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  1. How does it get experience of woodland without going in it? If it grows up tearing round open fields it won't have a clue about woodland.
  2. All I would suggest is standing away from your mate and his dog while your bitch retrieves her rabbit. This is something that happens particularly with collie bred lurchers. I guess it's one of their potential faults.
  3. What Fordie said + wheaten. Also the various mixtures of them.(Bitzas). It depends what you want to hunt with them and what suits your own temperament really but those breeds mixed with greyhound and whippet make versatile dogs. My own favourite is collie and greyhound but many would disagree with me.
  4. The lads not looking for an out and out coursing dog or I'd have advised him to go for a saluki cross, preferably line bred from successful coursing lines.
  5. Either of those crosses will catch hares. I'd go for the beardy cross too.
  6. Hi chid21, I've used a mark1 box and collars with my ferrets for years. I was thinking of replacing it with a mark2 as I thought it might be a bit more waterproof. Why do you think the mark1's better? Whats wrong with the mark2?
  7. The lad himself is not asking too much by wanting a decent dog but... I think he is asking too much of one dog to be any good at three very different disciplines. Sure you can get good lamping and ferreting dogs and good lamping and daytime dogs but a good lamping, ferreting and daytime dog??? one step too far old bean. Im sure they exist but i think what you'll end up with is either a dog that ferrets well but gets laughed at by hares or a dog that bowls them over but gets bored and wonders off when its supposed to be watching nets. Its just my opinion What you can have is a dog that
  8. Now that is interesting. I've owned and run mainly collie greyhound crosses for the last thirty six years but I was thinking they were unpopular at the moment. There certainly don't seem to be many first cross litters for sale these days.
  9. not stupid at all mate .. if you search it on here there is a bloke that does it .. unsure of his name but im sure someone will be able to tell you more atb His thread is a sticky at the top of the livestock "for sale" section.
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