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  1. Good stuff, think I will give it a try, especially start Of the season when it can b a bit warm
  2. Anybody use it? when do people use it? was thinking on getting it as I’ve a dog that is terrible in any form of heat and Is constantly panting. Does it improve recovery time ect? Just interested to see people’s opinions on it
  3. Fair play to keepers doing it or doing it for farmers that are getting bother with them, have to keep permission ect but there are plenty that look forward to this time of year and use the previous as an excuse. Terrier work is definitely the way to do it though, plenty shooters will happily shoot a vixen that’s feeding Cubs and not a thought spared for the Cubs that will b left to starve
  4. Just make sure it’s kept clean mate, when people say purple spray, the majority of it is just shite, if you can get it teramycin is the stuff you want it’s what they use for foot rot in sheep. Great for cuts and wounds. Used manuka honey recently on a deep wound and that sped up the healing process a lot, great stuff
  5. Dog hit something the other night, got a fair cut around the inside of his knee, was around a week ago today. After a few days could feel air under the skin around the wound, now it seems to be going up his side/back. I’ve had it before but not as much and it’s always just went away on its own.this seems to be getting more rather than going away just wondering if anybody had similar?
  6. Ebay your best bet mate, that’s where I got mine
  7. I’ve found The best thing for pups is variety, you won’t make a small type dog big but you can definitely get more out of it if given the right ingredients. Where I’ve noticed most people go wrong with pups is giving them a diet of pretty much all raw meat because they think protein is all they need, that’s when legs start to bend go soft because there is no calcium going in. Raw protein is important but certainly not just that, I always add bone builder/ calcium powder in with all raw. A mix of good puppy kibble, tripe, fish, cooked chicken(no bones) full fat milk even a mix of tinned dog mea
  8. Looking forward to them, it’s been a while since anything for dog lads has been out, the last being his lamping book. It’s clear to see there has been many days/nights and miles out in to get those pics.
  9. Red mills racer 20% protein along with raw beef and tripe,I think if feeding them a lot of raw meat ect then there’s not really a need for high protein kibble.
  10. 240 blitz or tracer 210 without a doubt, heard they are really hard to get now though. I’ve a tracer 170 aswell not quite as bright as the above but a great alround lamp
  11. Hard going trying to get a pup from proper breeding now, most of what you see being advertised is scatter bred shite that’s never seen a decent shift in there life’s
  12. What’s the fox populations like in everybody’s areas this year, seems to get less and less every year around here, the thermal/night vision combination with rife is definitely the culprit.
  13. For running dog injury’s that don’t require X-rays/operations ect I wouldn’t bother going a vet either as they will just take money from you for what they can and most don’t know the first thing abt running dogs. I’ve a good one by me that’s retired that was into greyhound racing so he knows the script but otherwise would go to a recommended boneman all day long
  14. Most broken toes heal well enough themselves unless they are proper twisted ect. Give dog plenty rest more than anything, you will then see it starting to Callus up going hard round the break. Would only get it taken off if it doesn’t set properly and is effecting the dogs running.
  15. Had dog to boneman today, shoulder was out of alignment which he put back in. Also back and hip was out slightly. He’s still sore but hopefully see the difference in the next couple weeks after being rested. cheers
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