. vizlauk

    ebay and chinise sellers *&*&^&**(*&^%

    I didn't realise that a normal swivel stud went inside the fitting ! So there won't be a problem
  8. vizlauk

    ebay and chinise sellers *&*&^&**(*&^%

    I know now ! Hw100 stud into the pin inside it !
  9. vizlauk

    ebay and chinise sellers *&*&^&**(*&^%

    Still don't know how you going attach it to the stock, also the the sling stud locating pin is going be a problem!
  10. vizlauk

    ebay and chinise sellers *&*&^&**(*&^%

    How you going fit the rail to the gun ?
  11. vizlauk

    ebay and chinise sellers *&*&^&**(*&^%

    I've got 1 of them ! No good , how are you going to fit it
  12. Some carbon fibre cylinders only have a 15yr life span, mine has ! Other carbon fibre cylinders can have a 20yr life span then they can not be retested, steel cylinders don't have an end of life.
  13. vizlauk

    Thermal... ranging

    As pav said, press the button & up it pops on screen with the pulsar apex xq50lrf