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  1. Roots barks and leaves, or tries to anyway.
  2. out of interest, how do you propose that he should stop the dog getting away with scrappy retrieves? I know the type of thing you mean but in 50 years of lurchers one thing I've learned for sure is how easy it is to stop a dog retrieving altogether. I do like the sound of cassos' reply though. I don't know if it'd work but I'd certainly try it.
  3. I have one that's only 1/4 mali with the rest bull/grey and the above sounds familiar. As soon as I open the tailgate it seems like he can tell if game is about. His nose is unreal for a lurcher. Does yours butt you with his front teeth to say "Lets go boss?". They are certainly characters but I'd say they wouldn't suit most lurcher folk. They need a good bit of early obedience and stockbreaking. Mine's always got a stiff back the day after running ATM. I can think of at least 3 reasons why that might be but seems I'm stuck with it. If it weren't for the soundness issues he'd be my
  4. Pick the one you like best. Personally I'd avoid anything weedy or excessively shy but if you're looking at 8 week old pups there's no telling what'll make best. It's partly down to you and a big part to breeding and luck.
  5. Better that than the ones that won't put any weight on.
  6. Is there merle colouring in his background James?
  7. I'm guessing feet? My own top flight non ped (80's to early 90's) was game and ultra fast but unfortunately, could injure herself walking through an open gate.
  8. Then was it Country Music over Speckle? Was wondering how that turned out.
  9. Didn't Old Phil breed a litter that way back in the 80's or am I wrong again???
  10. 360 degree vision. A prey animal. Predators tend to have both eyes facing forward to calculate distance and I imagine speed and strike.
  11. Take him to Inchadony Hotel Health spa. They do seaweed baths there ??
  12. Isn't the hawthorn doing well. Trees are laden with may blossom this year.
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