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  1. I have a stealth. Bought It totally standard and now Is far from It! Very easy to work on and I got mine within 2 fps variation on a string when I had It regulated. Out the box they can be rough and ready but It depends what you want. The powers controlable to a certain extent by the standard adjustable top hat but won't change It that much - Think of It more of an asjustment to suit pellet types.
  2. Yup and It's going up. Had my renewal through the other day for a 1.2 and they want 750 quid. It was only 800 last year! Have you shopped around? I found a quote £150 cheaper than my renewal.
  3. Good shootng. I think squirels have to be my favourite airgun quarry. How do you find the Falcon mate? I've always liked the look of the lighthunters and wouldn't mind an FN8 or even a FN12 at a push. I've been looking at the little brocock contour closely and am torn on what to keep a look out for next.
  4. I remeber the ad for the program being played on radio 1 ages ago. That riled me right up so I don't even want to try watching him!
  5. True Dabi And that's what I was trying to get across. Saying It won't power It Obviously a 22a batt will last longer than a 7a but If you can run your lamp for a night on the smaller batts, 7, 10, whatever then I'd rather do that. Means I can run faster and carry more game Each to there own though.
  6. Wrong - It depends on the bulb that you use, not the lamp. A 100W bulb will pull 8.33 Amps an hour so of course It will work just not as long as a 22A batt...
  7. Why won't a 7.2 ah battery power a blitz?
  8. I've always found these interesting rifles and often thought about getting one. There getting rarer now and going up In cost. Still wouldn't mind one but I can't shoot all I've got now. Tempted to sell the rapid and put the cash towards one, hmmmmm..... That stock looks pritty slanted (the cheek piece). I this a problem when shooting them?
  9. Pass plus did nothing for me 3 years ago! I started out paying 1800 quid and even on my 3rd year am paying 800 quid on a 1.2 clio.
  10. I will find the seller when I am somewhere with a better connection and send you the link mate,always ask them for a sample price.........Mack.

  11. Don't suppose you can remember the seller or search critera can you mate? All I can find Is one seller that wants to sell In lots of 5 and plenty of electric toy fish that resemble Nemo!

  12. Do a search on the trading website Alibaba mate,its the units with the yellow casing,I am sure they will do the job.

  13. Fishing from power cables, SHIT! Be a hell of a stink If something went wrong! Get some pics when your there next. Them ones for a hundred quid, they any good?

  14. Lifes ok mate,ups and downs,you know how it is,we are here for a good time not a long time so its best to make it count I guess,be lucky Maty..........Mack.

    P.S....Just remembered,those electric fishing machines,you can now get them in china for just over a hundred quid,theres guys here fish with wires from the power cables,next time I see it I will snap a few pics.

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