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Found 147 results

  1. show me some of your bull x dogs as i am after a bull whippet greyhound but would like to see some other great workers
  2. Look to stud my working boy from golly line
  3. Anybody still running anything from davie platts dogs?
  4. Looking to get into ferreting got a lurcher that I already work that’s 18 month lamping and day time mooching and a 7/8 whippet 1/8 greyhound pup that’s 7 months that I will lamp next season and want to go ferreting. Wanting to use them both for ferreting but just want to start off with the whippet for now. Wondered if anyone has an permission near Retford that wouldn’t mind taking me along to watch thanks. Don’t mind travelling
  5. Hi what do you think pups would be like 27 inch dog bitch 23 inch
  6. sam not the best dog but we had some fun,
  7. Hi does anyone have a decent deerhound X greyhound for stud my Collie X greyhound is coming in to season soon wanting to breed a litter of pups out of her north Derbyshire south Yorkshire area thanks malc
  8. Anyone on here ever had a dog out of Jeff's line? Wondering if there worth the wait.
  9. If anyone has a litter planned with traditional breeding please let me know Cheers
  10. Hi guys So I've got a lurcher, loki (lives up to his name) lovely boy gentle nature. Softie and is so gentle with other animals great with rats kittens the lot I just cannot fault him. Loki is 3 years old this April 6th. So when I got loki he was a pup, 8 weeks. He was socialised with young and adult dogs from a young age and gradually left for short to longer periods of times with toys and other entertainment ext. All done properly. Also when left as a young pup he was at work with me in a crated area in plain site of other dogs too so he wasn't on his own as such. He was always quite unsettled however even with food and toys he just wanted to be with me. He would be left for 20 to 30 to an hour and so on gradually. I worked at a vet practice and every one kept their dogs there. The dogs were all walked twice a day on our breaks and it was all a dog friendly happy environment he was just always wanting to be with me however which is what may make sense with what I describe later on in this statement. As he got older walks would be around 2 hours or so along side my chihuahua haha both love long walks in the wilderness (Hampshire woodlands and open fields ext) Loki was slightly involved in some starter racing when he was 1 and 1/2 years and entered some showing. I kept him in tact because of the showing and racing and was advised that it was best to but I wasn't one to not have it done if it should have been. Anyway trying to cut this as short at possible.. So I had to leave work due to personal reasons and change jobs which meant loki having to be left at home and our routine changed. He began to soil and wee in his crate which I'm positive was due to anxiety as he wasnt left more than two hours in it (a friend would come by the house and let him out) and I myself would come home on my lunch break and let the dogs out. I can only assume that his anxiety of me leaving the house and him crated without other dogs in site may have caused anxiety and in tern messing in his cage. I made a decision to try him out of the crate just because of him being in his wee and poo and restrict him to a room or the house and then came the mess, the damage and the continous soiling and wetting around the house. This dog has cost me alot of money and repairs. I'm at my witts end even though I love him to pieces. Ive looked into training but to be honest i stupidly thought maybe i could read up on it and fix it myself but I ended up suffering illness for a long time which lost me another job and has been a bar on my own active life which has made me feel so guilty. His recalls have always been a hard one just because of his breed he's so high wired too. If he sees another dog he is so so interested, lunges launches and dives and off lead he just runs and runs and runs and will wrestle dogs not hurt or bite them but play roughly _ I'm thinking maybe his hormones have increased, less active walks. The destruction in the house I think is anxiety as he won't do it if I'm home or someone else is as soon as we pop out from 20 mins up to couple of hours the house is ruined. As I said he's a lovely boy and it's not entirely his fault to be honest it's probably more mine. Maybe I've done something wrong on the journey and missed something. I don't want to rehome him or get rid of him because he really is my dog and I love him and want the best for him and I am ready to pay for the training or take on tips ext. I haven't written this for any criticism just positive criticism and help if at all possible. So despite the facts and story I'll just highlight the problems below and if anyone knows anyone whose a good trainer, books, videos or just any tips I am 100% willing a commited to putting it right! So if we base it around the following, *soiling and wetting the house over night or when left (on occasion) *not so good with recall *highly destracted *destructive and will cause damage if not with him *will raid the bins *on walks will wrestle and play roughly with other dogs if off lesd and will bark lunge and dive on the lead if he sees them. *won't listen well on walks as he's so interested on the dogs and everything else. *anxious at times *fully in tact Thanks guys
  11. Iv got a 16 week old 1/4 Kelpie, 1/4 bull, half Greyhound pup, can’t seem to find anyone else with this cross. Anyone got any pictures of this cross full grown and what do they work like heard a lot of good and bad for kelpie xs and bull xs.
  12. Evening all. Looking to get back into the sport after 8 years off. I’m either after a saluki bull greyhound or a saluki whippet greyhound for lamping rabbit fox occasionally hare. What would be your preferred choice? also where would be best place to look for a decent breeder? Any advice would be appreciated
  13. Best times for day hunting with no ferrets just a 14 month old pup?
  14. What age should i start training my 9 week old pup
  15. Hi All, My Whippet x Greyhound is about 18months old now. She is a great family pet and a natural at catching rabbits and even one muntjac (along with my border terrier). If I had more knowledge id love to use her for rabbits & lamping. The only downside to her is that she is very fussy about what she eats... I've tried meat, rice veg and meat/fish, biscuits, chicken skins and she still won't put any weight on. She rarely finishes a meal, and doesn't often eat in the mornings. I don't leave food down all day either. I'm a not concerned that she is unhealthy and it doesn't bother me too much, but I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any tips on fattening up a running dog?
  16. Hi everybody, I am a long time lurker of this forum and found a lot of good information here. This is my first lurcher pup and I (obviously) think she is coming along nicely. She is a Whippet x German Pinscher (the mating was more of an accident, but I know both parents and they are wonderful). I am from Germany so please beware that I am not allowed to work her here legally... Feel free to ask any questions you might have and have a good day!
  17. I’m just getting into this for my first season and doing quite well for my first season, just wanting any advice for starting out etc. These are my two bitches white and brindle is 7 and the black and white is 12 months.
  18. Here’s a few more pictures from some old lurcher dogs I grew up with.
  19. anyone experienced calluses on dogs toes how did they affect the dog did they still run the same ?
  20. Any litters coming up? Midlands area
  21. Here’s some old pictures of some dogs I’ve had when I was younger.
  22. Iv got a kelpie bull greyhound he’s 11 months old done all the training with him and thought he was ready to start lamping. I took him out to watch a few times end of last season and took him to watch again more recent before letting him off. His recall is normally spot on even in the day time if he is chasing a rabbit and I call him back he comes back. But when I take him out lamping as soon as he misses the rabbit his nose goes straight to the ground and there is no getting him back. Been told it’s called hunting up. Any ideas to fix it? Iv been told it might be the kelpie in him as they can be head strong but Iv not really had any other problems with him. One person told me to just keep letting him do it till the penny drops but don’t want him to get bad habits. At the minute I turn my back on him and walk out the field when he jumps the gate I put him back on the slip. or if I stand still for 5-10 min he comes back, but then all the rabbits are gone.
  23. Hi all, I'm new to Hunting life website and to the forums. I have just got a greyhound/deerhound pup (12 weeks old now) and just moved area. I am now in south Yorkshire and I'm looking for some permission or even better someone to have a mooch around with to start the pup off on some rabbits this season. Anyone can help or interested drop me a message. Thanks
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