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  1. Proper pictures too. Not some blur in the distance that might or might not be something.
  2. That looks like it's done a bit of something anyway. Could do with a bit of soft bedding in it's kennel maybe though?
  3. Sorry your night was spoiled pal but when they ban dogwork altogether you'll need to poach too or give up. The way you started in I thought they must have twatted you or stole your dog, run you down or robbed the farm or something.
  4. Is it just me or is bottom right pup hovering a couple of inches above the ground?
  5. Bottom left and bottom right look like the same pup, even down to the mark on the back toe. I wonder how they did that?????? Most of these jungle builds are fakes anyway. On the bigger ones you can often spot machinery tracks if you look carefully.
  6. Maybe they'll lose popularity as pets if they sing. My neighbouring farm here has a few harrier types that they run with the local foot pack. When I'm walking my dogs in the the morning they (the neighbors pack) start to sing soon after daybreak. Woo oo oo woo woo.
  7. Bravecto is an edible dose, meat flavoured I think. It's expensive but lasts 3 month whereas most other things onely last a month.
  8. What's the building in the bottom pic Shefflad?
  9. They should never have started with the muzzle thing. It's a stupid and cruel idea. If a hare is caught the most humane end is for it to be killed promptly by the hound. Park coursing is not to my taste either. Hares are used to being chased by predators but being boxed up and moved creates prolonged stress and in my personal opinion is only justified for restocking a suitable area. Park coursing will most likely be banned sooner rather than later. In reply to Sandy's point, I can see how you might think that but in truth, many irish hare populations have evolved in farmland and if t
  10. It's pissing down here ATM and supposed to rain off and on for the next week so if the ground does soften I'll show my young dog a few rabbits before they all get myxi or rvhd. I'm a bit limited as I won't take him where the electric fences are 'til the cattle are in for winter but I know a few silage fields where the fences are off and if I plan my approach with the wind direction I should manage to get him a run or two.
  11. Have you been smokin' them dogtreats again Drifter?
  12. I agree with Bangers about walking away. Would also try her with a cold pigeon in a sock or womans nylon stocking. I haven't done it but remember old gundog books recommending it to keep the loose feathers from bothering the dog.
  13. Possibly the video file is too big to post directly on the forum. You might need to post on youtube then post the link on here.
  14. I buried an old bitch I had PTS earlier today.Had a couple of beers and a bit of sleep but i'll take the others out for an hour once it's properly light. I do that every morning then the days free for other things.
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