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  1. As Bird say's, ibuprofen is sold for people and can be harmful to dogs. I use metacam for old dogs and only give when they're sore and cut back or cut out as soon as they improve to avoid any damage. They are a non steroidal anti imflammatory, same as ibuprofen in humans. Warmth, a little gentle and careful rubbing and a little lead walking can help too when dogs are sore after exercise.
  2. How about Australia? A good variety of game and fishing too. There or the states there'd be plenty to do and no worries about it coming on top either.
  3. Maybe they'll get a spin to help them along.
  4. Jetro, they've been spotted around Dublin area a few times in recent years. Thought to have come over on the ferry. One day when the population is high enough they'll start to appear in the open more. Munties that is, I haven't heard of any CWD's. https://species.biodiversityireland.ie/profile.php?taxonId=119475&taxonName=Muntjac
  5. Good vid and lovely ferreting ground, no nettles or brambles. Good sporting runs. Look after your rabbit stocks.
  6. ped whippets are obviously kennel club registered but non peds have been outcrossed to another breed (usually greyhound) to increase speed for racing. Whippet racing is big in parts of the UK so dogs are well tested and good non peds are streets ahead of peds for speed, weight for weight and size for size.
  7. Wear those thin gloves when cleaning it in case it is ringworm because if it is you can get it yourself. If the cattle have it where you've been exercising the dog, they scratch themselves on gates and things and it's easily passed on. Lyme disease in dogs is another that makes circles and is caused by tics and has a bite at the centre. Maybe a good idea to see a good dog vet, just to be on the safe side?
  8. Good to see the Toon. It's been a while now. Is the Baltic Tavern still down there somewhere?
  9. Definately not worth losing a good dog over and I know you're joking about the 4x4 but if you did try it your 4x4 would be looking a bit sad after. I've seen the scars on someone who was gored by a red stag and IMO is lucky to be alive.
  10. Never mind the fence, what did you gut the rabbit with, an axe?
  11. Bravecto is expensive but lasts 3 months so still good value. It's also the only thing I know that kills tics if you run in sheep/deer country. Some spot ons say they kill ticks but they don't.
  12. Thought you were making that up 'til I googled it LOL.
  13. Have a castrated whippet here and it hasn't affected him a bit. So long as the dog's sexually mature and hunting before being castrated then in my experience it doesn't affect them at all and as said in earlier posts, it doesn't stop them fighting either if they've a taste for it.
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