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  1. Has anyone bred from a bitch with a umbilical hernia
  2. Do small umbilical hernias heal them self
  3. They will make good working ferrets this season
  4. I have got a lurcher pup to be pick up soon I keep jill ferrets for working the two hobs are my sons
  5. In Chesterfield derbyshire
  6. Two 5 month old hob ferrets free to good home
  7. Two 5 month old hob ferrets free to good home
  8. What are the Male dogs of this cross like collie whippet greyhound for training and working
  9. How many of you would buy a dog pup if there was no bitches in the litter that was the cross you have been looking for would you wait and hope another litter turn up some where soon
  10. How much are you looking for the pups
  11. Hi as anyone got any pups or adult working lurcher that might be for sale soon
  12. Is £400 right for a collie greyhound pup
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