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  1. Been out the game about 8 years lost my dogs but now looking for a new pup. I can’t believe how little there is about and the quality of pups is shite. Please someone help me!!!!prove me wrong
  2. o in a pac but wondered if anyone had seen em run here
  3. Anyone sen a Pharaoh Hound hunting? If so what was it catching?
  4. The lad who bred these called them blackwater dogs, running joke but to be fair they deserved some name
  5. come on lads you got any pye bred, blackwater dog pics or put some of your own pics of your line bred dogs..........
  6. how about you lads put some pics of your dogs up ?
  7. yep they were good for teeth, but from experience they were as good on the big stuff
  8. that's only applicable if you want to keep dogs for yourself, you can see what pups have the best potential but personally like to give em all a go at least then you can pick what has turned out best to breed from. you have more diversity for back breeding, the line gets stronger this way.
  9. bud if you breed shit to shit you get shit. if the dog is line bred you know that the good characteristics have been back bred into it for a particular phenotype, you are guaranteeing desirable characteristics in the pups. If the dog is line bred this process has been going on generations. If the right selection process is taking place to breed out undesirable characteristics then each generation is getting more stable in its genetics. This is why line bred dogs are better because you are giving yourself the best chance first time.
  10. there is so much shite out there so if your looking for a decent pup why not get something from proven lines? me personally would never go with first crosses you just dont know what genetics your getting. if the lines are close enough you pretty much know what the dog is capable of before its proven. me i know what im looking for genetics wise its just unfortunate i cant find it at the mo. Proven parents are essential dont matter size cross or breed, everything else comes to personal preference, quarry ground and training etc. so i know what blackwater pye whatever you want to call em are cap
  11. put the time in and appreciate what they are capable of?
  12. those dogs did not let me down. the blue one i swear she could read my mind, a very special bitch, she was fast enough to catch anything around me. The dog ran and jumped like a horse literally, game dog, bit too much at times. Best thing was they were consistent. i dont have a lot of pics of them the second one they were 14month and 12 month old
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