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  1. Take him to Inchadony Hotel Health spa. They do seaweed baths there
  2. Isn't the hawthorn doing well. Trees are laden with may blossom this year.
  3. Just a moment... WWW.PETS4HOMES.CO.UK You need to click on the "just a moment" words. That's the bit of the link that works.
  4. I agree with you and Charts on this. Unless you have the right land to work it's nearly impossible to get a daytime rabbit dog going well. The right land (IMHO) is land with loads of rabbits and loads of light cover,rushes etc. If the dog doesn't get some success most start running half heartedly sooner or later. Running it with a daytime bushing pack can work but in some cases makes the dog a bit hard mouthed.
  5. Try taking him ferreting with nets next season so he knows he's allowed to grab them.
  6. He was two in January. I only got him going this season just gone. He took forever to mature so I didn't rush things. Even my old deerhound cross was lamping rabbits at a year old.
  7. What's he too slow for? He'll obviously never make a coursing dog but looks plenty fast enough for ferreting, lamping and that kind of stuff. The young dog I've got on now is pretty heavy through the shoulders and neck but he's doing OK.
  8. I can relate to that. I have a couple of oldies myself and often look up to Orien if the sky is clear enough
  9. This isn't strictly lurchers but some obvious bitsa greyhound/saluki in some of these hounds. An interesting story and don't they run!
  10. Countryside lawyers will have plenty of work sorting that lot out.
  11. I love all these old photos. They take me back to another time.It all seemed a lot easier then. Buy your lurcher pups from ads in exchange and mart. Plenty of rabbits and hares and mostly not as much bother as these days. Sorry about the whippet being shot though Charts. Must've been gutted.
  12. I tied some once from white brickies line and they soon turned brown. Wonder how the pink ones do. I've never had any but i have seen flourescent pink builders line.
  13. Do the hobs live together and do they ever fight? I like the yellow nets too but mine do seem to turn a bit brown after a while.
  14. Sorry about the quality lads. I've got an old computer that I can't get into ATM. I'll get round to sorting it sometime and it's got some better pics than these. It's nice to have a few memories when you're getting on a bit. The photo with the hares is 3 taken on one run with a first cross collie grey.
  15. Here's what I would do and I hope this helps you out. first get the dog to sit, fast on command. You can use treats for this if the dog's keen for them. Next is to teach the "look" comand so the dog looks you in the eyes. You might want a "halti" type headcollar that fastens under the dogs chin for this and as a bonus this'll help control any pulling. Again, "look" can be reinforced with treats if the dogs keen for them. Now down to it. At some point as you see a person or dogwalker approach in the distance or you approach a yard with a barking dog, your own dog is going to start to
  16. Proper pictures too. Not some blur in the distance that might or might not be something.
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