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Found 86 results

  1. Logan12345678

    Show us your Bull x

    show me some of your bull x dogs as i am after a bull whippet greyhound but would like to see some other great workers
  2. mr powers

    Dog transport

    Would any have a number for a dog transportation service covering the Dorset area coming as far as lincs cheers
  3. Ninad Hiremath

    Is my dog a lurcher?

    I found this dog, starving at the corner of my lane. He was with a belt which means that he was disowned by his previous owner. He's around 9 months old. Which cross he might be?
  4. HannahBear1991

    Help getting started

    So my male lurcher is just over a year old now. I want to get him in to running/hurdle racing and coursing but we are both new to this. Just some tips and advice would be much apreciated for example are there any particular exercises/training? Diet? He's on raw meat and loves it! We walk and he runs around for over 2 hours a day but is there anything in particular to prepare him for racing/coursing? Also I know for the showing side I've been told that keeping them as entire males is the way forward but what about racing/ coursing? So many people have told me to castrate due to the cancer risk however I'm sure it's bending the other way now? Obviously his health comes before everything! Any advice, tips, training, websites, books to get me and Loki started would be much appreciated
  5. Logan12345678

    show me your collie whippet

    Hi i am wondering if anyone has a whippet x collie i can see i pic of or something like a smooth coat beddy whippet
  6. troyboy17

    malinois x whippet

    Does anyone breed this cross seen a bitch on another site I thought what an ideal cross for ferreting would take a few knocks
  7. CountryCnut

    Best all rounder

    What’s you lads opinion on the best all rounder? A dog you’d expect to take all pre ban quarry. Put meat in the freezer and give the local fox population some problems. The best dog I’ve personally seen is my mates bitch, she’s saluki greyhound x deerhound greyhound, I’ve seen her take everything. Basically if you could only have one dog at your side, what would it be? Cheers lads
  8. Harry Maloney

    Can my lurcher run again ??

    I have a 10 month old lurcher she had a displaced fracture on her rear leg from falling into a rabbit hole while running the vet put wire round her bone it’s now been 6 weeks since that and you can even tell she broke it just wondering if anyone has ever run there dog after and will she be able to come out lamping with me in the future any help appreciated
  9. CountryCnut

    Tips for a newbie

    Hi, all Im 31 and just about to start my journey into the world of lamping and lurchers, always had spaniels as a youngster and done plenty of beating, ferreting and shooting. a few years back a mate took me lamping and the bug has got me. Ive recently got myself a 3 month saluki greyhound as this is what my mate runs and I’m well impressed with his 3 bitches and what they can do. New to running dogs and THL so any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers guys, Chris
  10. Harry Maloney

    Raw meat suppliers?

    Long shot I know but does anyone know of a raw meat suppliers near ng22 as my local pet shop charge a arm and a leg for it
  11. So our lovely Prime Minister has just announced that there will be no vote on repealing the ban during this parliament. It's something a lot of folks in this community looked towards with anticipation but now it's light has been snuffed out.
  12. dubz0121

    Lamping with taffy

    Weather was good so took taffy out for a few runs managed to bag 5. Had about 8 runs had 5 so was more then happy with 5.
  13. dubz0121

    Lamping with taffy

    Weather was good so took taffy out for a few runs managed to bag 5. Had about 8 runs had 5 so was more then happy with 5
  14. dubz0121

    Lurcher pup

    Hi lads heres a picture of me puppy lass she bullwhippetgreyhound x buddywhippet hope you like.
  15. Hi all As I have recently acquired a very nice 14 month old lurcher, he came from good stock both parents good strong workers, however I'm just uncertain on his recall if and when I let him slip on the lamp, he's been with us just under 3 weeks now being taken on long walks over some good ground, he instantly kicks in ears pricked and eyes scanning anything and everything, how long will take for him to become obedient to us, we've had him on enclosed rugby field he never took off he just stayed within a couple metres of us head down trying to pick up a scent, obviously the test will be when he see his prey on the end of the lamp and he may not be successful on the catch, I don't want to risk him just running off.
  16. Lutra Lutra

    Paddy Dunphy

    Hello to all members, as i've had a somewhat considerable lengthy Hiatus from the Hunting life forum. However, i'm putting this notice up in various forums that just may succeed in grabbing the attention form the Irish people over in Ireland. I was wondering if anyone knew of the great and well-respected Paddy Dunphy from the district of (Waterford); he's had several operations of late , of that i'm not totally accurate when his surgery commenced. If anyone knows of Paddy, his son Pat, or Pat's daughter Jade i'd love to hear of how Paddy is faring up to the operations. I know him well, but would like to know how he is please. Any news would be be warmly welcomed. My best thoughts and wishes, Lutra Lutra...
  17. Just wondering what u think is the best cross for single handed foxing lurchers.
  18. Just wondering what u think is the best cross for single handed foxing lurchers.
  19. How's that dog you got off Paddy (THL Patrick) getting on? I know he's tried to message you to find out. Thing is young Paddy is working in Hong Kong at the minute and would love to know if it made the grade or not. Cheers.
  20. hi all, i recently brought a charcoal drawing of working dog its dated 1888 by A Francis i've been told it maybe a smithfield lurcher any ideas? would love to know what you think? cheers.
  21. stormyboy


    Hi all. After a 3/4 whippet 1/4 collie pup. Thought I had found one but the mating didn't take. I'm after a smallish intelligent dog for pest control duties. It's a specific mix I know and rare for some reason but if there are any litters out there from good parents please get in touch. Cheers
  22. Hi all, For a while now i have pondered on the idea of what cross would suit me best as an all rounder, something that would be strong, have plenty of guts, prey drive, stamina, ability to turn and with lungs to lamp all night and do it well. I have asked peoples opinions in the past on this subject and found that alot of people had the same idea on here or had seen this breeding in action and couldn't fault it. I have also seen this cross in action and know the prey drive that they bring to the game. I have a 58ths grey 38ths bull, (in the right of my pic) a game dog day and night, and a well bred saluky greyhound bitch bred by paul roberts off this site, both are very good at what they do and iv always like'd the idea of what they would bring to the table so i decided to breed a litter of pups and keep one Dog back for myself. Pups are due in a few days and will be 10 months old by next october so a really good time to start him on the lamp. A few mates have put names forward for pups which im happy with because id love to hear how each one comes on in the future. whats everyones thoughts on this breeding once again??. No stupid comments or arguments on this one please. hha hha anyone with pics or stroies of the cross welcome to put them up thanks phil_h