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  1. Well lads I’m just looking for some advice on my pup if anyone can help he was jumping against a wall and fell awkwardly on his back right leg there was a little squeal nothing much out of him but he has it held up since and is limping around he’s in good enough form he try’s to run around with other lurcher but I checked it and felt it out nothing is broken that I can tell but when I motion the leg and give it a stretch inwards and outward it hurts him?? any opinions or advice be great lads
  2. Very interesting Phil I’m curious how did you manage recall and was it hard to maintain the whereabouts of the dog as it can’t hear a call or shout?..
  3. Out of curiosity how did the dog or dogs that you have had deaf get on did they turn out much good if so?
  4. Yes his eyes are 100% I know because he’s acts on visual all the time and he’s retrieving a dummy at the minute so couldn’t see him having any eye problems.
  5. Anyone ever worked a deaf lurcher by any chance?..reason behind the question is I’ve bred a retired dog to a Merle bitch an I took my pup from it the biggest of the lot black and white with two ice blue eyes but I’ve noticed he can’t hear anything bangs or anything like that there’s only a odd reaction to some stuff but his eyesight is 100% very good eyes. I’m just curious because it’s all I have from this old dog and I was thinking could I use the pup lamping and out with terriers any info be [BANNED TEXT]. The father was not Merle only mother...
  6. As I stated earlier on I mean 3/4 grey 1/4 collie
  7. Sorry if I confused anyone I meant 3/4 greyhound 1/4 collie
  8. Anyone on here from Ireland that run 3/4 collie crosses or England and would you say they make good all round dogs never had one but heard lots of good no one has spoken badly about the cross any experience with this breeding? Cheers,King ATB
  9. In my experience I’ve seen and heard of saluki dogs taking teeth and leaving it off not able for the dirty work and for deer dogs if they got a kick of a red or even fallow they wouldn’t be deer dogs for long
  10. I want dogs averaging 28 as I said not into small dogs the deerhound cross is 5/8 3/8 he’s just 3 and looking for suggestions because preferably I would breed the dog to a coursing grey bitch but do you think that’s too much greyhound never kept a 7/8 dog any experiences ?... cheers
  11. That’s what you like to see early in the morning with dog on slip and head for the antlers...
  12. They wouldn’t be used for small game much unless training or having a laugh other than that I go for the bigger game. cheers
  13. They should be beasts is that bitch big and the deerhound is just making her look small
  14. Yes if you get a good one they are great workers mate
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