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  1. New video. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.
  2. Just uploaded this today to my channel. Let me know what you think.
  3. Nice pups lads. I wish I had a pup to bring on this year. Hopefully breed lass and Bud in a few months or so.
  4. Not taking money untill all tickets have been chosen mate.
  5. Not enough pressure. Abit too laid back. Waiting for the rabbit to make a mistake but not got gears to preasure but not the stamina to stay either. If that makes sense. I know all coursing dogs dont run like that but yeah he just too relaxed and abit heavy footed/ heavy boned too. The bitch in the video be a good daytime dog imo.
  6. Hes never lamped her either. I would love to see her behind a long ear. But lads not interested. Just likes his ferreting. Nipper the brother caught 5 long ears and 30 rabbits one night which I thought was brilliant. But he died of cancer. He would run out the beam and cut in.
  7. If your going out to catch something your going out to catch something. If you dont want to catch too many you stop. Simple really. The thermal helps check for rabbits. It doesnt catch them. Any newbie not catch them if he doesnt use field craft . Well he might. Truth is a lamp will keep a rabbit squatting, you try and get close with your thermal the rabbits likely to run off as it sees you coming. You dazzle it with your lamp and it cant see you getting closer. Thermal helps you check the ground faster without spooking stuff straight away and helps you stay undetected if your hopp
  8. Yes locally we have alot of big rabbits on small fields. I was hoping to get on the big land but have a dog that could run them in the small fields aswell. I was planning on keeping a bitch and hoping she had she be like a whippet grey like the dam but hopefully have more wind like the sire. But she died at 16 weeks. So I think I ended up with a dog that ran like a coursing dog but with just abit better stamina than a whippet grey. This was a bitch pup out of the litter.
  9. Shes collie whippet grey x saluki grey. Has bags of wind but not the gears to get onto daytime ones. On the lamp shes the business. Takes a few nights to get going and sometimes I used to think she took too long to catch the rabbit but she caught alot of rabbits local and alot more up the Dale's.
  10. Going to try breed him with Lass and give them pups a go. That's the plan anyway. Fingers crossed.
  11. Thanks mate. I wish I could stop doing them tbh. It's an addiction lol it's taken me a long time to get comfortable in front of the camera. I think too many years hunting solo, havent done my social skills any good. So just putting myself on camera to be judged can have a huge impact. My mood changes with it constantly. Truth is I dont want people to think I think I'm perfect because I know nothing apart from catching a few rabbits. But again that's why I like to film so it encourages me to try and learn new things. Cooking my catch has been a learning curve recently.
  12. Now block me so I dont have to read your negative shite.
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