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  1. Cheers mate that’s him 15 month now, bit of everything in him lol, dads bull grey, mothers beddy collie. Cracking dog to be fair mate doing great his first season.
  2. Should be willing to travel anywhere to fill the freezer up!
  3. Never used the spray myself, got the dauber its good Well worth it! Suppose just the same stuff in it.
  4. Cut + heal is very good stuff, highly recommended, had a barbed wire accident few month back and couldn’t stitch due to lack of tissue, cut and heal worked wonders
  5. Had to take him to out of hours vet, they flushed it out and cleaned through, also gave me antibiotics and painkiller, told me to contact my vet , so did that and was advised to check it and let air get too it, so just making sure it’s always clean, cheers bud.
  6. No chance of pulling this together! There’s no tissue to stitch to
  7. This style! think it’s an old Waterloo cup slip.
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