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  1. Some sound advice here! Will probably try a mix of things with the harder side coming in if it doesnt improve. Had I had him from a pup I could have not encountered the issue but having him at such a headstrong age with super drive means Ill need to rectify a problem. Lets hope these techniques work
  2. Yeah he’s also game for birds! Hunts right up on everyone he sees! Dont really think theres not anything he aint showed interest in! Aint had him around cattle yet but Im sure he’d think they were on the menu n all. Biggest problem around here is actually having a fence between us and livestock, seem to be free roaming the streets at the moment so never know what will pop up and where
  3. Was hoping not to get to this stage but he is headstrong and may end up having to go down the admonishment route
  4. How did you go about it? Exposure? Balance training?
  5. So to give some background I rehomed this dog at 8 months old so only had him 4 weeks. Keen as mustard. Extremely focussed so turning his head is proving slightly more difficult
  6. Just wondering on everybodies take on stockbreaking. How did you go about it? I have a keen youngster here that would run amok with livestock given 1/2 the chance. Recall is decent but at 9 months is going through his rebellious teenage phase thank in advance
  7. Wheaten Bull Grey by any chance? Seen the previous post about “in colour” at the moment and Wheaten crosses seem to also be the “in thing” at the moment find that they throw a lot of fawn with black faces
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