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  1. Cheers mate what you use to keep clean bud?
  2. Had to take him to out of hours vet, they flushed it out and cleaned through, also gave me antibiotics and painkiller, told me to contact my vet , so did that and was advised to check it and let air get too it, so just making sure it’s always clean, cheers bud.
  3. No chance of pulling this together! There’s no tissue to stitch to
  4. Using gold label purple spray at the moment?
  5. This style! think it’s an old Waterloo cup slip.
  6. Looking for proper slip lead not ones from eBay that come loose?
  7. Cheers mate his first season coming up so will soon see. He will smash it!
  8. He’s well and truly used to that that’s him 7 1/2 months jumping barbed wire fences no probs
  9. What’s age roughly can dog go out on pedal bike for good jog?
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