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  1. Mine had a glass front.
  2. And what will you do when thats been taken away from you? Roll over
  3. This why you get theses laws in the first place , no fight in no one.
  4. Just what i was going to say. Giving in is not what you want to be teaching.
  5. Only seen one and that kept jacking.
  6. All ready been put on here another hancock, always got pups for sale but unlike Hancocks , Spennymoor arnt always what it says on the tin.
  7. They are allways churning out lurcher pups and pure deerhounds.
  8. Dont think thats him ! Press on the link
  9. Search it , loads abiut them.
  10. Saluki - The Breed Archive SALUKI.BREEDARCHIVE.COM Muluki Flash x Tepe Gawra Da'ra, United Kingdom 1991
  11. There was pure ones that were imported to scotland.
  12. I like having linebred and inbred dogs because IMO you get a higher % of good hunting dogs, and they have the same ways about them which makes it easy with training and living with them.
  13. Didnt it get burned down at that time.
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