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  1. sussex

    World Cup cricket

    Bloody awesome, what a game ,!!! Even if you dont like cricket that was nail biting...well done England & Wales..
  2. sussex

    That time again

    For fcuks sake dont tell GL where you live , he'll have that scoffed in the time it takes to pull the tab on a cold beer
  3. sussex

    vinny joneses wife dies

    A tough call , the mark of a good and true man that rises to the need .. I wish you well mate .
  4. sussex

    Hong Kong - British Colonialism

    Like anything sometimes you don't realise how good things are until there gone ...although I think the people of Hong Kong did know how good it was and did realise how bad it would be under new less tolerant masters..
  5. sussex

    Utah, May 19

    Write it up , great looking dogs
  6. sussex

    Has my boy been used for stud?

    As much as I hate to say it this has all the hall marks of a job for the rspca It's certainly on the level they operate in ..
  7. sussex

    Has my boy been used for stud?

    Bit harsh Del , this has the makings of an all time classic , certainly up there with classic first posts .. I can't wait for the second post, it could be along the lines " my boys had his back door smashed in " or " could my boy have a dose of the clap .....
  8. sussex

    'vorsprung durch technik'

    Eggs , definitely the eggs !!
  9. sussex

    Wtf is this

    he must have survived the encounter long enough to post the picture...
  10. sussex

    Help Please....What did this??????

    Honey badgers , and when they catch up with you , and they will ! they will chew your head off starting at your feet . Don't mess with a honey badgers kumqote stash it won't end well ..
  11. sussex

    weathers bad here

    Sweating in Javea ...mind it was overcast last night and I had to shut the patio door ...brightened up no end today though ..
  12. sussex

    Another stabbing in London

    LWho said the old bill weren't on the ball when it comes to knife crime , they had that old bird a bit lively!! The drug gangs will be shitting when they see this ..zero tollerance ; well done the mayor ....
  13. sussex


    When the monarch is a Queen the Queen is the highest rated card in the deck ....
  14. sussex


    Comic genius of his day , and like a lot in the industry he had his demons ..RIP..