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  1. Thanks, interesting. Yes you would be in the shit if you had a lurcher with you
  2. Thanks, interesting . Yes you would be in the shit if you had a lurcher with you
  3. mush

    Lost goshawk

    Did you get it back?
  4. Moorman 1 do you ever have trouble with trespassing when recovering a bird.?
  5. Cant all the stupid comments be deleted.
  6. Old school lol Can still get them
  7. If you dont know the benefits of puting in good saluki blood and what it would take, how can you say what the best saluki stud is?
  8. Get right type of saluki not show bred and you will have no trouble.
  9. Had half bred saluki greyhound that did the same on the lamp
  10. mush


    No one, Must be smarter rabbits down here
  11. Anyone ever seen healthy rabbits driving mixy ones from the sets, ive seen it two times now, both times on sand dunes.
  12. Running dogs digging dogs. Parents are both half breds.
  13. How old is it? Could teach it to sit, stay and hold, starting with something like a matchbox and work your way up to something bigger. Dog sits and stays, comes when called( over weeks) an increasing distance then sits and hold again in front of you. Or if dog run around you with rabbit teach it to sit and stay better than chasing it round the field.
  14. Thats what he said to me about breeding them
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