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  1. Do you still require a sx3, my mate has a as new , Northumberland Area, pm me if you want his contact details £550 ono It won't have had 50 cartridges through it !
  2. I've got 1, but to tell the truth I've never used it ! I bought it with the intention of using it on my foxing gun , ive tried it hand held, good power, but my first thoughts were the beam spread was to open ! According to the box its got a 600 meter throw, I will give it a try out & let you know my thoughts
  3. Full kit including 7 litre cylinder £500, if I remember, he lives at Bradford
  4. .20 single shot , left handed skeleton stock Jjm old gun thats back up for sale
  5. I seen it for sale the other day , if I'm not mistaken im sure its sitting in a left handed skeleton stock ! It a lovely looking gun, ( single shot i think ??)
  6. There was 1000's a few years ago when I worked in Chiswick, thats all you seen & heard, we have magpies.
  7. Have you a pard 007 for sale pal. 

  8. Hw95k or hw80k , would be my choice
  9. I don't think there is a bad gun mate, more about personal preference! I really need to start using my 223
  10. Snap ! I've got the nv008lrf on my 223, 17hmr & my old faithful original nv008 on my 22lr with a add on rangefinder, priceless units in my opinion
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