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  1. sussex

    Defacing Bomber Command and Churchill statues

    Sad to think that it’s the sacrifices these men made that allows these idiots the freedom to commit these mindless and insulting acts ..they are a disgrace ..
  2. sussex

    another load sent down.

    The seas around here have enough pollution now ,without dumping more shite in them , they should be put to good use , fuel for the power station , I know there would be a bit of black smoke but that’s better than polluting the sea .Complete trash to a man ..they may well,have thrown there lives away but they have ruined plenty of others that had little choice in the matter ..
  3. sussex

    moaning black bitch

    And even then she would need to be blind ..
  4. sussex

    Few from the last month ..

    Hardly touches them .. after a morning out and shooting four as we left the estate these walked out ...today (Monday ) we shot three and as we left in the same field in exactly the same place there was 60 + ...edited to say this is one of two fields we can’t shoot because of horses ..and I’m sure the deer know it !
  5. sussex

    243 granted

    Another one for the Tikka .. can’t fault mine ..
  6. sussex

    Few from the last month ..

    My red friend does all the dragging now Rob , if I had to I wouldn’t be pulling the trigger ...
  7. sussex

    Tiny Roe deer fawn

    Cracking work Rob ....
  8. sussex

    rap videos

    What’s The old saying “monkey see monkey do “ ....fill young silly minds with shite and wonder why shite happens .
  9. Here’s a few from the last month , pressing on with the cull which is about on target at the moment ..
  10. Imagine if he had had a couple of his mates with him , the whole lot would have been over in ten minutes and they would have been back in time for dinner....
  11. sussex

    MP's expenses.........still taking the piss.

    Uncanny likeness ! ...I’ve heard about living high on the hog but she looks like she’s eat the fcuker !
  12. Nice first post ! ..if only life was this easy ...I take it you are young or completely inexperienced ..there is on the forum advise about getting permission , no where in it is someone gifting it to you .. have a read , take it in , and get to work ..good luck .
  13. sussex

    the beauty is a beast lol

    And all your mates end up knowing you got beat the fcuk up by a girl ..karma is a bitch as well ..
  14. sussex

    Muddy management

    Nice work Matt ..
  15. sussex

    skull boiling

    Done a few skulls , problem now is you can’t buy strong hydrogen peroxide unless your licensed thanks to our friends that keep using it to blow things up !