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  1. He's looking well Alex. Has he recovered all his mobility?
  2. Well done Vicki. Keeping the flag flying for legal lurcher work until we're all forced to become criminals.
  3. Great account Bosun. Hope your rabbit situation improves. There aren't as many here as there used to be but still plenty for a few runs.
  4. While am at that place al think about it but a won't get steamed up aboot it.
  5. Have to agree about running style. Dogs with a relaxed, looping style that saluki and deerhound crosses often have, seem to be able to float over trouble sometimes. Saluki crosses in particular sometimes have dreadful looking feet but do OK over rough terrain.
  6. If they aren't pressed too hard until they're almost at the net they almost always take a route they're used to.
  7. In my opinion netting a hare is as sporting a pursuit as coursing one and if you do enough until the dog begins to understand what's actually going on, instead of just chasing and getting lucky....... well that's when it really starts to get interesting.
  8. All being well that should be money well spent. Pup looks a character.
  9. The only good reason for a harness is on a high drive young pup to avoid it's neck getting desensitised if you can't avoid taking it out in public before it starts to learn control. The collar is then saved for actual training sessions. Having said that I've never used one myself. They remind me too much of those sad, untrained rescue dogs that can't be let off leash.
  10. I do a fair bit of voluntary litter picking locally with "Tidy Towns" organisation and 99.9 % of what's there is to do with eating, drinking and smoking. When I was a kid, me mam taught us all to put sweet wrappers etc. in a litter bin or bring them home in our pockets. By the time people are grown up it's too late as they're already filthy b*****ds. The forestry blocks and beauty spots suffer from fly tipping here in Ireland. Some years ago now I found a huge pile (like 10ft long and 4ft high in the middle) of used disposeable nappies dumped on a forest track. Makes you wonder where
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