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  1. He's certainly the man that knows about old lurcher types.
  2. I do see your point but those dogs aren't salukis. I suppose they may be common ancestors with more modern salukis but IMHO salukis didn't really have much influence on the modern lurcher until the mid 1900's.
  3. Glad to hear it. Injuries of of any kind are always a worry and it's good to hear of things working out.
  4. I'm 64 years old and when I was a schoolboy I found a book about this in Newcastle Central Library. "The Saluki in art History and Sport", by Hope and David Waters, so a long time ago. Possibly 40's, 50's ? Maybe longer.
  5. I'll have to pop over to the criminal assets bureau auction in Lincolnshire this year LOL.
  6. Hares and deer are the two nicest tasting meats though some birds are good too. Almost any game is better than farmed meat IMHO. Broiler chicken and the like have had the flavour bred out over the years.
  7. I was only joking about the cars but know exactly what you mean about the eyesight issue.I still do fine with the blitz but do struggle a small bit with my LED torch. It's pretty bright but somehow just doesn't show things up so well. Shame really as it fits in a pocket like the blitz never would.
  8. Do you find these days, that at the end of a night you sideswipe several parked cars on the way home too? (Or maybe that's just the end of night stiffener kicking in).
  9. I've seen lamps with the filter hinged to the front and I reckon if a filter's needed that'd be the way to go.
  10. Me too. Most of the time I could get a rough idea what he was on about and he did some interesting threads. All the stuff about meeting up with people for a fight because they didn't agree with his opinion, well that was just silly but he certainly helped keep the forum lively.
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