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  1. It's like when the vet stitches a rip they don't tell you most time it pulls apart again, long as they get your money .
  2. Vet should of known that it probably was was a sprain. How can they charge like they do for 1 or 2 X rays.
  3. It's funny how when it comes to pure sighthounds like saluki, greyhounds it don't mater if their working or not, but if it's a lurcher it has to have so many years of work behind them.
  4. When me and my mate went to the Waterloo cup we sleeped in the van, one in front and one in the back with the dogs. Every hour or two their was banging on the door ,cops checking, and people sounding there horn as they drove past. What with the wind rain and snow each day we was freezing. Good times.
  5. I know it was a short slip, but the whippets did good.
  6. Had a greyhound that would take the top off cow pats and eat the soft insides, then she would try and lick you. She also has one of them tails that was bold at the end from smashing it and spraying blood everywhere.
  7. Seen two half bred LxG and both looked heavy and slow. Mabe a 1/4 bred would show the greyhound a bit more.
  8. Rubbish kept jills for years and hardly ever bred off them , and they died of old age.
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