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  1. mush

    Mini beagle

    Anyone keep and work them.
  2. mush

    Mini beagle

    Anyone keep and work them.
  3. That what keeps you going the battle, who's going to get worked and who's not.
  4. If like you say the hares are working the dogs and going where the hare wants the the dogs no good.
  5. One of the thing D x G are good at is jumping. One holds the record for it, or did.
  6. Lol in thought you said I was the one with a rise for you.
  7. You got t Is this the working or the selling pages, whippet x greyhound now deerhound x greyhound .
  8. I've seen a lot of deerhound crosses and a few pures, and they seem to be only any good when you get down to 1/4 deerhound. They have good mouths on them and they look good, but they have bad feet, turn like buses and lack speed till you get to 1/4 breds.
  9. There have been half bred, saluki greyhound put in,
  10. Can you use 22 ammo in a garden gun, at shot distance.
  11. Was told by an old chap that they made ther own silencers for garden guns , folding 410 so you could hid it away easily. Said they used to use motorbikes so they could hid easy. Did same but with a 19 in lurcher in a rucksack, mates dog would lay across his bikes tank.
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