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Found 24 results

  1. show me some of your bull x dogs as i am after a bull whippet greyhound but would like to see some other great workers
  2. I’ve got a collie/whippet X collie/greyhound with a touch of bull (apparently) she is thick set but only stands at around 22-23 tts she’s 3 years old I’m going to be putting a pure whippet on the back of her in the next few days has anyone got any pictures of a similar X
  3. Haven't been on here in ages, just thought I'd share a few recent pictures of my pup Simba as he approaching his 1st birthday, he's all stripped out for the summer and showing my plenty of promise of what's to come this season. He's just touching on 26tts now, bigger than I expected seeing as dam and sire were 24.5 and 24tts respectively. He's had a handful of rabbits on the lamp end of season to get an idea of what the game is about and has no trouble picking them up, he's already used his size to his advantage a couple of times and keeping the freezer full too. Really happy with him so far even if he's practically untrainable. He doesn't entertain retrieving yet but maybe he'll get the idea when the real work starts.
  4. Hi what do you think pups would be like 27 inch dog bitch 23 inch
  5. I’m just getting into this for my first season and doing quite well for my first season, just wanting any advice for starting out etc. These are my two bitches white and brindle is 7 and the black and white is 12 months.
  6. Sadly Mick Douglas has passed away a few years ago ,its interesting to hear from others who knew him or met him . I had 2 lurchers from Mick and as you see later will put up some photos . I was young at the time ,but his advice on training and working was a great help,in my hunting trips. He was his own man ,living up on the marshes and had a lot of skills too. I enjoyed being in his present,never did i feel he talked bullshit and what was passed to me made a lot of sense, you be sadly missed my friend and thank you for sharing your knowledge to me ......
  7. I’ve recently found out what breeding my pup has come from further back the lines and grandsire was Typp Ratchers Arri. Looking for more info on him, and hopefully wanna get some of his stuff to read from Countryman’s weekly or any thing else he wrote.! Cheers
  8. Hi all I am a new member to this site and hope I’m doing it right. Apologies if I come across as an ameteur, I am, so any advice is much appreciated. I will try my best to provide the correct information required to get the best response. I have a Lurcher, just over a year old, she is a whippet English bull terrier x collie greyhound. She is a brilliant pup, well behaved, good recall, most of the time and has serious prey drive despite her size. She chases everything that moves out on daytime walks, deer, rabbits, squirrels, hares, you name it she’s on it. Despite her desire to chase she is yet to return with any animal, dead or alive. Sometimes I watch her and she’s so far up the creatures ass I get so excited and think this is it, she’s going to launch at it and finish the job off BUT I am always let down. She seems to love the chase but never makes the lunge!! What can I do to promote this, do I wait and be patient, will it come in time? She obviously doesn’t associate a running rabbit to a dead bleeding tasty treat? I want her to catch a daytime rabbit before I go out at night and train her on the lamp, is this a good idea or am I doing it the wrong way round? This is my first dog and I am obviously very inexperienced in this field but am willing to learn and want to follow it up coz I clearly have an intelligent dog who is keen to do the job but just doesn’t know how? I am always told what an amazingly well behaved dog she is despite her age so am doing something right. I live in Oxfordshire and have been trying to find someone to go out with lamping but to no avail, if anyone would be willing to help out in this department also that would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks guys
  9. Hey.! I’ve got a collie cross parents stand 24-25, pups 6 months old and standing 24. What do you think he’ll make fully grown. 26.? Mix is 7/16 collie 9/16 greyhound
  10. anyone got a pciture of a collie greyhound i can see please
  11. Hi i am wondering if anyone has a whippet x collie i can see i pic of or something like a smooth coat beddy whippet
  12. Hi its been a long time since I was last on here , but I am after a lurcher pup ,its has to be a Blue merle bitch pup , collie greyhound would not mind a little bit of bull in it , not a lot ,if your hoping to be breeding soon, please let me know , many thanks John
  13. 10 month catching some rabbits while lamping but will not retrieve them.kills them and lies down with them tried leaving him walking away ignores recall whistle and voice. Reterives dummies like a lab right to hand,may be i him started to young?dont know any ideas? ROB.
  14. hi all, i recently brought a charcoal drawing of working dog its dated 1888 by A Francis i've been told it maybe a smithfield lurcher any ideas? would love to know what you think? cheers.
  15. How have any of these pups turned out....? Just curious as a mate has a young unentered dog pup by Arthur.
  16. One of the criticisms levelled at collie crosses is that they don't always try and are too picky regarding quarry. Now I like collie blooded dogs, but even being a fan and most of the dogs I've owned have been collie influenced I can still understand why some people are slightly disillusioned with them. Until you get to 3/4 1/4 no matter how game (another subject) your unlikely to have a dog with a gung ho attitude, but they go about their business and put game in the bag. Over the years I've had a walk out with people and dogs of various breeding and whilst they buzz about looking busy at the end of the day the collie cross has actually contributed more to the tally. I had a first cross bitch who when retieving a rabbit on the lamp would ignore a rabbit running across her bows and stick with the rabbit she had, in fact heading back with a rabbit if she spotted a squatter she would give it a wide berth, deposit the rabbit with me and head out for said squatter. She and one other did this although to be fair the rest were dilluted with other blood and had less collie. The rest would (and did) spit the caught rabbit out and take up the gauntlet so to speak often missing the fresh rabbit and if the one they were carrying was live then on occasion they scuttled off to. Again until you get to 3/4 1/4very few are pleasing to the eye although beauty is in the eye of the beholder and me, well I like a solid workmanlike dog as opposed to say a whippety type. Are they now in this present day too bright, where sport is taking precedence over the catch??. Are these traits and many more desirable now??. I know people like to see a dog busting a gut so to speak and often walk home with a sighthound saturated dog that has ran riot and caught little or nothing whilst a collie type dog has filled the bag but looked less than impressive but that's what they prefer. Obviously now most lurcher owners are sport orientated than years gone by, but would you trade quarry for a die hard and possibly miss attitude or is the humble collie bag filler still as popular.
  17. pictures please just wana see some smoth coat collie grey x bull grey cheers
  18. thats my pup at 4 months old please have a look at the dam and sire there on here on my south west ablum the dad is blue he stood next to anougher dog he is the blue the mums picture is next to the one he is in she is on her own she black white chest dad. is bull grey mum is collie grey dad 30tts mum 25.5 tts. let me know what you think my pup will reach in hight and if you lurcher people think she will be heavy or not cheers all that coments
  19. just curious what you prefer for an overall lurcher. e.g. temperment, trainability drive. anything! tell us what you think.
  20. My bull BITCH gave birth to 7 PUPS on new years day. In labour 20 hours, 2 PUPS were still born despite vigorous rubbing to revieve etc. She refused to feed remaining 5 PUPS and dumped the runt...so im left hand rearing 5 PUPS... 3 PUPS are very keen on a slow flow baby bottle but the other 2 only have a couple of sucks then spit it owt.. My vet advised full fat goats milk rather than lactol or whelpie im currently. Adding a drop of natural pro-biotic yoghurt... Any advice on anything else to feed or to get the 2 weak PUPS to suck, I was advised against lactol etc due to high constipation risk etc Thanks for reading all advice appreciated
  21. What would a greycollie x whippetbull be like for work, mainly lampin alrounder?
  22. Im off work at the moment with a broken hand and the boredom is really starting to set heres a video i made of a few pics of my 3 dogs . They're aged between 1-3 , all scenes that fall foul of the hunting ban have been omitted :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CVCrHEf8IY
  23. Now i.ve upset some one in the for sale forum I woke up in a funny mood today so they ask me to do a update so here we go. Now my 3/4 Greyhound 1/4 Colie lurcher is 12 months on the 30 of november I got him from Nuneaton when he was 8 weeks old as pups are he was a little sh*t and I mean a little sh*t so anyway his training as I like my dogs to well trained his sit, down, recall, and stays and heel on the lead are spot on the heel off lead im still working on it but getting there it was not all down hill he went through time of eating dead rabbit that he came across cuz were I walked my dogs there was myxomatosis rabbits and dead rabbits everywhere he find them and fu*k off and eat them so I went back to basics with his retrieving and got through it now coming on to the 11 month mark i.ve started him lamping hes had 7 rabbits so fare every one retrieved in the day hes not bad works with my terrier he looking and running around cover when my terrier is in a bush working out which way a rabbit going to bolt he is coming on well I be out he got bags of pray drive and determination tonight to see what he can do I take some pic now I know these pic have been on before I get some new on up soon the people that bred him have got more pups for sale have a look in the for sale forum
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