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  1. vizlauk

    Where to buy a air cylinder?

    Go dive normally has the best prices
  2. vizlauk

    gun box

    If your refering to a gun safe, it's logical! To make sure you lock it , keys should not be able to removed when unlocked Safety first
  3. vizlauk

    Savage laminate 17

    Stick to a cz, I was enquiring about a left hand cz American left handed & the dealer said the model I'm after is been discontinued, the other lad in the gun shop mentioned a savage for left handed, then they both advised against !
  4. vizlauk


    https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/hawke-airmax-3-9x40-ao-amx-riflescope/ Really nice scope, perfect for the pard 007 add-on,
  5. vizlauk

    Quick feedback please boys

    https://www.freeads.co.uk/uk/buy-sell/leisure-hobbies/hunting-sporting-equipment/guns/air-guns-rifles/35494977/theoben-evo-ultra-carbine-22/view#.XNM3RR7TU0N Is that it ? Looks like a sirocco not a evo
  6. vizlauk


    Is that brand new Phil ? I paid £129 for the same model, delivered from optic warehouse.
  7. vizlauk

    Quick feedback please boys

    Very good guns, as long as it hasn't been abused, accurate but snappy if overpowered!
  8. vizlauk

    Northern Shooting Show

    Undecided at the moment Phil.
  9. vizlauk


    https://yorkguns.com/shop/weihrauch-hw57-22-air-rifle-2/ Cheap enough to buy a new 1
  10. vizlauk

    Anyone know what this is

    The .177 seam to be a bit rare, I've seen good 1's fetch 350 / 400 in mint condition, I bet that 1 is .22
  11. vizlauk

    Anyone know what this is

    Nice little project, not a high quality gun, bit of fun , condition needs a full refurb, that's only my opinion of its true value
  12. vizlauk

    Anyone know what this is

    Haha, i wasn't a pit yaker as a youth !
  13. vizlauk

    Anyone know what this is

    Front sight is missing !
  14. vizlauk

    Anyone know what this is

    Also known as a el gamo paratrooper