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  1. A negative member or ex member making daft comments
  2. Now that will be a good read, enjoy it mate
  3. Interesting this section of the topic to me, I'm thinking about putting in for a variation, mainly for dedicated fox, I had my mind set on 22-250, but after a visit to a couple of rfd I think I'm more likely to go 223 or just go 243, due to the ammo choice of 22_250 ; I was also advised that after 600 rounds plus a new barrel will be required on the 22-250, not sure if this is true ! So my mind set was 223, then when I looked at ammo costs, there's nothing in it between 223 & 243 , so I may just go 243 that will be the correct calibre for deer if I decide to go that way & more than enough for fox at distance.
  4. Add me to the list Mitch (vizlauk)
  5. Upgraded my thermal spotter! Still using the nv007 & nv008 phil
  6. Never got out , wind was blowing 35 / 40 mph westerly, no good for where I was heading, but I hope it's still blowing a bit in the morning, away on the pigeons , semi auto is ready to go & plenty clear pigeon 32g 6s .
  7. Another for Blackwood outdoors, bought a new thermal from him yesterday, delivered today , very good service.
  8. Good luck David, hope it pays dividends! If the wind drops a bit I'm off out ! 30mph gusts at the moment
  9. Phil, ask Pav or look into this !
  10. Wrong section, you lot should know better
  11. Enjoy it, I've just sold my nv008lrf, I prefer my original 008 with separate rangefinder mounted, I like the rats tail for the rangefinder, either way there good units.
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