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  1. You shoulda had a bitch or two when he offered, LOL. They look like that crushed velvet that people used to wear in the 70's.
  2. borrow a bottle of "T Cut" from someone who likes cars and try polishing it with that. Small drop of polish and plenty of rubbing. It improves car headlights so should work.
  3. Could you pop a link up please Sandy. I can't seem to find it.
  4. As above, definately get it checked out. I lost a very promising young dog to a snapped cruciate ligament last year. Get to a good vet and they'll look at it. If they suggest an xray then bite the bullet and get it done. Allways better to know what you're dealing with. Best of luck with it mate.
  5. He's certainly got that look in his eye LOL.
  6. Worse than show type afghans? I have found borzois don't seem to mind biting people if they feel like it but I used to know a couple with rescue afghans and they'd take some beating.
  7. Apropos of nothing, pendejo is Mexican slang for a pubic hair.
  8. No, it was just that Moocher said he hoped it would be. Couldn't see it happening as rightly or wrongly it's the method most think is the only humane method.
  9. Don't worry mate, if it becomes illegal I'll give you thirty quid for your thermal so you won't have to be out of pocket or break the law.?
  10. Just googled it and I'm wrong...... It was Lord Orford. HeeeHaw, Hee haw
  11. Lurgan, who whelped the famed master mcgrath in 1866. Before bull blood there weren't any brindle greyhounds, or so we're led to believe. Bull blood in whippets came much later, I'd guess early 20th century maybe but only a guess.
  12. This lad used to do Moocher. He probably still does. He did a lot of rabbit control and had access to proper working beardies. Haven't spoken to him in a few years.
  13. My choice for a rabbiter would be some kind of collie cross. here's one bred from Johndog.
  14. LOL, you may have something of a point there. They do breed deerhounds a bit big and clumsy these days. They're a nice dog to own though and the first pure in Stonewalls post looks a better stamp to me. His half cross too.
  15. How is the saluki/wheaton/grey bred? Is she saluki/grey by wheaton/grey or is she pure saluki by wheaton/grey?
  16. Just to play devil's advocate here, when he said that he was talking of starting a daytime rabbit dog and sneaking in range between rabbits and burrows. It's a lot of years since I read it but that's how I remember it anyway. You'd obviously start on ferreted rabbit first so pup knows it has a chance but if a pup is started on the lamp first it easily tires of trying to catch daytime rabbits. Especially the type of collie bred pups that he kept and bred.
  17. The Irish hare is streets better than the blue hare, which runs as if it were a quarter rabbit. The Irish is indeed classified as a subspecies of blue but lives lowland as well as highground and has evolved to run better than the blue. It still goes white in winter and IMO is maybe not as good as the brown hare but definately better than the blue.?
  18. Don't know why but I've a feeling there may be some of them for sale soon. Possibly in your neck of the woods maybe????
  19. Mali/bull/grey. The mothers 3/4 grey 1/4 bull by pure malinois and the father's 1/4 bull 3/4 grey. If you're into fractions (LOL) that makes them 9/16ths grey, 1/4 malinois and 3/16ths bull. Lurchers..... Tom Heavy put up a pic of the parents last week. Here they are again.
  20. As it went, they didn't check but we didn't fancy the risk as there was protests and trouble in the port at the original time the pups were to travel.
  21. It's a bit trickier now as the rabies needs doing 3 weeks in advance of travelling and if you're caught without the correct paperwork they can destroy the pups. The EEC put a border between uk and Northern Ireland just 2 days before our pups were due to travel.
  22. It wasn't too bad in fairness. The DEFRA vet charged about 300 I think to do two pups, vaccines, health certs etc. It was in a very rural area and I think country vets tend to be more sensible. Pups are here now anyway and are no worse for the big delay.
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