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  1. sussex


    Comic genius of his day , and like a lot in the industry he had his demons ..RIP..
  2. sussex

    Danny Baker Sacked

    Does anyone really care ? Him getting the boot means nothing to me , he knows , or should know the limits of the pc industry he works in . Take the piss out of the monarchy is acceptable but wo betide you If a Twitter snowflake gets the faintest whiff of racism your down the road .I did like his reply to the beeb , fcuk you and fcuk off ..Give it a few months when the snowflakes have melted and dried up someone will give him a job ..
  3. sussex

    Northern Shooting Show

    That’s four hundred Yorkshire knives .... ..there ain’t that many of them willing to spend half a quid in the world let alone at one show in one day ....ny lad it’s a loser .
  4. sussex

    Northern Shooting Show

    Yorkshire men , the only people who could wringe blood from a stone ...you going Del . ?
  5. sussex

    Northern Shooting Show

    The three other villa fans will miss him .. go to the game mate
  6. I couldn’t believe some people had their hand luggage! Who in the right mind would fcuk about with that ..
  7. The greater spotted short billed smooth arsed three legged ones are to a penny round here ..and we have five rabbits in the garden ...
  8. sussex

    What knife do you carry ?

    My favourite knife , my eka has gralloched hundreds of deer . My inpocket knife is an opinal customised by griff with antler handle ..
  9. sussex

    Gut hook ......

    Ah , didn’t realise it was that small ....your reprieved ..
  10. sussex

    Gut hook ......

    Looks good mate but I would struggle to open a deer up cleanly with it , ...I would think the hook bit needs to be flatter with no sharp point ..
  11. sussex

    Davey Lammy

    Get of the fence mate ! ..let’s hear what you really think about him ...
  12. sussex

    Bad day for hunting

    So he dosnt mind me shooting deer but does mind me shooting crows ......cake and eat it comes to mind in truth he dislikes hunting more than he likes certain wildlife ..
  13. sussex

    Bad day for hunting

    Were singing from the same sheet Dan , were just singing different verses ... You’ll be pleased to know I’m not a minority , loads of the pheasant boys who shoot and run syndicates are working lads that have done good and come up the ranks and look down on no one , sure there’s a top end to shooting but there’s always a top end to most things in life , do be fooled by the class war shit the only people we need to fight are the political elite peddling it ..
  14. sussex

    Bad day for hunting

    And that’s the heart of the problem and why the antis will win eventually , finger pointing , a few keyboard warriors the vast majority never get out more than a few times a year sit and spout of on a forum and every one takes that as the official view of anyone that shoots pigeons , be the same on the stalking forums and all the boys on the dog forums will be slagging shooters and stalkers and so it goes on , meanwhile the joined up antis chip away at the weakest link with great effect .. I don’t know one lad I shoot with who supports the ban on hunting with dogs , not one and I’ve been involved with field sports in one way or another for well over forty years ..taking what a few key board hunters say on a forum and holding them up as an example is bolloc ks .. there was 400,000 people on the march don’t tell me they were just the dog boys for fcuk sake !