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  1. vizlauk

    stock bleaching hw100

    The S410 is all done, just been out in the garden to scope it in , accurate is a understatement! Just needs to cure then a waxing, metal work needs a light coat of oil , this 1 is going nowhere !
  2. vizlauk


    Nice morning to be out for a couple of hours, good company, when the phone rang at 4.40 am I was in two minds , but I couldn’t let my mate down , if we went, cheers for the loan of the hw100ks, I might get out a bit more now the work situation has changed, the old s410 carbine will be in action soon, 2nd coat just gone on the stock !
  3. vizlauk

    Wanted any old venom tuned air rifle

    Sure 1 was £645 , the other 595 both brand new unused Webley venoms
  4. vizlauk

    Wanted any old venom tuned air rifle

    Local gun shop has 2 mint unused genuine venom, .22 sidewinder & venom .177 cobra pcp, both walnut, 1 is a thumbhole.
  5. vizlauk

    Invited out again

    Jimmy, that olde git is still alive !
  6. vizlauk

    Invited out again

    Enjoy it mate , tell mark I’m asking after him, if I can’t find another holiday I might tag along if mark lets me
  7. vizlauk

    Back in the game - Springers

    It really is a topper , it shoots fantastic, a pure pleasure to use
  8. vizlauk

    Back in the game - Springers

    There may be a mint as new walnut stocked prosport in .22 going for sale very soon, at a very good price, this gun has only shot about 400 pellets since new !
  9. vizlauk

    pic of my hw100 ,in 20 caliber

    Absolutely great mate
  10. vizlauk

    pic of my hw100 ,in 20 caliber

    I only sold it back to you because your a mate who I know will look after it ! Heading home from aiya Napa tonight catch up tomorrow mate
  11. vizlauk

    sean on here aka viz

    Not a problem mate, I was in the area mate, I will let you know about scope & mounts if I decide not to buy another gun as I still have my pro sport
  12. vizlauk

    sean on here aka viz

    Wish I had , some clown smashed a glass & tried to glass me on Monday, he met the single lay shovel & my fist & the boys in blue just turned away !
  13. vizlauk

    sean on here aka viz

    It’s the nicest rws excalibre carbine I’ve ever seen & shot, if you ever sell it Jeff I want it back ! And luck after it , I’m over £4500 down this week due to the robbing b*****ds , nearly made me chuck the job in !
  14. vizlauk

    sean on here aka viz

    To tel the truth I didn’t want to sell it , but if it helps you out mate it’s yours, I’ve never used it since I bought it apart from a bit tweaking ! See you Monday mate, the money will go towards replacing my tools that some thieving b*****d stole out my van on Tuesday down tilbury