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  1. The house of Saud by the look of it …a true work of art ..
  2. Just need to source a nice pen and a decent writing pad .. really pleased with it , so is everyone that’s seen it ..
  3. Fcuking ecstatic I would think …why wouldn’t you be ..there’s a lot more rich happy people than poor happy people …
  4. As much as dislike Hamilton , running second fiddle ain’t in his makeup , he’s where is because of his attitude and skill , Vestappen may win the title but if and when he does he will have to do it the hard way ..should prove to be an interesting tittle race for a change ..
  5. My wife’s nephew , 21 fit as a flea , superb swimmer , had been out with the university cave diving club and when they came up they had a swim in the loch to clean off , he swam right across , halfway back he disappeared .Cold water shock was reckoned to be the cause . Sadly youngster drowning is a major worry over here , we have had one already this month , people coming on holiday don’t realise the danger of swimming pools , it’s not a problem when the whole family are out by the pool it’s the one second it takes for a toddler to wander outside in a lapse of concentration , answering t
  6. I think it was the Volvo mate …I recon another forty years and 4,000,000 miles on my Amazon and I’m in with a shout , trouble is I’ll be a 109 ….
  7. Absolute works of art ..stunning quality .
  8. Think his self lucky he’s got the wedge to fcuk of for a few of weeks while it gets sorted , theirs plenty worse off than him ..he won’t have to wait weeks or months for the insurance to pay out …
  9. Anyone that thinks this is acceptable in a children’s library needs sectioning …I don’t know about hitting the fella dressed up , I’d start with the person/ persons that authorised it …
  10. I am made up with this, many thanks ..absolute top job , exactly what I wanted ...
  11. Just out of interest the Guinness book has a Volvo 1800s as the record for the highest recorded privately owned vehicle …3,000,000 miles , it’s first clutch was changed at450,000 miles ….
  12. I’ve just bought one , one owner ,low mileage , full Toyota history , it’s been in storage for the last five years and done just 80miles backwards and forwards to the testing station and servicing ..absolute minter . There was an 95 , 3 diff lock , manual 80series just sold in the states with a thousand miles on the clock from new for $134000 … edited to add my brother quite likes them , mines the silver one , the other four are his ..
  13. My brothers 4.2 landcruiser Amazon has 400,000 miles on , it’s used most days , starts before you finish turning the key , tows a three ton digger on a one and a half ton plant trailer up stupidly steep hills without a puff of smoke ..there’s not much built today that will out live an old landcruiser ..
  14. We are still waiting for the questions ….…..
  15. sussex


    To go straight to the top it would also be helpful if you were a disabled black transgender tree hugging sandal wearing gay BLM vegan …
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