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  1. Always been the best pellet for me aswell Rez but the last tin has put me off, drove an hour to permission couldn't zero gun with them, luckily i got a close rabbit but ended up coming home within an hour, pissed me off, cant be doing that again
  2. Nice one mate, best airguns you can get i think
  3. Ye nice one mate guns are looking nice
  4. Nice one si, id like to leave them where the drop aswell mate but iv been told i have to put them out of site (in the muck pile) as the horse lasses are walking around there all the time,
  5. I did try the jsb 8.4 last year but they werent as good as the mags si, the local gunshop didnt sell jsb heavies untill recently, il see what theyr like on longshots when i get a chance and hopefully theyl be good, to be honest iv had some great long shots with mags but too many dodgy pellet in them lately,
  6. Id pay for a dog i wanted but they get snapped up almost straight away, lads that breed for themselves and their mates, they would be the best pups i think but very few end up for sale, most others these days just want as much coin as they can get for their pups
  7. Yes got some yesterday phil and got a few rabbits and rats last night with them, they are the ones il be using from now in mate
  8. Went out tonight and got the new scope zeroed ( hawke tac sidewinder) with a change of pellet, using jsb heavies now after a total shit tin of bizley mags, got 2 rabbits in a paddock at around 40mtrs and got another load of rats near the cow shed in the muck pile / hay barn
  9. Its not often i go for headshots on birds i like the easier chest shot so good shooting jjm pal
  10. Before i left i did get a close rabbit at about 20mtr, if it were much further i wouldnt have took the shot
  11. Went to zero in a new scope i bought from weebster on here, scope is great (cheers pal). Opend a new tin of bizey mags which i always use, normally takes just a few shots to zero in but i used about 4 mags and still not done, maybe 2 or 3 pellet on pellet then off again, thought it was the scope then checked the pellets, loads with nibs on the end which they normally have but this tin had some with big nibs some small and some with none, so im asking whats the best heavy pellets you lads are using, i dont think il be using these again, this is what i was getting at 35mtrs which is normally within a few mill of pellet on pellet at this range, you can see the difference in the pellets.
  12. Ye must say i like shooting rats phil, just wish it was a place where terriers could be used aswell
  13. Cheers pal there is some big ones at this place pal
  14. This is a great place for them phil dont think this place will ever run dry of them mate
  15. Did you both go when you got the permission or did he get it on his own
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