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  1. sussex

    Little Roe Deer

    The picture dosent really do it justice rob , my pal is well pleased .
  2. sussex

    Latest fox mount. " The Dreamer "

    Another quality piece ..top work as usual...
  3. sussex


    Total professional behind the wheel , like or loathe him he is the best F1 driver at the moment ..
  4. sussex

    A dangerous screwball !!

    Only thing she craves is the Columbian marching powder ..she’s sucked up more of that than oxygen ..
  5. sussex


    He seems to pull a lap out just at the right time ..vestapen was on the pace he could be a problem come the race .
  6. sussex

    remi gaillard

    Chancing his arm dressed as a grizzly , it’s a wonder someone didn’t pull out a gun and let loose ..the angler ad the jogger cracked me up ..
  7. sussex


    Most guns on pegs are far from fcukwits , anyone that does fall into that category doesn’t get past the first drive and in ten years I’ve never seen anyone shoot a thrush , redwing or any other bird or mammal that was either protected or not in season ...A lot of the days are just ordinary working fellas that save a few quid and have a day or so a year on the pheasants as a treat , sure there’s people that shoot once a fortnight and one or two teams that Shoot one a week but these are the exception..All this talk of teams of guns from the city shooting everything that walks talks flies or cries is bol locks ..Some corporate days you will invariably get the odd gun that hasn’t shot driven game ( most will be keen shots hence the reason they are there ) , they will ALWAYS have a loader or mentor , no one is ever given a gun and left to get on with it , safety is paramount. All our game , pheasant , partridge and duck is collected and chilled , most is boxed and collected weekly . Some is processed for our shop and for the guns to take home , the guns can have as much processed game as they want .. All this talk of tons of game being buried I’ve yet to see any evidence, as for rich shooters just wanting to kill every thing I hate to think how much has been spent on some of the grouse moors with little or no shooting this year due to the weather / fires ..if the conservation work relied on anyone but the ultra rich countryman that truly loved that environment and grouse shooting the moors would be fcuked .. I wouldn’t believe everything the anti press tell you ..
  8. sussex


    Shooters spend £2.5 billion on goods and services .. Shooting supports the equivalent of 74000 full time jobs Nearly 2 million Hectares are actively managed as a result of shooting Shoot providers spend £250 million a year on conservation . Shooters spend 3.9 million working days on conservation , the equivalent of 16000 full time jobs .. Then you have backward left wing councils that stop grouse shooting and surrender the moor to a bunch of tree hugging bunny strokers that don’t want or don’t have the money to support the moor ..Shooting driven pheasants might not be your bag but don’t knock it the money input from it supports some fabulous conservation work that lives on its back ..
  9. sussex

    Sweden 🇸🇪 adding to the growing anti eu sentiment

    They don’t know what they voted for .. They weren’t given the full facts .. They are racist ... They were mislead .... They will need to vote again until they get it right ...
  10. sussex


    It’s Walshie’s fault ...
  11. sussex

    Nissan Navara

    Had an 08 model , drove nice but three weeks after I sold it the engine went pop ! It only had 75,000 on it and was well maintained.Got the hilux know that has just clocked 100k , that’s going shortly for either another Toyota or the Isuzu , heard good reports on them and the only one to come with a 5year 125k mile warranty..and best mpg ..
  12. sussex

    cat bite.

    They have the second most toxic bite after a human according to a doctor that spent over a week saving my pal from loosing his hand after being bitten by a cat ..turned septic a couple of days after being bit and within a week he had a red line running up his arm .The op to clean the wound was horrendous and it took three month before he was back to normal ..
  13. sussex

    RIP Conway Savage

    You had me guessing Walt , anyway RIP Conway ..
  14. sussex

    Londons gang map

    Quickly was ten years ago ...the shit is neck deep now .
  15. sussex

    OUT with new gun

    Nice outing with an under rated round ..friend has shot one for the last couple of years to great effect ..