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  1. I’d go with something that can adapt to abit of everything.. most importantly something that can put plenty of rabbits in the bag for me it’s a must have where I live and work the dogs they have to be quick off the mark and nimble and able to cope with different types of terrain from grass paddocks to moorland terrain.. stone wall country. (Sometimes easy rabbits) if you don’t have one that can up a gear when it’s needed. A collie blooded lurcher suits me.. or a deerhound lurcher type we need something that can do atleast 3 nights a week so something with a good recovery rate,! As you say only
  2. That’s a nice sort ferretmam ?
  3. If your older then 20 it’s a sin to own a bull cross ??
  4. Does anyone still keep those big albino types that almost looked orange in colour,, old school types I remember and never seem to see them about as much today
  5. Had a bitch just as you described about 10 year ago. She never lost her feral traits either she would carry a rabbit all the way home from a nights lamping. Prefer to eat her food off the ground rather then the dish.. she was the sliest thing I’ve ever seen on 4 legs. She didn’t like to be made a fuss over and preferred the solitary of her own kennel and wouldn’t accept any other dog or bitch in her kennel.. abit of a moody bitch to be fair but bomb proof with other dogs when out and in the motor or working.. the only time she would get all geared up as when she knew it was time for a look a
  6. Still really enjoy a morning ferreting. Dog or not., tucked away in a wood with a few nets and the big hob sadly only manage a handful of these days a season due to the fact there’s just not the ground for it here and I much prefer to try save some for the dog to have a go at and tend to clear a few up back end of season with the ferret
  7. It certainly keeps them ticking over, when you mix things up abit
  8. What’s people’s preferred method of running dogs. Wether it be general mooching.. ferreting/bolting to the dog /lamping /bushing etc! Il start mine is lamping.. but i do like a good ratch about first light on the hedges / woodland.. try get out a few times a season with a ferret bolting a few also. But down and out it’s got to be lamping for me ?
  9. p***ing down rain this morning. So managed a mooch about for an hour or 2.. enjoy watching them have a ratch about as much as I do lamping them ?
  10. The day I lose excitement over the game is the day il stop mate. Still get the same buzz running my dog now as I did the first time I seen a dog run
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