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  1. Yet 340 something MPs can claim their heating bills on 2nd homes ..which are also paid for on expenses ..good work if you can get it ..
  2. Middle of October the fallow rut is on ..they do like to shred a bush or two ..
  3. I managed to miss one the other evening while driving the wife’s car , biggest wild boar I’ve ever seen , it wouldn’t have wanted to hit it in my landcruiser , let alone her little car ..there’s a tidy few of them about now .
  4. Few years back my brother arrived back at his villa to find the pressa guarding a chewed up trainer ….it wasn’t one of his ..someone had a very very lucky escape ..
  5. It’s what comes from letting women out on there own with a loaded firearm …?, mind it’s easy enough to make a mistake , it had all the characteristics of a wolf , four legs , tail and a mouth full of teeth ..it’s easy done ..? If their is a plus side I bet all the other owners keep there dogs on a lead when there in the park ..?
  6. There is a young Spanish couple we bump into some mornings that bought a Mali pup on the back of watching loads of vids on how clever and how easy they are to train ..they give no thought to how much time , effort and knowledge is required to get a dog to that level, I’m sure they think they can give the dog a book and let it crack on , now nearly six months old they are getting dragged along for its early morning less than a mile walk ..if ever there’s a disaster waiting to happen it’s them ..
  7. Now is the time to take the knee ..RIP The Queen ..
  8. sussex


    End of an era that will never be repeated ..RIP The Queen ..
  9. sussex

    The Queen

    Read that and thought you had some inside news …?
  10. If not , it might be the way forward ..?
  11. The fallow get very very wary when put under to much pressure , it wouldn’t take to many nights for them to spook at the first sight or sound of people or machines .While some night shooting would work you risk the chance of moving them to places you can’t get at them at all .By the time the season was half done we could see the pattern developing where they new where they were safe and stayed there .We could often see 350 plus laying out all day in safe fields and only in the last couple did we get access that allowed us to move them around .What ever the law says you are going to have people
  12. We fish quite a lot on the Jucar river near Cullera , you wouldn’t believe the amount of rubbish Spanish anglers leave behind , I bet every single time we go we collect a black sack full and it hardly makes a dent in it ..they have this someone else will clear it up attitude ..the English lads that fish to a man take their rubbish home ..
  13. The Spanish youngsters are as bad if not worse than the kids at home , even the Spanish adults think nothing of dropping paper bottles etc , it’s a bit like the uk in the fifties and sixties .. This car park is opposite a night club , the four nights a week it’s open this is what they leave ..at the end of the car park just out of view are four huge bins ..July and August sees it twice as bad ..the council come round at first light and clear up ..it’s mental how they let them get away with it ..
  14. The Arms industry along with the Energy industry must be rubbing their hands ..Can you imagine the funding and rebuilding contracts that will be on offer ..All the aid being given won’t be without strings I’m sure ..
  15. Is exaggerating a side effect of the anaesthetic or have you got the metric imperial measurements mixed up , 9cm don’t want any publicising ..? Glad it all went well ..??
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