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  1. I just put the eaglevision low profile dovetail to picatinny both of mine & they are perfect , only adds about 4mm height, ideal for the pard nv008lrf
  2. Get used to it Dave, I normally pay £50 - 1000 for the standard cci large rifle primers, they were sold out at my normal place, the next lot are going be around £120 - 1000, Pleased to say I found dome elsewhere & stocked up , 3000 to keep me going Br2 at the local rfd £90 - 1000 in stock for now
  3. Some people know what there talking about, others dont
  4. You will be ok with that ! Its no s400 , but its better than them p35's by a country mile
  5. I really like them ! At that price ideal on my 22lr ! Sadly it went
  6. Good to read a decent honest review on here, makes a change from the normal dross, Good on you dave.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it ! I remember damaging a stock on a brand new scorpion se ! It was at the same place on a stone planter, the only time Jimmy was quite lol
  8. Nothing worse a nice stock ruined, I know that feeling, you may aswell leave it & just use it as it is , it will never look the same again. Serves you right for poaching on my permission without my say so.
  9. Done & dusted in less than 10 minutes, I was surprised it was doing 1.77 lb ft with a 7.33g pellet when tighterned, and low 9lb ft when the bolt was loose, very similar action to my old fx streamline, so its easy when you know what your doing And your welcome Jimmy.
  10. vizlauk


    I might be out tomorrow on the rabbits, will give you a shout if I bag up to many
  11. vizlauk


    I've forwarded on jjm number !
  12. vizlauk


    I've forwarded on jjm number !
  13. Yip,the breeder didn't have any of the litter docked, he works his hard & likes to see the tail ! It doesn't alter the dog.
  14. He's a pure joy! I've got high hopes gor this little fella
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