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  1. Spineless b*****ds that run this country, thought labour were bad but these c**ts are just the same
  2. Went shooting rats again tonight with my mate at the livery, some bigger than the ferals, seen loads again and got a lot more than whats in the pics
  3. Yes sorry to here that mac, Good long shot there mate
  4. Great result db, nice one pal
  5. I dont think whats been shot in the past few weeks would make that much difference phill theres loads mate
  6. Cheers mate, loads at this place dont think it would ever get cleared of them, iv only been shooting them in this part of the yard there must be another 5 or 6 good spots at this place where i havent shot yet
  7. Went out tonight with a mate to the livery shooting rats, got these in the picture and a good few more that i couldnt pick up as my rat grabber broke, its bad enough in mornings or daytime but iv never seen as many as i did tonight, getting another grabber tomorrow and will be back one night next week to see if we can get more than we did tonight, only 1 feral there tonight so hopefully thats them gone now.
  8. Really nice pups mate
  9. Nice healthy looking pup mate
  10. Bad news that mate, he lived ti a good age thou, they are a great dog your right, mine was nearly 12, i was gutted when i had to get him put to sleep, i never got another english after him. He was great around other animals but couldnt let him near another dog
  11. I think it was a case of not many being worked over here, im not sure, i didnt hunt with him but he did a bit of work and done well, he was a well known dog locally, he was the only english iv owned and the only one around my area that worked at that time most of the others were pitbull and pitbull x, a few were pitbull x english which were good dogs
  12. This was my english bull i got him when he was 12 months old in about 1985, i had him for 10 years, great dog wish i had a better picture of him
  13. Sound like thats a great place phil, hope yous get it pal
  14. Dont think this place will ever dry up phil, cheers pal, - cheers sam
  15. Went out this morning to the livery and got a good few rats and a couple of ferals, as always here there were loads dashing about, got a good few more in the muck pile but didnt bother to pick them up incase i ended up rolling down it, not a lot of ferals left here now but will always be plenty of rats. Used bisley pest control pellets again from 5 to 25 mtrs
  16. Dogs look nice pal, great that they ferret aswell,
  17. Anyone know if anything's happen'd to this prick yet,
  18. Nice one DB, ye its a belter this one, (well they all are), had plenty with it and hopefully plenty more, cheers mate
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