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  1. Excuse my lack of knowledge and jumping on this thread but how does a lurcher catch woodpigeons, ducks etc? I really like the idea of my boy being able todo that when he's ready. Is it something they either already have in em or can it be taught if so how?
  2. Your spot on mate. I've had him out at 8 weeks at loads of different places with different terrain. I wasn't talking about an expedition lol just a decent walk. I was always told a tired dog is a happy dog but this 10 min per month I don't agree with. Yeah two signals my pup gives me are he will either start biting the lead or he will have a lie down then its home time
  3. Hello I'm just curious how long do you/would you walk a 3 month old pup for? I walk mine on and off lead untill he gets tired that could be 30 mins or 90mins etc he let's me kno but according to Internet he should only have 10mins.... It takes him that long to have a sniff and decide where he wants to have a piss lol one thing he is defo alot more chilled out after a long walk and his nippyness almost disappears maybe that's why I see so many posts on social media about puppy's nipping non stop
  4. Do you know how long it takes for the swelling to go down? How long do you wait before pairing them again?
  5. Hello I'm after some advice, i mated two of my Jill's this season one of them had 3 healthy kits and the other has clearly had a phantom as she's well over her due date(was mated 31/5/21) She went through it all looking rough loosing her coat etc then she seemed to be getting over it her coat coming back nicely and gaining weight again but went to check on her this morning and she seems really bloated bigger than she was when she was having her phantom and her vulva is starting to show again. Apart from that she is seems happy any one else experienced this?
  6. I've got my self collie x whippet x saluki pup he's 12 weeks old. Since I got him I started the training sit, stay, recall and retrieve. been doing some off lead walks lately(I have to bite the bullet one day and to be fair his recall is alot better than most of the adult dogs we come across while out and about) anyway we was out walking with the kids and he's about 30 odd feet away and I see another dog approaching so called his name to get his attention and then raised my hand for the sit command without saying the word sit and he did it straight away! I was well over the moon I know it pro
  7. I know it's not the correct tool for the job but I don't fancy carrying a big lamp when out for mooch. Would this do the job for some light bunny lamping thanks
  8. Thanks for the help, il hold off for now
  9. Simplest way to get a farmer done for shooting ya dog I a field without live stock init would be to take ya camera phone might take a few mins to get some sheep in their but takes seconds to whip ya phone out and press record
  10. Hello my Jill recently had 3 kits all doing well I'm going to keep them. I was wondering when they turn 8 weeks(8th August) can I put them and my Jill back in with my hob or can I move them in earlier or should I wait longer thank you
  11. I don't know much about hare coursing but this appeared in my news feed Hare coursing ‘breakthrough’ after rural lobbying - Farmers Weekly WWW.FWI.CO.UK After years of intense lobbying, a coalition of countryside groups have declared a breakthrough... But what I'm concerned about is the "going equiped". For example if I took my dog out for a walk at night out in the sticks as I will mostly likely do as I work late most days so I'd use a torch, does this mean if the old bill see me walking my lurcher using a hand torch could pull up say oi
  12. Thanks guys il let you know how I get on
  13. Thanks for the help at what age should introduce the ferrets? I was thinking of letting my pup be around when I do my daily cleaning of the hutches and then let em meet after a couple of weeks
  14. How would you go about introducing a pup to ferrets?
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