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  1. sussex

    Quick trio ...

    I like to give them a quick wash down and leave them three or four hours to dry before putting them in the chiller if the weather is cool enough and there are no flies about ..I don’t put them away wet as it causes moisture problems in the coldroom ..I always hang when I gralloch which keeps everything pretty clean anyway ..
  2. sussex

    got a call last week

    Yep enjoyed that jig , some good eating there for sure ..
  3. sussex

    DONT rip ..

    How the fcuk did he only do six years for that the kiddies murder , the physiatrist report said there was nothing they could do with him and he would always be a dangerous threat yet they still let him out ...
  4. sussex

    DONT rip ..

    Angus Sinclair , Scotland’s most notorious murderer and rapist has died ...if there was such a thing has hell he will be there in the company of the worst dregs the world has spawned ...long may he rot there .
  5. sussex

    Quick trio ...

    I’ve finished on one of my places but I’ll carry on for another week or so at this place ..in all the hundreds of fallow I’ve shot I’ve never seen a doe carrying twins .. I think in all the years of stalking I’ve only ever seen one fallow doe with twins ..and even then I couldn’t be 100% certain they were both hers ..
  6. Out early this morning with a stiff westerly wind I had only one way to work this permission , it was one of those mornings were the deer were in the places I thought they would be , anyone who stalks a lot will know that rarely happens , normally they turn out to be everywhere but we’re you think they will be .. From the start the dog was scenting them and it was literally minutes before we came up on a bunch of twenty odd tight against the wood in the lee of the wind , off the sticks at sixty yds all but one bolted across the field and stood looking for a minute or so , with no backstop for a second shot I waited till they hopped the fence and disappeared into the wood . Number one checked we moved further around the wood and and two fields on another bunch were tucked in a little hollow , this required a bit of a crawl out the wood ,into a shallow very wet ditch and along on hands and knees till I could see into the hollow in the field , off the bipod I took the furthest doe away hopeing they would come my way or be confused enough to hang around long enough to get a second shot .They didn’t , soon as she dropped they bolted down the field and never stopped . Checked , I went back in the wood to carry on around .Not ten minutes later I glassed a bunch of forty plus walking slowly left to right through the wood at about 120 yds , with a high bank behind them I shifted a few yds to my right , got on the sticks and gave a loud cough , as they stopped to look a middle order doe dropped to the shot .Three down I was as far round the wood as I could be with the wind .. Back to the truck for the quad and gralloching kit they were picked up and gralloched , the dog had a couple of kidneys and various odds and sods she helped herself to .. pictured at home because I forgot the iPad , they took the scales round to 67lb 68lb and 81lb ( second one I shot ) ..all in superb condition .With the deer I see on my permission and the deer on neighbouring fields I recon I see close on 200 fallow ..
  7. sussex


    Yourve got to wonder if Ken’s lending a helping hand .... ....
  8. sussex


    Sitting here thinking I can’t come up with one excuse that sounds anywhere near plausible why I’d be driving round with 465 large in cash in the back of the van ....given it’s not an armoured truck and there are two of us in uniform..
  9. sussex

    Abusive wife.

    If that was my old lady I’d have to learn to sleep with at least one eye open , that’s after I hid anything sharp or heavy ..!
  10. sussex

    Lived to fight another day

    They went the extra mile to help there , good effort .
  11. sussex

    Michael Jackson

    Same as Mackay , thought he was long before the documentary..
  12. sussex

    Bets on who dies next

    It’s getting like death watch on here ...
  13. sussex

    What breed ?

    Whatever they are that seems a serious amount of weight for two dogs to pull ..
  14. sussex

    Today is visit my mosque day.

    It was mosque or pushing red hot needles behind my finger nails , the red hot needles edged it !
  15. sussex

    All set

    Congratulations, enjoy ..