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  1. How is the saluki/wheaton/grey bred? Is she saluki/grey by wheaton/grey or is she pure saluki by wheaton/grey?
  2. Just to play devil's advocate here, when he said that he was talking of starting a daytime rabbit dog and sneaking in range between rabbits and burrows. It's a lot of years since I read it but that's how I remember it anyway. You'd obviously start on ferreted rabbit first so pup knows it has a chance but if a pup is started on the lamp first it easily tires of trying to catch daytime rabbits. Especially the type of collie bred pups that he kept and bred.
  3. The Irish hare is streets better than the blue hare, which runs as if it were a quarter rabbit. The Irish is indeed classified as a subspecies of blue but lives lowland as well as highground and has evolved to run better than the blue. It still goes white in winter and IMO is maybe not as good as the brown hare but definately better than the blue.?
  4. Don't know why but I've a feeling there may be some of them for sale soon. Possibly in your neck of the woods maybe????
  5. Mali/bull/grey. The mothers 3/4 grey 1/4 bull by pure malinois and the father's 1/4 bull 3/4 grey. If you're into fractions (LOL) that makes them 9/16ths grey, 1/4 malinois and 3/16ths bull. Lurchers..... Tom Heavy put up a pic of the parents last week. Here they are again.
  6. As it went, they didn't check but we didn't fancy the risk as there was protests and trouble in the port at the original time the pups were to travel.
  7. It's a bit trickier now as the rabies needs doing 3 weeks in advance of travelling and if you're caught without the correct paperwork they can destroy the pups. The EEC put a border between uk and Northern Ireland just 2 days before our pups were due to travel.
  8. It wasn't too bad in fairness. The DEFRA vet charged about 300 I think to do two pups, vaccines, health certs etc. It was in a very rural area and I think country vets tend to be more sensible. Pups are here now anyway and are no worse for the big delay.
  9. Just been through all this. The most ironic thing about that is they needed a rabies jab too, to travel between two countries, neither of which has rabies.
  10. RIP honey, I remember reading about when you got her. Glad she had a good life.
  11. A malinois police or army dog can be called off quarry. Might not leave go that very second but will come off, no break sticks or a bit. If it's hanging off of you you ouldn't doubt it's commitment LOL. If it mistakenly starts to chase an innocent civilian, maybe even a child, it MUST be able to be called off. Most people don't bother or aren't able to train a dog to that level but that doesn't mean it can't be done. Just saying like.
  12. Scratch racers are bigger and need no start to win races against smaller whippets.
  13. I wonder how much trouble it would be to transfer the volume pot from that to the back of a lamp handle and wire it in???? If the size wasn't too far out it shouldn't be too difficult surely.
  14. I knew someone would ask that and must confess I never saw it run.
  15. I've seen one bred that way and it was one of the ugliest dogs I've ever seen. Imagine a big misshapen deerhound with long droopy ears. Having said that I imagine good linebred fen type coursing blood might work out well. Hitch a ride on the back of decades of selection and line breeding.
  16. AFAIK pedigree australian shepherds are often bred merle to merle too. Maybe the inheritance of genetic problems is bred out to some extent by heavy culling. Probably not....
  17. The two that aren't blind should be checked for deafness. If one or both are deaf their training could be adjusted accordingly.
  18. Car does it too if you put a bag of shopping on the passenger seat without a seatbelt.
  19. Instead of definately, both here and at the other place.
  20. And it never gets any easier either but it's important to know when it's time. when it's time then it's the right thing to do. RIP Fly.
  21. Why indeed......everyones got their own opinions and people want to follow their own ideas.
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