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  1. sussex

    Site problems

    I blame walshie ....
  2. It’s a nightly thing out here , mind the way there dropping here there be no fcuker left soon ....over 650 today alone and we have been in lockdown for nearly two weeks ...
  3. If that’s his lot who going to take over the mortuary reporting duty ? .... rip soaks .... sorry that should read socks .. I’m out ..
  4. They look like fallow does to me ....
  5. Don’t suppose he’ll be sweating on wether or not he gets a ventilator or what makeshift hospital they’ll rush him to ....
  6. In times gone by when the sh1t was hitting the fan the young royals did there bit ...be nice to see the likes of Wills and the other younger members of the royal family stepping forward ...maybe even Harry could come back of his holiday and help if he’s not feeling to fragile ....given none I can think off have a particularly front line job ...
  7. Go , anyone asks what your doing tell them your the start of the food chain ...
  8. Round the port areas where we are in Javea there are dozens of them , the (mainly) expats keep putting food out for them which is doing nothing but driving the problem ..a couple of women are constantly trying to raise money to buy food and are feeding more and more of the mange ridden things ..you don’t see many Spaniards chipping in to feed them for sure ..
  9. When we took over a little shoot we inherited the local feral cat problem , they were a bigger pest by far than the foxes .The old boy that had had the shooting told us he could never get on top of them , given he was eighty odd and never did much more than put a few birds down and walk them up a few days a year it’s not surprising .. Typical farm with loads of half empty sheds , hay and straw stacked everywhere there was no problem for them finding somewhere to drop the young ..took us months to get to grips with them ..
  10. I was out yesterday , empty field two hundred yards from the apartment not another person insight doing a bit of dummy work with the lab when the Guardia pull up , what you doing ? Exercising the dog ..your only allowed to walk it , you can’t stand about , walk it and go home ...two days earlier they were sitting watching me train her never said a thing ..they are proper cracking down on people walking and driving about for no reason ..
  11. First it’s Mushroom now Peterhunter .....mind at least Kenny Rogers is actually dead , Mush had got em in the box and nailed down while there still breathing ! Theres only room for one mortuary watcher ..... RIP ....
  12. The building society in Roman Road , Bow got robbed so many times the girls never battered an eyelid , two dopey b*****ds robbed it Monday morning as soon as it opened , they got about nine quids worth of coins and to top it all got caught and done for armed robbery ...
  13. Sorry mate sometimes it is justified to shoot the messenger ! ...
  14. I know your looking for a new job mate but nicking someone else’s isn’t considered good form , and then to bollock up your first job ....... hope your not wishing the old boy dead ....
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