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  1. Does this only work with if you are with Vodafone? Looks a handy thing
  2. I recently purchased a pulsar axion key, when I went to use it today everything close distance was crystal clear and anything over 100 yards was grey and blurred, I’ve not played about to much with the settings it’s probably something simple. It’s at the 2.5 field of view so not zoomed in. Also tried going through the diffrent heat settings which didn’t make much difference. hopefull somebody has an answer, cheers
  3. As most have said wait till the dog is another few months older, crops are cut and there are easier rabbits about that hopefully haven’t been lamped before. wait for a decent dark windy night, pick and choose your runs..getting early success is good for the dog, knowing he can catch the rabbits and not only just chasing them. Best of luck
  4. Was a good line of airdale bull greyhounds here in Scotland for years, died out now though
  5. Still in stock? Where are you based? Would be looking to get one to Scotland
  6. Just wondering if any lads on here are using them for the dogs, was looking into getting one, surely must be a game changer for quarry that’s lamp shy ect. cheers
  7. Thanks for the reply’s, hopefully have one soon.
  8. Will b getting a thermal spotter in the near future, just looking for advice for which would b the best option, value for money ect. Would b looking to spend upto £1400 cheers
  9. Some cracking dogs there, got a pic of Shane somewhere will find it and put it up. Anybody ever see him work?
  10. You know what happened to him?
  11. Aye heard he was some dog, hard to get a proper first cross now all generation half crosses
  12. My Old man had a dog out of him put to a greyhound, was some tool. Heard that Shane was some dog aswell, did he line many bitches?
  13. Anybody ever heard of a bull x called Shane from Cumbria area from the early 90s? Just wondering if anybody got any info
  14. Wouldn’t have anything else, Never seen anything else more desperate to catch something than a bull x. Depending on the type, most can turn their hand to most things.The majority I’ve seen have had great noses and love to hunt. Also They can take a lot of knocks and not feel sorry for themselves like a lot of other types.
  15. As most of the lads already said keep an eye on it and dont let it get out of hand. Depending on what your going to be using it for, could turn into a problem when starting lamping, especially if it’s going to be keen on using its nose which all bull x’s I’ve had were. Nothing worse than the dog missing something then being away for ages and not taking any notice of your recall.
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