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  1. Actually quite a lot since this is a GLOBAL problem. You can find pollution from sites across the world here in europe. WTF did you smoke? and can I have some of it? First what have taxes to do with it? Tax systems are more or less arbitrary around the world and were always more or less so. Last I checked food is taxed, too. Food seems pretty essential to me. Carbon is normally not a gas. It is essential to life in the form of organic compounds, e.g. proteins, DNA and stuff not as coal, oil, or gas. What you are probably talking about is Carbon dioxide, which comes in
  2. So then my question would be: What should be done about global warming? Nothing? Proceed as usual? Just keep to yourself and be done with it? The answer is simple: cut emissions drastically, how to go about it is above my and probably your paygrade. There are clever people out there who have genuinely good ideas, we have to get them to hold power or influence those people who are in power to do something. My main point is, that this is a global problem and we all have to address it and we all will suffer the consequences one way or the other. It is not enough if Britain alo
  3. Who knows it is a mystery… I don’t know…but a robot from germany, would still be from germany, right? This is getting inception like, you are unpacking one layer after the other, as fun as this is: what does it matter?
  4. I think you are mistaken. I am clearly not from hungary… Next you discover my location tag and than you will crack a nazi/hitler joke… Keep at it! It is fun watching you figure out this all by yourself. Granted it doesn’t let you look like the brightest bulb in the room, that you need so long for connecting the dots.
  5. I keep hearing this 1% figure. I do not know where it comes from, but does it only include your direct emissions? Is it incorporating sending trash to overseas landfills where it pollutes the environment or is burned in the worst way possible? Is it incorporating the world wide trade you are participating in and that is responsible for a lot of emissions? e.g. buying concrete that is produced overseas and so on and so on. And even if this 1% figure is accounting for all of the emissions Britain is responsible for, than we as „western world“ should lead by example and stop pointing
  6. looking at my post history should make it pretty clear to you that I am probably not sandymere, short of him hijacking my account. But if that is all that you can reply to my post, than it is pretty clear that you are out of arguments.
  7. I have no f***ing clue what you are talking about. Cheers and all the best!
  8. I expect you to do the same that everybody in the western world should do right now: cut greenhouse emissions drastically, by any means possible e.g. renewables etc. move to more sustainable agriculture/land management And the biggest point: Stop talking and start acting! We will make mistakes on the way, but everything is better than sticking our hands into our pockets and say: „Ah we can do nothing about it.“ These things have to be implemented by our governments around the world and not just Britain. This is a GLOBAL problem everyone has to do its part and some of
  9. This seems to be a very hot (pun intended) topic. Some people asked during the discussion why just a 2 degree increase in temperature is that bad. Here is my take on the topic. The 2 degree increase on average is bad because: Averages can be a misleading statistical tool. The same average value can be derived from distributions with way different variations. Maybe have a look at [1][2]. This means an average increase of 2 degrees can mean that around the world the temperature „just“ mildly increase by 2 degrees, that could be manageable. Or it means that there will be areas wher
  10. Nice cross and good looking pups. Plz, keep us updated!
  11. Did you like their coursing style? How would rate them regarding stamina/pace?
  12. Regarding your first point: is that so? Is the galgo really inferior regarding more gas in the tank, than a saluki/coursing bred dog? Are you speaking from first hand experience?
  13. Interesting study. Funny that they mention that the grey wolf went through a genetic bottleneck can not imagine where that may come from. But generally I was under the impression, that it is relatively well established that dogs do not come from (todays) grey wolfs, but from an extinct subspecies of wolfs? This study seems to support this conclusion.
  14. More heat resistance and the ability to keep a high pace over a longer duration. I do not say that you could not get that through crossing to other dogs, but the galgo seems to be viable option. Due to my local laws I can not legally use my dog for hunting, and so another outlet for her is bike joring and for that in particular these traits would be very much appreciated. I can not speak authoritatively for the UK, but over here some quarry disappeared, laws changed and so on. I am not based in the UK, but over here the summer and winters are generally warmer than 100 yea
  15. Only because it was not tried in the past or did not work out in the past, does not mean it would not work out today. Circumstances and dogs change. The quarry changes, the environment changes. How else would you get new interesting crosses? If we all would run the same cross over and over again the lurcher game would be very bland, in my opinion. Reminds me of the people at work who always say „That’s how it was always done here“, super bad for innovation… Outcrossing to the best what’s out there is kind of the beauty of lurchers in my book. But, to each their own! All the be
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