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  1. Not on my list of dealers, I've only heard bad things from them, I remember pav had a load of hassle , that I know first hand, there pure liars ! Sell stuff they don't have or that's not even due in ! It was the same a few weeks ago, they were advertising that they had a tikka t3 left hand varmint in stock .223 ! Turns out yet again they didn't & the expected delivery into the country was over 6mths !
  2. Sh1te weather out there tonight, I'm still waiting to christen my .223 but I'm not going out when it's blowing a gale & p1ssing down, so that will have to wait, hopefully get out on the pigeons tomorrow on a syndicate shoot if a few body's don't turn up, the a400 will get a session on live stuff
  3. Mine hasn't got the kick off unit on it, but a lovely gun to shoot, got delivered on Wednesday afternoon, I put 1/2 choke in & powdered every clay I shot at ! Money well spent, a pleasure to shoot, so that's the auto & 2 o/u all leftys now.
  4. That's so true, the a400 xplor I bought is a full lefty ! I wouldn't care I got offered a as new benelli lefty on Wednesday!
  5. New guns must be in the air, I sold my old semi auto & a spare o/u last week , and bought myself a new semi auto, managed to get myself a nice beretta a400 xplor , more than happy with it, roll on the pigeons
  6. You've lost me on that reply, I haven't got a clue what your on about ?
  7. Same as the 1 I'm selling 12litre 300bar
  8. This sh1te weather isn't helping, I can't remember when I last had my rifle out ! Been spending more time clay pigeon shooting.
  9. Must admit things are quite on here lately
  10. Jimmy the cylinder tests are taking about 2 weeks at the moment, they must be busy ,
  11. 22 wmr by any chance! Seems a few are posting elsewhere these days
  12. I'm sure you can afford to buy it with the money of the hw110k I sold for you , you tight git, part with some money
  13. It will be fine, shouldn't be a problem ejecting a spent case
  14. If you get the chance of an rws Excalibre, buy it you won't regret it.
  15. You are correct Mark, that Excalibre was outstanding in everyway, and a rare carbine, jjm got it back off me , not sure where it is now ! Knowing jjm, it will be long gone. I also had a full length Excalibre which was also faultless, as will Simon's axsor, basically the same gun, a gun that will last forever if looked after.
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