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  1. That’s got to be close to a medal , difficult to tell from just one pic but it looks good ..
  2. Mush if you've got loads of fresh fruit and drink I’ll try and visit , if you ain’t I’ll be to busy ..get well soon .
  3. That’s the one ..comizo ..I’ve talked to a Spanish fella that used to take a trip done there every year , whilst he’d show you all the pictures and tell the tales he wouldn't give up a single clue on baits or locations ..His best was 13.4kg ..his fishing mate had one at 14.9kg ..
  4. They do have some exceptional barbel fishing around Extramadura , fish nudging 40lb …
  5. At the time our guide was telling us there was no laws regarding the removal of carp and catfish , the Eastern Europeans were taking them on a commercial basis ..As for fishing in Spain it’s a nightmare , where we were fishing at a reservoir 99.9% of the fish caught were carp , the valencian bailiff came round and told us to kill any carp we caught , along with any bass as they were non native , when I asked what were native to the water he said barbel ..in all the years I’ve fished it I’ve never seen a barbel let alone catch one ..Forty miles in the opposite direction we fish the Jucar river
  6. This was out the Ebro 168lb ..put up a tidy scrap ..we had quite a few over the hundred on a five day trip . Fishing near Caspe with Dream Carp fishing , we had quite a few over the 100lb .The only downer was the amount the Eastern Europeans were killing , literally ever fish they caught , carp and cat were put on a stringer then when the fridge van came down they were killed and carted off .The amazing thing there was no law against it , talk about kill the golden goose , this was a few years back and you can’t wonder the best years are gone ..
  7. …nervous sheep …
  8. I’ve just had breakfast in La siesta , there was every variety of tit you could wish to see …and some you wished you hadn’t seen ..
  9. Quite common down here , saying that the variety of bird life down here is one of the things I miss most about home ..
  10. Was fairly warm in Javea l yesterday … same again today by all accounts ..
  11. sussex


    He’s going to struggle getting a firearms cert ..I don’t think he’s got any perms ..
  12. The world has truly tipped over the abyss …
  13. I’m just round the corner from there ..
  14. It was 36c here in Javea today , the Spanish were still in jeans & long sleeve shirts ..
  15. They might have to change the name of the road .,Browning Street ..
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