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  1. Seen it with a trotter one time just went down like sack of spuds , had to be cut out the harness. Call it tying up.
  2. This dog was 3-4 years old.
  3. Had a greyhound get to hot and keel over.s Someone brought a deerhound x greyhound With us and tryed to run it the same as the saluki xs we was running. It ended coughing and pissing blood and jacking , even after a few weeks rest.
  4. 32 Types of Hare Species (with Pictures) | Pet Keen PETKEEN.COM Our pet experts have put together this list of 32 different hare species, complete with pictures and information, to help you learn more about...
  5. Ive had both Kizzy Pharaoh and stuff bred off imports . And the temperaments are shit on a lot of the English stuff and your lucky if they dont run like rocking horses.
  6. They shouldn't do but you do get mutations.
  7. I think any brindle greyhound taken over years ago by soldiers would have have died on the first run from over heating, i think thats why you always see saluki types in the old pictures. The saluki is a type not a breed bred to hunt what ever around, and its not all desert. Just like coursing breds over here.
  8. Seen some of the baghdad coursing, done good job.
  9. Im sure the English Kc would have got them baned worldwide if they could. Where did the first brindle come from or the first smooth. And why are they getting smooths off feathered pare now.
  10. Brindle Salukis WWW.PINTEREST.CO.UK Oct 28, 2019 - Brindle Salukis from our kennel. See more ideas about brindle, kennel, animals.
  11. The American KC allow it , cant see why you wouldnt be able to get brindle as you get brindle in most sighthound breeds.
  12. Saluki - The Breed Archive SALUKI.BREEDARCHIVE.COM Hadiyyah Samir of Gorewater x Baghdad Seductress, Australia 2008
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