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  1. Bit different from training spaniels ....
  2. The last two labs I’ve had were gifted , the first one from a friends daughter that were puppy people , once the dog got to a year old they grew tired of them , they lived in a flat and the dog got to go out just for a few minutes a couple of times a day ..her pedigree work wise was unknown , I got her at eighteen months , she had no training whatsoever , after thirty odd years of having working dogs , all spaniels she was by far the best dog I have ever had , training her was unbelievably easy , her first to years was nothing but stalking and tracking but I did work her on dummies and take he
  3. sussex


    I’m amazed anyone survived …fingers crossed they pull through .
  4. It’s a lucky man to own one of those ..superb work .
  5. sussex


    Got the same one , cracking torch ..
  6. We have the tree rat over here , very much like the brown rat at home just a bit smaller .My brothers new terrier caught his first one last week almost by accident , two of them were fighting on the top of a wall and ended up falling at the pups feet , he investigated them and got nipped , all that did was flip a switch and he grabbed it and shook the granny out of it , he spends hours now pacing up and down the garden looking for them , he as also taken to killing large insects for some reason ..difficult to fathom the brain of a terrier .
  7. sussex

    Rat bites

    I’d definitely be getting that looked at , my pal got bit by a cat , by the time the first nurse looked at it and the doctor prescribed the weakest antibiotic he could it was only five days later he was in hospital having emergency surgery to save his hand ..don’t fcuk about get it looked at and don’t be fobbed off …
  8. Mines a bit more refined ..although my brother has four to choose from ..he’s got a bit of a thing for old toyota’s ..as well as the 80series he’s got a 100,,150,& a Colorada , which he bought for £2500 eight years ago , which was for nothing ..they are only going one way mate , and the least sensors on them the more they will make …mines the silver 100 series
  9. ..and you’d wear out the three new trucks , the Toyota landcruiser would still be going strong ..we was out this weekend up in the Spanish hills in this one , 94 , 389000miles , same engine 4.2 td ..had a second repaint a year ago ..my brother turned down £18,000 ($24,000) ..it has got the kings suspension on it though .. There’s a big market in the states at the moment for the old 80series especially the ones built between 94&97 , they have the three diff locks , solid axle , and manual gearbox ( as above ) , the serious off roaders are buying them for rebuilding .The Aussies
  10. She probably had a friend come to visit and thought she’d show off a bit and took her to see the human she’s trained to fetch her dinner ..
  11. If she was impressed by a Chevy nova imagine what a Landcruiser could do , she’d have been over on her back like an old girl in the snow .. Talking about Landcruisers I see one for sale in the States recently , one owner , eighty series , 4.2td , 24valve manual 1994 , with just a thousand miles on the clock …$133,000 ....
  12. sussex

    MP stabbed

    Sadly now died …
  13. I would definitely go down the dermatologist route before starting on betnovate , it’s a quite powerful steroid and prolonged use is not recommended for youngsters . I suffered with it as a kid and some of the ordinary soaps and detergents seemed to cause flare ups , along with a lot of the moisturisers recommended to help it , one , which was some type of pure lanolin sent the thing into overdrive for days .I eventually grew out of it and I’m sure they have made progress in the treatments now on offer ..
  14. That’s got to be right up there medal wise mate ..I wouldn’t be surprised if it makes gold ..nice one .
  15. No wonder old tec free cars are making strong money …
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