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  1. Had a late message of a resident on a estate I shoot on, 10pm Saturday night, there's a fox about, Belly full of Indian food, reply was I will have a run up Sunday night, Well Sunday was a good day, shoot my first 100 sporting registered comp, 78 /100 , Then ventured up go my permission with the 17hmr as ive just put a new pard nv008plrf on the 223c& haven't scoped it in yet! A fox was spotted in the thermal, a good 600 yrds out, a few good squeaks on the caller in it come, it dropped down in the valley 274 yards away, then appears on my side of the valley, a few more squeaks in he comes it msde a fatal mistake & stops for a look, 176 yrds , straight to sleep with a lovely head shot, straight through the top of its head, dropped on the spot, Happy Sundays
  2. I he has any sence he will keep it, it really is a cracking gun.
  3. You won't regret it, it really is a good gun, im tempted myself!
  4. I got 1 here for sale !
  5. Bargain for someone, its a lovely gun
  6. Hawke Airmax sf30, 6x24x50 £180 delivered amx reticle
  7. As you know I'm a lefty, the tikka t1x 17hmr I use is right handed & my 22lr also a right handed tikka t1x, nice & easy , pleased I didn't wait for a left handed version! You won't regret a hmr !
  8. Rabbits love the hmr ! The noise doesn't bother them , especially when there dead !
  9. I joined c3 County Cover for shooting insurance this year, fully covered £36 !
  10. My 2 streamlines, had cylinders as well , no bottles on a streamline! The clue is in the name
  11. Not good news, even though I knew from day 1, it wasnt my place to say anything, that was up to you mate. I don't say much , but you know where I am, as always.
  12. Must be different where you are, as I've had them phone me up while I've been out shooting when someone has made a call reporting shots being fired , only once have they turned up on a occasion when I hadn't logged in
  13. Well in my opinion it stops the police wasting there time & mine if someone reports gunshots, alot of land I shoot over has problems with poachers, so I do it to confirm I'm supposed to be there shooting, same as I let the land owners know ! But each to there own
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