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  1. He healed up just lovely thanks to the tips cheers men
  2. Happy days. Always prefer a natural remedy over shelling out in chemical based nonsense
  3. Looks as though there was some glass or other sharp object in the long stuff and dog has skinned both pads on front feet. Any advice on the best course of treatment. Go to ointments etc he aint in good spirit atm must be giving him some jip
  4. And mine, usually the kind you can taste
  5. Cue the "bull X have no wind" comments
  6. Anyway this discussion has digressed into a different subject. It started as a way to find out if anybody did anything specific to get a yard or 2 more pace into their dogs
  7. So I watch him on open land. My last dog I knew was lightning without needing to put him on anything. He was fast from a pup. Was thinking Id missed something on this one which the other had, other than genetics. He looks fast, he gets decent speed but aint seen him flat out. Prey drive is evident in him without the need of running him at coneys
  8. Prey drive is great. He'd run through brick walls to get to feather! Just aint run him on fur
  9. Aint put him out on owt yet. Only 18months-ish at start of season. He was slow on the mature, didnt feel he had the feet and didnt want to risk injury with him being so heavy.
  10. I think it is there. At times I still think he is finding his feet but at 2.5yr he should already have done. He's quick off the mark but seems to not want to go full tilt. Like he aint too sure where his front feet are and was wondering if this was coz he's so heavy up front or a case of he aint judging the distance correctly so slows early to be sure
  11. yeah weren't thinking about coursing to be fair. Just want him to be a bit sharper on the mooch. looks a stonker fair play. How old?
  12. Maybe I could get him on a lure and open him up on a few longer gallops a week and see if that helps
  13. Not really guilty of that. He does do a few runs with me but mostly he's free running or chasing stuff. Just feel he's got a few yards more pace naturally so was thinking there was something I could do to help or something I was doing was hindering
  14. Haha that's a fair point to be honest. I just feel he has got more pace in him just an absolute tank atm put it down to he hadnt found his feet at 1st but he's 2 1/2 now so no longer think thats the issue
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