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  1. Toe looks stubbed pal, the young dog I have just now done the same thing from a small pup, it never gave him any bother until I started running him around the year old mark, was fine with one or 2 but after a decent night he was always light on it the next morning. I gave him three months off just road walking, seems sound on it now just keeping fingers crossed for next season. All the best.
  2. That’s ideal, are they straight forward enough to use?
  3. Just wondering which is the best garmin setup to go for? Also where is best to buy from aswell? most websites have been french or American just wondering if they work straight out the box with uk maps from these country’s. cheers
  4. Good do that, used to be plenty rabbits local to me, during the summer they got up to a decent population only for myxi to wipe the lot out. As for the night vision brigade I think they want to make foxes extinct with the way are going on now, nothing can take that kind of pressure.
  5. Anybody know of a bone man central Scotland, will travel within reason. Cheers
  6. I reckon I will end up getting it off, usually only see him limping on it when he first gets up or after a session, gave him half a dozen runs last night after a good lay off, never effected him at all when running just was up on it by time i got back to the van. Anybody know how long recovery time is once you get it off?
  7. Anybody had much experience with having to get a toe of a dog? I’ve got a young dog about a year old, had broke a toe at a really early age, it healed over and never gave him much bother. Now that He’s seeing a few nights out it’s giving him a lot of bother after a few runs. Done the usual rest, meticam etc. Not wanting to get it off but it’s going to b an ongoing thing I will. Many lads done it? How did the dog run after? How long did it take to get back running after getting it off?
  8. Good stuff, do they work straight out the box in the uk then no messing with maps etc? Heard a few people saying they take a while to refresh when a dog is on the move, any issues with that?
  9. Looking to get a gps tracker soon and was just looking to see what people are finding the best to use. Does the tek 2 work in Britain without maps?
  10. Looking into getting a gps tracker soon and just wondering what people are finding the best to use. Does the tek 2 work in Britain ok without maps?
  11. Been looking into getting a gps tracking setup for a while now, been a few times recently where it really would have saved a lot of hassle. Can anybody who uses one for the lurchers give a bit of advice on which one would be the best option? I’ve heard some come without British maps, just wondering how you get that sorted etc cheers
  12. Just seems strange that it’s only just started doing it now, even after a good amount of use it’s not even going down 1 bar. And still saying full charged
  13. Any lads on here had any bother with the lithium battery gauge? When I check to see how much life is left in it it’s saying full all the time, even after use, when put on charge it says full aswell. Had it a few seasons now with no problems it’s the 22amp one
  14. The Plr500 is a great cordless lamp for smaller fields ect, the only thing I’m not keen on is how tight the beam is but that’s just the design of the lamp. I recently went back to the lightforce 170 and couldn’t belive how dull/yellow it was compared to the led. Both good for different jobs
  15. What’s everybody’s rabbit populations like this year? Been out a couple of times having a look for when it cools down to get the pup a few runs. Hardly even worth bothering going out from what I’ve seen recently
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