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  1. Good stuff, Not far away now fields about to start dropping, just need the heat to die down and some good rain to soften the ground
  2. Pup is a cracker Trunk, you anymore new clips for youtube? Easily The best lamping footage on there
  3. From what I have seen/ heard from the alaunt types in recent years is they are being bred for there size and look, probably with the thought that they could do what ordinary bull x’s could do but only better because of there size and weight, when in reality they don’t come close, big shite houses that look the part when getting it there own way but their arse collapses the first sign of getting it sore. They will keep being bred and bought by people who don’t use them or who are easily pleased purely because they are look the part and make money.
  4. Yep they bring a lot more to the table than the only thing people give them credit for
  5. I have a second generation half cross myself just now, he’s took a better shape than both parents and slightly taller aswell, will see if hes still got the raw materials this season
  6. Not many genuine bull greyhounds of any type being bred now most of what you see advertised is scatter bred shite with bits of everything in there. The real stuff is usually well grafted and pups spoken for before they are born. Never seen a proper first x for a while , all big mastiff looking things people are using for how they look other than what they can do. A 5/8 3/8 is a great cross if they take the right shape, seen a few over the years
  7. The most sporting animal of the lot and given no season, fair play to keepers or doing it for farmers who need it done out of necessity at this time of year as lively hoods depends on it. Also to keep permission if you don’t somebody else will. That aside there is plenty of shooters are out right through the spring shooting vixens& dog foxes where they are causing no harm, therefor the Cubs being left to starve and not a thought spared, Bad crack.if going to do it at least do it properly. If somebody shot a deer out of season they would be enemy number one but because the fox is tarred w
  8. It’s sickening, technology is one thing that’s done the fox no favours for sure with all the thermal and night vision that every shooter has nowadays. If it wasn’t for towns and built up areas there would hardly be a fox anywhere. Places I know that used to hold decent numbers are piss poor now due to the rifle brigade, most of which couldn’t walk the length of themselves. Hard going for dog lads now.
  9. Mine got a quite a thick coat but not long haired, think a lot of it is just being worked up/anticipation when out. Hopefully when start road work and getting him runs he will settle down a bit
  10. Anybody ever had a dog that is constantly panting when out? He is a young dog in good condition and is out plenty. but is always blowing out his arse for nothing, I know it is fairly warm just now but does it even on really cool days. I don’t know if it’s just because he is that wound up all the time or what but hopefully settles down a bit this season when starts getting some proper work
  11. Got a dog trace x20 a few months back, great bit of kit, basic just a compass and tells you in meters how far away the dog is. Great value for money
  12. Toe looks stubbed pal, the young dog I have just now done the same thing from a small pup, it never gave him any bother until I started running him around the year old mark, was fine with one or 2 but after a decent night he was always light on it the next morning. I gave him three months off just road walking, seems sound on it now just keeping fingers crossed for next season. All the best.
  13. That’s ideal, are they straight forward enough to use?
  14. Just wondering which is the best garmin setup to go for? Also where is best to buy from aswell? most websites have been french or American just wondering if they work straight out the box with uk maps from these country’s. cheers
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