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  1. sussex


    Have you tried eBay mate .?
  2. sussex

    Got him !

    With the prickets and bucks I used to hook there heads on the quad rack then stand on the back and pull them up , quite a few times I ended asreover head and back to square one .. the doe’s were never a problem I could just pick them up and put them on .. this getting old is a pain !
  3. sussex

    Got him !

    I’ve had one of these for the last few years .. When I bought this pully it was about £14 ...it came with a gambrel but I prefer the smaller type , this and a length of climbing rope saves me no end of struggling , you can see the self locking bar in the top picture . The big stuff I normally lower down straight on to the quad once I ve gralloched them . I don’t know what possessed me to carry that big buck out , must have been a rush of blood to the head , I won’t be doing it again any time soon
  4. sussex

    Legally changing age ffs

    I wonder if he’s going to give up his pension now he’s not old enough to draw it ...?
  5. sussex

    Queen's Dog To Be Banned

    You can just hear old Lizzy now , “ well you can fcuk off and tell them they ain’t getting it back , and while your at it tell Openshaw I’ll have his fcuking head on a spike the slippery cnut “ ...
  6. sussex

    The New Defender...

    Always worth buying Landrovers two at a time Gav , you have to be really unlucky for them both to be in the garage at the same time .......
  7. sussex


    Beggars belief ...you really do have to be the lowest of the low ..
  8. sussex

    Imani the Ridgeback

    Sad day Dave ..
  9. sussex

    The New Defender...

    It’s being towed , they just airbrushed the rope out ..
  10. sussex

    Got him !

    Been after this one since the start of the season , big animal no head , I’ve had him in the scope about four times but he’s either been in front , behind or I’ve had no backstop ..this morning his luck run out .Just in the edge of the wood with about twenty five doe’s and fawns with him he presented a shot at eighty yards through the trees ..how he was holding doe’s with his headgear I don’t know , I’ve watched him several times chase of better bucks purely down I think to body weight .. his right antler was broken of the other side was malformed..I thought he was going to do for me carrying him out , gralloched with head and feet of he went 156lb in the chiller..
  11. sussex


    You barstad we were blaming the fcuking blue tits ....
  12. sussex


    It was the blue tits at our place , in winter you had to be on the ball if you wanted to beat them to the cream on the gold top .
  13. sussex

    Hunters reaction to deer kill......

    I don’t think he’s passed that milestone yet ....
  14. sussex

    Another couple of bucks

    If we both had a pound for every time I’ve blanked we wouldn’t have to work ....
  15. sussex

    Another couple of bucks

    Pity you wasn’t out today we knocked 11 over ..six this morning we’re you were and five tonight over the other place ..