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  1. It seems to split opinions on here. People either love or hate it. For me, hare,venison and other gamey meats are the best. Hare joints, coated in seasoned flour, fried light brown,then into a pot with either guinness, red wine, or if you're strapped water+vinegar will do. Fry some whole carrots and chopped onions then empty the fryer into the pot and add 2 or 3 bayleaves. At least 3 hours in the oven on very low temperature. mmmmm...... Food of the gods.
  2. You shoulda had a bitch or two when he offered, LOL. They look like that crushed velvet that people used to wear in the 70's.
  3. borrow a bottle of "T Cut" from someone who likes cars and try polishing it with that. Small drop of polish and plenty of rubbing. It improves car headlights so should work.
  4. Could you pop a link up please Sandy. I can't seem to find it.
  5. Both pups have very noticeable malinois traits, exciteable temperament and exercise alone won't calm them. They need mental stimulation too. I take mine with me when I go places in the car and he loves watching the people and dogs we pass. My son takes his in his truck to work. Neither live in kennels, both are quiet in the house. Both show guarding instinct and bark at strangers coming to their house but accept people easily once they know it's OK.
  6. They're actually 6 and a half months I think and both are 24 inches. I'm hoping for 26+ but they'll make what they make.
  7. Ours are only 6 months so done no real work but so far they're very easy to train/enthusiastic and keen to hunt up and mark while out. They can be a bit hyperactive in the house and wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea but I like that myself.
  8. As above, definately get it checked out. I lost a very promising young dog to a snapped cruciate ligament last year. Get to a good vet and they'll look at it. If they suggest an xray then bite the bullet and get it done. Allways better to know what you're dealing with. Best of luck with it mate.
  9. Mine and my sons are only a quarter mal with the rest being greyhound and a bit of pit but the drive comes through strong still. They need keeping an eye on 24/7. I suppose they could live in kennels but there might be chewing though both are OK in crates for a while so maybe not.
  10. He's certainly got that look in his eye LOL.
  11. He doesn't yap while chasing. Not yet anyway. I walk four dogs together for an hour early morning before work. They often chase rabbits and sometimes catch one. He hasn't got one himself yet but he's seen them caught. He's keen but hasn't yapped yet.
  12. Wild but intelligent sums him up well. One of my sons has his sister and she's the same. They're very easy to train but need a bit of management. "Nero",(my one) isn't yappy or noisy though he'll give a growl if strangers come in the garden. He's fine once introduced and not dog aggressive at all. He's learned to mark inhabited burrows without any encouragement from me. I look forward to ferreting with him this winter then onwards and upwards next winter.
  13. Mali/bull/grey, now 6 months and 23/24 tts.
  14. You accidentally got your penis in the bottom of the picture.
  15. Worse than show type afghans? I have found borzois don't seem to mind biting people if they feel like it but I used to know a couple with rescue afghans and they'd take some beating.
  16. Apropos of nothing, pendejo is Mexican slang for a pubic hair.
  17. No, it was just that Moocher said he hoped it would be. Couldn't see it happening as rightly or wrongly it's the method most think is the only humane method.
  18. Don't worry mate, if it becomes illegal I'll give you thirty quid for your thermal so you won't have to be out of pocket or break the law.
  19. Just googled it and I'm wrong...... It was Lord Orford. HeeeHaw, Hee haw
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