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  1. If ever you change your mind sell tickets. I'd pay to see that.. What do you think your chances would be?
  2. Just seen one of these advertised. What is it? A conditioning aid maybe? How would a weight vest be used and are they any good? I imagine that, like vitamin supplements, such things mostly shouldn't be needed unless there's an actual issue to be sorted but then I believe a fair few people find treadmills useful.
  3. I use the same and would vouch for it. You can narrow the beam by turning the reflector and turn the power down 'til it's almost off. That's good for getting through hedges and so on. When you want to scan a field you can turn the power up a small bit. When the dog's almost on the quarry you up the brightness again to what you need for the run. Don't forget to keep the light out of the dog's eyes but in the rabbits and move the spot from side to side as they approach cover. It's not rocket science.
  4. I was walking a couple of dogs up the riverbank near my house one morning when a couple of otters came running up the path towards me, playing chase like they do. The dogs had never seen an otter before and when the front otter ran into the front dog she scooped it up in her mouth as she would a rabbit. It gave her a good bite, cutting through the leather of her nose and she dropped it. It was away into the river like a shot.
  5. Authors are just people who write books. Doesn't make them any better or worse as hunters.
  6. Pheasant, partridge, mallard, moorhens. The 15 month pup I have has come close to catching snipe on a few occasions. He's mad for the scent but hasn't quite gotten high enough yet.
  7. Fine if you only run pastureland. What if the only ground you could run was rough and rocky/craggy? You'd want something with a lighter footfall and variable speed surely?
  8. Forgot to say, all through the process he should see sheep running away as well as standing still and should be recallable before the long line is removed and the e-collar put on.
  9. On the upside you've got all summer now. I would get him around sheep as much as possible (at least once a week, preferably more). On a long line at first then maybe an e-collar. I'd use the e-collar on a low setting just to keep in touch so he never thinks you're far enough away to ignore. I've heard it said that if that doesn't work you should turn the collar up to 10, wait 'til he's right up the arse of a sheep and let him have it.
  10. I'm guessing this always happens when he's on a leash. Am I right?
  11. Should be bass in the shallower sections if it hasn't been netted recently.
  12. Not a patch on Steve Winwood Drifter.
  13. Don't know about blown dogs but rhabdomyolysis is common enough in overworked lurchers, even in this part of the world. To my shame I have had two dogs suffer from it myself when I was a lot younger and lived in good hare country. Both were collie bred lurchers that ran multiple hares. The first was retrieving a hare after a good run and another hare got up. She chased it, beginning with the first still in her mouth. The second was a first cross dog, not yet fully fit and running on a hot day, early season. Both recovered to work again, seemingly none the worse but it could have been a lo
  14. Got it!!!!! It's called "The Lurcher", by Frank Walker. Jukel was the dog's name. The Lurcher by Frank Walker - AbeBooks WWW.ABEBOOKS.CO.UK The Lurcher by Frank Walker and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.co.uk.
  15. I have a copy of that somewhere. If you like that you'll like a book....."Jukel" I think it was called, possibly by Frank something??? Years since I read it. It's about a lurcher that goes feral on north york moors, I think Helmsley area. I've tried to google it for you but no luck. Copy I read was borrowed from Malton library in 1987.
  16. Blitz variable. The old type variable with the little turn wheel. I'm very careful with it and keep it on a cord round my neck and even hold it up short in my teeths when climbing over gates and the like.Worth more than gold now .
  17. Boris is doing to the conservatives what Tony Blair did to the labour party.
  18. Labour..... Conservative..... , all either care about is getting the most votes. I very much doubt that either care about the fact that many areas suffered a decline in hare population after the ban. Even Richard Course knew that would happen and was thrown out of the LACS for saying so. So the countryside alliance is supporting this? Doubt they ever cared about the welfare of wild hare populations in the first place. Keep on as best you can. You only live once.
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