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  1. What a pain in the aris this is turning into, phoned all my local butchers to see if they have any cheap off cuts etc for my ferrets and all of them told me they don't sell cheap off cuts and that they pretty much just buy it in pre prepped.... Which i thought is abit huh so really no different from the butchers in tesco's just with a premium price! What ratios do you give I'm gunna get some chicken wings, liver, heart and high fat minced beef
  2. Thanks everyone for your help, il start feeding at night to save on the flys! I have dry food but I thought raw would be a more natural food for em. I recently acquired a couple of youngish Jill's and they are soo messy compared to my hob I cleaned there hutches yesterday and already all the shavings I've put out have ended up outside the hutch and their food bowl ended up in their Sleeping quarters ha
  3. Hello when feeding diced raw meat how long do you leave it in their hutch for and also a whole rabbit? I have a horse feed suppliers near me and they do them massive bags of shavings that will work out cheaper in the long run is this type of product ok to use in my ferret hutch? Thank you
  4. Looking for a couple of ferrets, West Sussex based but will travel
  5. Cheers mate I will next time decided to leave my phone in the car as its another distraction. I'm gunna do one more visit then call it a day til September.
  6. Thanks mate, yeah was really good it's amazing how much I'd remembered from years ago
  7. As my previous post I recently rescued a pet hob and being unproven in the field I was not sure how he would get on anyway I got a phone call from a recently acquired perm asking if I could do some ferreting (I did explain its out of season but wanting to keep the land owner happy I said I'd see what I can do). So I pack my gear into the car and off I went. On arrival I collar him up and found a couple of small Warren's that I thought would be perfect. Put the nets down and placed him near the hole and after a couple of mins off he went down (I have tubing in his hutch that I've never seen him
  8. What's best todo about these scabs?
  9. Hello I've been given a 8 month old hob as he was left with two Jill's the previous owner said he wasn't getting on with the others so I've taken him on, anyway he's got some scabs on the top of his neck and was wondering what I can do to help him? They dont look infected just crusty thank you
  10. Looking for couple of ferret kits View Advert Hello I'm looking for a couple of kits preferably a Jill and hob or two hobs. I'm based in West sussex but don't mind traveling an hour or two thank you Advertiser Mooseontheloose Date 12/04/21 Price Category Working Dogs and Livestock  

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    Hello I'm looking for a couple of kits preferably a Jill and hob or two hobs. I'm based in West sussex but don't mind traveling an hour or two thank you


  12. Hello I'm looking to start ferreting again after doing a fair bit in my youth, now that I'm older it'll be nice to get out with my little lads. Am I right in saying I'm abit early to start seeing kits for sale as I can't seem to find any on the usual gumtree etc. I'd like a couple of hobs as that's what I used to have and they worked really well. Thanks Chris
  13. Hello thought I'd better introduce my self, I'm Chris based in West sussex. I've done alot of catty hunting lately and in my youth used todo alot of ferreting but as with life kids and a wife I've gotten that feeling back that well honestly never went away. Now with a better housing situation etc I feel I'd like to start ferreting again. Anyway I look forward to learning/relearning as much as I can from this wealth of knowledge on this forum. Ta for now
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