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  1. Sad indeed, it was the last thing lurcher owners could do legally. There will b hundreds of foxhounds being put down aswell all due to some clueless mp’s. It won’t stop there either, i think wild bird shooting will b the next thing they will target ie grouse, woodcock ect
  2. So killing rats with dogs ie lurchers and terriers is legal without any bullshit licences ect?
  3. Great pics, seems to b plenty about over there trunk, do you get many lads with rifle and thermal around you? Loads of spots been wiped out round here because of them
  4. Yesterday while letting the dogs empty themselves and have run about over the back field, my youngest dog pulled up with a Yelp after a short burst. There was no limping or holding his leg up his head just went down and went really quiet. Since then he’s still not limping but doesn’t seem to b putting full weight down on back foot and when he’s waking he seems to be kicking it out to the side. Anybody any idea what it could be? Doesn’t seem to b bothering him that much but definitely something not right
  5. He’s taken it down, he said on Facebook that the video he put up of making the pheasant feeders, somebody must have knew the area where they were and went and stole them. It’s a pity as it was one of the YouTube channels that was actually decent,a bit of everything on there.
  6. Not sure mate think it was called under the lamp or under the beam something similar to that
  7. Heard through a couple of lads there’s a new fox lamping dvd out from Ireland just now but can’t seem to find it. Anybody know anything about it or got a link. Cheers
  8. Ah right thought that, used to have a website called sporting-videos aswell. He made some good dvds with plenty good footage
  9. Anybody know if it’s still on the go? Used to see the guy that had it at the game fairs in the summer but not for a few years. Always used to think his leather collars were good quality and reasonably priced.
  10. If you get a game 3/4 there’s not a better dog for lamping Charlie’s. They can have a lot of bother with injuries though with there speed and reckless running style but on the flip side that’s why they will catch things that others won’t. Not seen any litters for years, best way bred are from a game tested proper first cross not any scatter bred shit that’s half bull. Pity there’s not much about these days. Seeing a good one go would be an eye opener for some folk
  11. A lot of lads seem to think when the fields get cut that’s the season started but in reality the ground is still rock solid, weather is boiling hot and all quarry is about half grown. On the flip side of the argument the rifle lads will be out wiping out litters of Cubs ect that the dog men have left alone all spring/ summer, all for some trigger happy prick to wipe everything out within a couple of nights. Ideally it would b September crops were getting cut but we can’t have it all
  12. Won’t be much being bred now I don’t think but was quite popular at one time
  13. Anybody still run these? Or seen them back in the day? There was a good line about in Scotland for years nothing left now though
  14. Seeing increased numbers this year where I am, still only in pockets though but more that the last few years. Things usually start to look good throughout the summer then the myxi raises its head around august September time and it’s back to square one
  15. Good stuff, think I will give it a try, especially start Of the season when it can b a bit warm
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