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  1. Possibly although there’s no visual sign of that having been the case, no soreness or wounds that are obvious
  2. I must admit that was my thoughts as well
  3. My Jill gave birth on Sunday to a litter of 8 kits, I prefer to leave them well alone without too much disturbance but my son wanted a look at them so we poked our heads in last night and had a look, there was one which had died. I removed that and it doesn’t have a tail, odd I thought but one of them things perhaps. Had another look in just now and could only see 6, removed the Jill and had a rummage around in the bedding and found the 7th now deceased kit, again no tail but also visibly swollen around the stomach. Checked the rest and they all seem fine, for as much as I can t
  4. Lurcher for sale in Camberley | Pets4Homes WWW.PETS4HOMES.CO.UK Salukie bull grehounds working lines or good pets. Need a good loving home and someone to take good... Not Wolfe related but I’ve just seen these, looks like somebody is telling porkies!
  5. Mitch and Wally, proud hunters from the Northumbrian coalfields of Ashington stand here today as the living legacy of over 30,000 years of man hunting with dogs, natural hunting. They don't write this stuff in books, they actually DO it and practise the arts handed down over generations. This is sacred stuff. It's in their DNA. The cultural heritage of mankind is man's oldest try at life.....hunting. Labour is trying to eradicate their way of life and persecuting a minority group with protected beliefs in a campaign of misguided class warfare. This is their story. Seen this doing t
  6. Lucas x princess I think, although I could be wrong
  7. What’s he like? Heard good things about the Wolfe dog and he’s an impressive looking dog
  8. The newer models have independent rear suspension but obviously that’ll be reflected in price of the second hand models
  9. I’ve only ever had Hondas or can-ams and I can only repeat what has been said above, can-ams are faster and a comfier ride but loud revy engines and the two I’ve had both fell to bits. The Hondas I’ve had have been much more reliable as an all rounder
  10. I’ve been getting my nets off rabbit fever on eBay think he’s on Facebook as well. I’ve had both fox and rabbit nets from them and I think they’re excellent
  11. You can’t even use the words “legally docked” anymore they remove the ads for that.
  12. I bought mine off eBay and it worked then I wanted to add another collar and I had to update my box to accept the second collar and as soon as I did that it wouldnt work over here, I sent it to them and ended up ordering another new collar from them, as you say good company to deal with, I’d recommend them
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