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  1. I do a fair bit of voluntary litter picking locally with "Tidy Towns" organisation and 99.9 % of what's there is to do with eating, drinking and smoking. When I was a kid, me mam taught us all to put sweet wrappers etc. in a litter bin or bring them home in our pockets. By the time people are grown up it's too late as they're already filthy b*****ds. The forestry blocks and beauty spots suffer from fly tipping here in Ireland. Some years ago now I found a huge pile (like 10ft long and 4ft high in the middle) of used disposeable nappies dumped on a forest track. Makes you wonder where
  2. My bitch is that breeding. Don't know how good the pures are though.
  3. If it's a small bitch from a line of tall irish coursing greyhounds the chances are that most of the pups would grow to the same size as they would have done if bred from a tall bitch. Genetically irish coursing hounds are tall and back breeding would mostly be dominant, whatever the size of the mother. The occasional pup might well take after the mother in size but it wouldn't be easy to predict which one. Personally I do like a rangy one so it wouldn't worry me either way.
  4. 56lb is certainly very small for an Irish bitch.
  5. My own deer/grey bitch is quite big at 29 inches but that suits me as she moves well and can catch stuff fairly efficiently on the varying types of ground I run on. I wouldn't want any bigger though.
  6. Can't remember when Bill's last litter was but I think they'd be a bit elderly by now. Chartpolski would know. His bitch is doxhope bred.
  7. I used to enjoy looking at sites like pets4homes, just to see what was about. I can't do it anymore because it makes me feel bad.
  8. I love exploring abandoned places. https://www.derelictplaces.co.uk/
  9. Love these theoretical red deer threads. Especially on a Sunday afternoon, which is a time for drinking here in rural ireland. That doesn't mean I don't believe it can be done but the threads are great entertainment for a semi alcoholic idiot like me.
  10. When you see those big barrelly stags float over the fence as if they weighed nothing you realize the power in their legs. There're a lot of them in Suffolk and Norfolk I believe, and bigger than the upland ones. You'd definately want a beddy/whippet if you lived there.
  11. Glad to see her looking so well. Does she show any trace of her injury?
  12. Looks like their security certificate has lapsed. If you click on "advanced" instead of "return to safety" you can choose to go there anyway.
  13. Think they like to chew stuff sometimes. Do they like that 2 inch wide white Tendon type stuff? Mine love that.
  14. Make haggis from them Poxon. Millions of Scots can't be wrong............
  15. Try your local Lidl for some cheap raw. Over here (Ireland) they have a box in the freezer where they put short date stuff at a reduced price. Set yourself a top price (like £1 a kilo) and buy everything that's cheaper. Add it up in your head because sometimes they shove it through the till carelessly and the full price sticker can get read instead of the reduced one. I often get whole chickens for 2 euro but rightly or wrongly, I cook those in a pressure cooker and take the meat of as I don't trust the tiny thin ribs and the like. All else I feed raw and I add some "Gain puppy and saplin
  16. Could be an abcess too if it feels warm. That's an area the dog can't reach to bite at thorns, ticks and the like. Vets are usually over pricey but are good at lumps and bumps and if you ask early on roughly what it might cost as you have to sort the money out.........well they are sometimes surprisingly helpful. Best of luck with it mate.
  17. I was slowly scrolling down the page as I read this and at first I thought that greyhound looked a right carthorse.
  18. Joined 2010. Were you called "collie daft" before? Your logo looks familiar.
  19. You wouldn't want to trip over in the excitement LOL.
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