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  1. Have you tried wrapping the nails before working? The process is detailed in Skycat's book and involve wrapping the base of each toenail with a narrow cut strip of medical sticky plaster so it overlaps the nailbed and finishing each wrap with a tiny spot of superglue. I've never tried it myself as I've only one bitch that ever gets this problem and it seems like a lot of farting about. Can't find my copy of the book so can't describe it better. Might be worth trying on one dog if this is giving you a lot of trouble.
  2. I've done both with the last two pups I've trained. As said, it really gets a good bond going. Unfortunately the deer/bull/grey I had snapped a cruciate at 15 months and died on the operating table. Never came back from the anaesthetic. My current young mali/bull/grey is trained this way and doing well with it.
  3. That ones the one in a field and it won't let me watch it anymore either. You have to verify your age and identity now to watch certain videos. Personally I'm all against the information gathering that the internet does more and more of these days. If ever an opressive regime comes into power, like pre ww2 Germany, present day China or as happened in some eastern european countries that could be a real problem. Face book in particular never deletes any info even if you delete your account.
  4. Some good bags there. The young bitch is doing well for you.
  5. That looks the business Davy. Bet it saves some money on dogfood.
  6. Electrified barb wire is the worst one. Once the cattle are in for winter most of the fences are turned off but that's not until December usually.
  7. All dairy and beef near me with electric fences everywhere. Some dogs can't cope. A wee bit further afield is rocky mountain and forestry.
  8. When I lived in Lincolnshire I had a caravan on a farm next to North Lincs Coursing Clubs running grounds. Naturally I used to have a run now and again and lamp rabbits a bit too. One night on my way back from lamping I was walking down a grassy lane where cattle had been put to graze the grass down. I came across a steer upside down in a concrete drinking trough with all four legs stuck up in the air. It was about half two or three in the morning but I thought I'd better do something so I went to the farmhouse and woke the farm manager. He was a bit surprised when I said what was up and I don
  9. Very sorry to hear that. She sounded like a great mooching dog.
  10. That statement would fill a thread of it's own.?
  11. Sorry to hear about your cousin's pup. Just starting out in life.
  12. That's just ruined the meat altogether!
  13. I've got one and one of my sons has a bitch from the same litter. They aren't 1st cross though, they've got a bit of pit in there too. They're only 9 months old so can't say how they are as hunters yet but mine seems to have a better than average nose and endless energy.
  14. Bet it did. It must have been a nightmare.
  15. Maybe it's just my old ears but, in woodland, even when things are noisy I find it tricky to find.? The direction's not always obvious to me through thickly wooded areas.
  16. Does his one work in heavy forest? Oh and does he need to get a phone signal?
  17. I haven't tried one but I'd bet they wouldn't work unless you can get a phone signal. Don't know how it is in UK but over here, if you're in a fold in the mountains, below a tall cliff etc. etc. you'd get no phone signal.
  18. Join the darkside' he still posts regularly and hasn't changed a bit LOL.
  19. Both very true but that's granulating very nicely and soon the dog can be roadwalked to maintain fitness. It's still early in the season so not too much will be lost. That'd have been a tricky one to stitch where it is and the lad explained why he didn't want to go to the vet. Most vets these days are money first and animal welfare second and a lot of them couldn't have stitched that so it wouldn't pull open again.
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