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  1. Get a rod and get casting ....
  2. My pal kept chicken at his council house for thirty odd year , 7 or 8 layers which kept him and his mate next door in eggs . He had them in a good run and was on the first sign of the inevitable vermin interest ..I don’t think anyone even knew they were there .He did have a tidy sized garden though .
  3. Walshie pulled the plug out ...
  4. sussex


    Place your phone screen down on a flat surface , get a stout stick and hit it as hard as you can ...this will cure everything ..guaranteed ..hope this helps ..
  5. sussex


    Scallops and black pudding ...it has to be the Bothy in Perth ..perfection . wilf was the butchers in Roman Road the one between Parnell and Usher Road ..? I remember that as a proper old fashioned butchers ..
  6. Never fcuked about cooking them , bit of chile sauce and set about it ..
  7. sussex

    Mince pies

    If they eat half as good as they look you on a winner ...happy days
  8. Apparently winter over here is the best time for the barbel .. on the Ebro ..cat went 168lb .. my best carp , 36lb 6onz .... edited to say I’ve never landed a double figure barbel ..been bloody close but never quite got the needle past the ten ...
  9. Giving this firm a ring to see if I can book a trip in ...https://www.fishtripr.com/experiences/11199631...They are a couple of hours away ...30lb barbel might prove interesting ...
  10. Had a few days on here over the last couple of weeks , near Benidorm .. Not had anything big yet , but did hook this spiteful little barstard ... Suprisingly the owner doesn’t want them ...
  11. It’s a long winter once you got your one mate ......
  12. You got a tag for whitetail Ted ? ...
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