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  1. vizlauk

    Picture tells the story

    You've finally getting the hang of using the snares
  2. vizlauk

    Ferals take a hit

    Good number & a cracking day for it
  3. vizlauk

    Dose anyone work Hungarian vizsla on here

    I'd say there a bit soft compared to a gsp, they are hpr but in my opinion I'd go for a gsp, I had 5 vizsla's & out of the 5 only 1 was a great worker, she was a big bitch, I won't be having another when the last 1 passes.
  4. vizlauk

    Selling my hw 100kt

    He does state it's a hw100kt in .177 ! There is a sales section on this forum to list things for sale , the 1 thing that does help is a location
  5. vizlauk

    HW100KS 177 what can i say

    Vulcan done well last night, same place
  6. vizlauk

    Last light

    Cracking, nice clean looking rabbits, well done
  7. vizlauk

    night vision

    Phil, I thought exactly the same as you regarding the head position, that was until I tried & bought a pard 007, they are fantastic! I even went out and bought the pulsar n355 after I'd bought the pard as I was impressed with the n355 at the gun show last year ! Trust me , the n355 is pure shite out in the field, worst thing I've ever bought, the pard 007 wins hand down !
  8. vizlauk

    BSA R10SE stock

    Same stock fitting
  9. vizlauk

    Valueing classic air rifles

    Hw35e, .177 & fwb .177
  10. vizlauk

    Valueing classic air rifles

    He's in Northumberland !
  11. vizlauk

    Valueing classic air rifles

    Pm sent re , hw35e .177 & fwb sport 124 .177
  12. vizlauk

    Valueing classic air rifles

    I'm sure Mark Williams would be highly interested in the hw35e in .177 !
  13. vizlauk

    classic restoration?

    You gave a better 1 away !
  14. vizlauk

    eBay bargain

    Maybe because if something is shite, we say it's shite, that way others don't waste there money ! I'm more than happy now, 2 great vulcans that shoot perfect, a good skan chronograph that is highly accurate all the time, a good scope that works the way it's designed to work, that along with the thermal scope & spotter that also work as designed, you know nothing worse than having stuff that lets you down .