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  1. Fear not mate , Sir Kier and the rest of the islington luvvies will soon work out what's gone wrong with the working class, after all they've been learning about them for years..a bit more diversity , ban a few more working class pastimes , a bit more knee bending , a little history redaction and Labour will be ready to fight the next election ..
  2. Had this spiteful chap yesterday, he wasn't impressed with my angling skills .. another pet released to wreek havoc when they get to big for the tank at home ..they breed and live comfortably in the warm Mediterranean waters chomping there way through everything they can eat ...
  3. sussex

    No escape.

    Someone has put some work into that dog ! The only thing it didn’t do was shut the door behind it ..Brilliant .
  4. This is about as electric as I want to go ...24volt electric starting a straight six 4.2 diesel landcruiser .. when you go out and need to get home you need one of these ..
  5. There are barbel on this stretch but few and far between , what does turn up tends to be good fish .The river system over Extremadura is where the huge barbel (30+lb) lb)are .. Biggest carp I’ve heard of on the Jucar is 38+lb ...I’ve had a 36from the Ebro , my pal has had a 41 lb which at the time was nothing special ..
  6. River Jucar , Spain ..fished it for the first time yesterday , had about fifteen fish , smallest 4lb , largest two ounces under 9lb ..every one fought every inch to the net and some ! ..sat talking to an old boy and I asked him about the 20lb + fish supposedly caught a month or so ago ...yep , that was me he said and promptly showed me the pics ..cracking old boy , a wealth of information on baits and set ups , he even gave me some of his bait ..turns out he’s fished the river every week for the last thirteen years.I was staggered to learn he was almost 87 ( originally from camberwell ) .He di
  7. ....I know three lads that would agree with that .......... If they could .....
  8. 7 1/2s ....I always thought they were a clay round , we wouldn’t even use them on pigeons ....go’s to show , learn something new every day
  9. Fishing bait ...
  10. You be gentle on those Essex people ...
  11. Same as ..the fella jumping on the track proved his worth though ..
  12. Wouldn’t they have to start at the mid Sussex league otherwise they are queue jumping ...from what I read it takes 24 years to get to the prem ...all things going right ..
  13. Surely he’d go to Asda ......
  14. .....and being bitten by farm dogs ..especially collies ,they are nasty fcukers ..
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