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  1. keeganrees

    Strange bred

    Zedge he’s looking well mate .. I’ll watch this space very carefully to the future. Cant fault my two with Picardy pups first season gone well and the old girl will be slowing down now she’s 7 in September and more than deserves her semi retirement will just be a back up to the pup .. I wonder what type of pup he’d throw to the old girl 1/4picardy 1/4 deerhound 1/2 grey
  2. keeganrees

    Dog picking runs

    Old girl I got here stalks .. will pick a run from time to time and if goes over a brow will come off if it’s out the lamp only rabbits we talking . Fry’s my brain 9/10 same dog this year at 6 done 64 in a night she’s defo a marmite dog but she’s never ever failed to put something in the freezer. She’s a very intelligent dog and a canny runner in full flight .. but she’s never had a trip to vet and will probably do big bags till the age of 10. Most would of got rid years ago but how can you when she’s put so much to bed in front of dogs that will run through brick walls so to speak and come up less. i do though think may have over run her when I was younger and maybe through injury not knowing with hindsight would have changed things but she’s here for life
  3. keeganrees

    Pups first 18 months

    24 ish dogs whereas about 27 bitches varied
  4. keeganrees

    Pups first 18 months

    Dam 1/2 Picardy grey x 1/2 deer grey sire Dai Lloyd’s ceaser bull grey x razor (coursing dog)
  5. keeganrees

    Workin the Reed beds

    Good hunting that
  6. keeganrees

    4th trip this week for the little dogs

    IS what it is enjoy it that little bit more
  7. keeganrees

    4th trip this week for the little dogs

    Haha Wales is dead for game mate so travelling is the only way. Usually 90mins is standard for a lamp
  8. keeganrees

    4th trip this week for the little dogs

    Done it all up there mate I agree bottoms you do get a better run and it’s enjoyable to watch . I’m not slagging it off far from it I’d love to live up there. But you’ll still have a better success rate I always have Been going there for 6 years lamped the majority now
  9. keeganrees

    4th trip this week for the little dogs

    doing most of my lamping down south and probs spending 10nights of the year in dales I can assure southern will test any dogs full catching ability.. the dales is to easy across majority of it and gets boring as the catches are easy enough to take up. End of the day a rabbits a rabbit in all aspects of life. I enjoy both always have but to the boys who lamp dales regular it’s not hard to reach 50+ if your there week in week out. Also to add I do a lot around socks area no fences open hedge lines they are tough.
  10. keeganrees

    Bolting to the dogs

    Cracking pics what’s in the rough haired lurcher ?
  11. You ain’t tried the new deben 45w led as good as a blitz with a tighter beam .. box says extra 50m not that it makes much difference to a rabbiter but what I will say is I can’t run my 14ah lithium flat done a bag of 64 other week to still have 3 bars left on indicator
  12. keeganrees


    Moons been up that’s why
  13. keeganrees

    Striker Variable ?

    I've got the deben 170 and just upgraded to 100w but granted it doesn't last as long as the 75w
  14. keeganrees

    Five Months

    What's the breeding it's a cracker