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  1. sussex

    Own up! Who did it?

    Did they let him take the cow home ! ...
  2. sussex

    Steak and Kidney Pudding

    That’ll have GL dribbling ....that is proper grub .
  3. sussex

    Own up! Who did it?

    Number one rule of shooting ...identify your target .No ifs or buts if he could 100% identify his target as a fox he shouldn’t have pulled the trigger ...and he shouldn’t have a ticket now ..
  4. sussex

    Throwback Thursday......The Ibex.

    That’s all you need a bloody herd of ibex shitting all over you nice clean dam ..
  5. Honda 420 , had a Honda 350trx before ..the 350 I had for ten years ,never ever had a problem with it , serviced every year it was a tool .Changed for the 420 2 or 4 wheel drive it’s in the same league .. Serviced and looked after this one will see me out .. edited to say I’m using an Isuzu dmax to tow it about ..
  6. sussex

    Just to bring a bit more attention...

    Drove down through Javea the other evening , 400yds from the town centre about eight trotted across the road right in front of the truck ..did well to miss the bloody things !
  7. sussex

    When it gets tough

    Errr we never mate , it was on loan from America part of an art exhibition..
  8. sussex

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    What about his mates , are they all dead as well ? ....
  9. sussex

    What ye think of this in the hallway

    Liked to have seen a bit more movement in the pig , he’s standing there looking like he’s waiting for a bus ...
  10. sussex

    At last it’s a first

    Well done Dave , nice first buck ....no entry wound ....didn’t trip and bash its head and your claiming it ....body shot your soon see where when you opened it up ..how did you get on with the gralloch , was that a first ?
  11. You did well mate , was you not dribbling when you had yours ....
  12. I do know a lady that got 6.5 x 55 granted with an open ticket ..very very rare , she had been on a lot of paid stalks with a very experienced stalker and had done her dsc1 before applying , she also had a lot of cleared land to shoot over .. The best before that was 12 months from grant to open , again fairly rare event ..
  13. sussex

    Cape Buffalo

    That is fcuking awesome ! ! ..what a job .Brilliant ..
  14. sussex

    my hunting setup 2018/2019 pic heavy

    You only have to look at Texas , and they do everything from machine gunning to trapping ,and still can’t get on top of them ..with your wide open space and limited human contact the numbers will go through the roof .. I read that at the moment they occupy 750,,000 sq kilometres and it’s increasing by 88,000 k a year with a year on year increase ..At some point the authorities will have to act , Canada’s agriculture and wildlife is a major money earner ..Mind if there anything like ours the whole lot will go down the shitter while there playing politics ...
  15. sussex

    The New Defender

    Can’t see that front bumper taking a 9ton whinch , or protecting the bodywork from knocks ...one for the school run , not the farm yard ..