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  1. I sold my hilux and bought the isuzu but if I wanted a towing vehicle (or ram raider) the eigthy series 4.2 manual would be the motor of choice ...
  2. £8000 will get you a tidy Toyota colarado, probably 08 plate , tows 2.8 ton ..or buy the best towing vehicle ever built Toyota landcruiser Amazon..tows 3.5 ton and you wont know it's there ..
  3. My pals son had all the locks upgraded on his van after losing all his tools , three months later he lost another lot when the took the side panel out of the van with a battery operated metal cutter .Not only lost the tools but wrecked the van , he unloads the van every night of anything of value .Hopefully anyone buying stolen tools will reap what they sow , there as bad as the thieves .
  4. The minute anyone guarantees anything with regards to deer stalking you know there talking bollocks ...
  5. Why not give Pigeon watch a go before you annoy the fcuk out of everyone back on THL ...
  6. You was only ever going to get a ban on there mate , your far to outspoken for the SD ...there’s a hell of a lot of keyboard stalkers on there who could tell you everything there is to know about deer stalking without ever leaving the armchair ...good on you .
  7. sussex

    One tough bird.

    Couldn’t have picked a bigger one if it tried ! .
  8. He’s got the police fighting with the firefighters ...that’s some achievement ! ..what’s next the old bill fighting the army when he cuts there pension ...
  9. I recon his ex and daughters do , as brave a face as the will put on .. I personal don’t give a monkeys given I don’t know him or every likely to as he not into shooting or fishing ..
  10. Fished here today , Hondo national park , just south of Alicante .. Had a few carp , nothing big but a fella next but one had a 9lb barbel , first time I’ve fished it but apparently there are some big barbel in here , seems weird catching barbel in a lake ..
  11. sussex


    Sneaky b*****d ...
  12. sussex


    Didn’t you have a screen protector on the one you hit with the bucket ..?
  13. sussex


    Just bought a new iPad air ..excellent and fairly easy to use given I'm thick as shit with computers and the like !
  14. Best value boots I’ve ever had , the money I’ve wasted over the years on chameau , harkila etc , two seasons and that’s them done , the Hiax have done four so far and don’t look like giving up any time soon ..
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