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  1. sussex

    Out on the Rape tonight!

    If your going to miss any it’s the absolute sitters , anyone that ever shot any amount of foxes has done it .. Ive missed two out the bedroom window at less than twenty five yards over the last couple of years ..the lager will help no end ..
  2. sussex

    New Manchester united kit

    Any one that pays £109.95 for a tee shirt needs sectioning!
  3. sussex

    bang bang

    Getting a few now Les ..
  4. sussex

    a good do

    Nothing wrong with that , I’ve got two and they are the nuts ....
  5. sussex

    Anyone fancy a dip in the sea?

    Honey Badger ...now we are talkin bad assed !
  6. sussex

    Raid fly and wasp killer

    It killed a nest of those big euro wasps I had move in last year ..proper p1ssed them of though ..shame if you have to kill bumble bees but sometimes needs must ..
  7. sussex

    Not a bad morning on the blacks

    Good bag Dave , I noticed this morning they were combining down here this morning (near Newhaven ) and there was lots of pigeon on the stubble .
  8. sussex

    Training a goshawk

    Typical BBC never showed it right through to the hunting stage but still worth the watch ..
  9. sussex


    You could fall down a carzie and come up with a five course meal,and all the wine ! Every one else would find a turd looks fabulous , you up there for the weekend GL ?
  10. sussex

    Training a goshawk

    Might be worth a watch , training a goshawk bb2 now ..
  11. sussex


    Things you find beachcombing ! I’m lucky to find a stone with a hole in , you turn up and find fish , a full English cooking on bbq ( when the fella gets back from his swim he’s going to be mighty pissed of some barstad has nicked his breakfast ) a dog , two boats and a fcuking bulldozer ..not to mention a couple of dressed crabs ..I was going to ask what beach but it’s pointless going there after you have been through like a plague of locusts....
  12. Had a pal ring to say he’s seen a mink around his fishing lake , it’s only a small place and he keeps it beautiful only half a dozen swims really secluded and mainly for friends and family . He had a problem a few years ago with mink and they caused him a lot of problems , killed the ducks on the ponds , all his fancy chicken and we’re going through the fish at a rate of knots , his wife was anti kill them until she lost her chicken by which time they had become a prop nuisance..This time it was get at them ASAP , so I went round mainly to drop of some cage traps , two cups of coffee and a natter I was just leaving when his wife come down and said it’s on the landing stage ...55m from the bedroom window with the rim fire .. Edited to say it’s in the freezer incase Rob58 has need of one ..
  13. sussex

    Truck night

    Found this the other day , another body , same running gear ..rolled of a bank did 360 and finished on its roof , four people inside all walked away unhurt ..
  14. Spsurfer That is one elegant knife ....top quality as always .
  15. sussex

    at,em again

    They have been cutting the rape for the last week or so and the wheat looks ready ..