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  1. Before the ban there was a coursing club in Somerset, a woman from Coventry regerly brought down a pair of wolfhounds to the meets. They was very keen when a hare got up , pulling her over, and in to a ditch full of water one time , but the were way to slow
  2. mush

    Lost goshawk

    There was one seen by some o me on here or fb not long ago.
  3. Would still be cheaper
  4. I'll send you a pair for couple hundred lol.
  5. Wouldnt pay that for wellies, £10 to £20 more like lol
  6. Look like people who peddling on fb got pure bred deerhounds, tried to say greyhound they bred off was pure when it had collie in it, had wall eyes.
  7. Seen them run fields that was covered in it, not saying they never get cut up just not often as the r bred to run on any ground.
  8. what you need is Salukis for flint fields, run any ground.
  9. Yes saluki or saluki cross
  10. Looks like the kizzy stuff. Whats this sandman ? How's it bred.
  11. What she like with another dog that when lamping, maybe been hit by another dog when running.
  12. I wish Devon was in Dorset lol wouldn't be so far to travel
  13. Yes same as they do on people
  14. Thanks, interesting. Yes you would be in the shit if you had a lurcher with you
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