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  1. And yes a locator collar would be going on
  2. Thanks for the input lads Perhaps i should have been abit more clear when starting the topic. I didnt expect a teckel to be anywhere in the same league as a patterdale. I’m after something that’s just a steady bayer and can be dug to on a shallow earth or run a drain. Something that can do abit of ratting plus i like the fact you can track with them and also work them alongside gun dogs. Thanks
  3. Fair comment Was curious on people’s thoughts that’s all. Surely there’s some folk putting collars on them and dropping them in (just like you would a terrier)?
  4. Have you got experience digging to teckels mate? Will they stay with their quarry or do they come out after a while?
  5. Good Morning I have been reading numerous threads on here about people who have worked/still work teckels. I know alot of people use them mainly for bushing etc but does anyone have any experience using them for Earth work? What are your geniune thoughts on their ability, they seem to be becoming more popular Many thanks
  6. Good evening Who on here is working Mali x lurchers? I’ve been offered a rather interesting pup-Sire:Deerhound/Greyhound/Mali 28”TTS Dam: Whippet 18.5” TTS Anybody got any pictures of their Mali crosses. How do you find temperaments, i imagine they’ll be eager to please with alot of drive. Are they vocal/open up when working? Thanks in advance Apologies if a similar topic has already been covered
  7. I don’t have facebook anymore but i couldnt agree more.
  8. Hello ladies and gents I am after a chancey lurcher pup, must be a dog not a bitch Well bred from decent all rounders Thanks apologies if this post is not allowed
  9. After a lightweight jacket for when out hunting/lamping and walking long distances. Narrowed it down to these 2 jackets. Can anyone shine any light on either of these. TIA
  10. Thanks pal. A lithium battery is something i'll deffo be purchasing probably next season?
  11. Often on a night out lamping i find the lamp turning off due to the poor connection/coming loose from the bullet to socket connector from the lamp to the battery. Any tips on how can stop this happening. Is it as easy as taping it together or..... Thanks in advance
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